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Jail the employers of illegal immigrants
14 hours ago by Patrick (270/270 = 100% civil)
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We need to jail (not fine, but actually mandate jail) the employers of illegal immigrants, at least 30 days per violation. Megafarms and other institutions are driving down US wages...
Why experience cna hurt workers in Silicon Valley (
42 minutes ago by lostand confused (17/17 = 100% civil)
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Silicon Valley is an industry whose foundation was built, byte by byte, with youthful innovation. Look no further than some of tech’s greatest minds for proof. Steve Jobs and...
The Great Distraction and How It Split The Left
6 hours ago by Patrick (270/270 = 100% civil) in #politics
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I'm becoming more and more convinced that every mention of feminism, gays, and blacks on NPR is part of a long-term deliberate strategy to prevent NPR from talking about the...
Does anyone not understand what's going on?
10 hours ago by Rin (14/14 = 100% civil)
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If you're not able to immediately see what's going on above, then perhaps, you should go see an Ophthalmologist.
When you think of all the unemployed PhDs in Chem, Physics, etc. (
1 week ago by WaPoIsHitler Lipsovitch (40/40 = 100% civil)
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Think of this. This paper is interested in thinking more about sexuality education at school. As such, it is concerned with a mundane and unacknowledged feature of the sexuality classroom...
Press continues to destroy its own credibility with euphemisms for ILLEGAL immigrants (
4 days ago by Patrick (270/270 = 100% civil) in #criminal
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Just two days ago, I went on a rip about TIME Magazine‘s blatant shilling for illegal immigrants in a cover story that featured a multi-ethnic group of illegals led...
Black hole porn
5 hours ago by Dan8267 (146/148 = 98% civil) in #scitech
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OK, that sounded dirty than I intended... #scitech
Trump: In 33 days, 132 lies (
1 day ago by tovarichpeter
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Throughout President Trumps first 100 days, the Fact Checker team will be tracking false and misleading claims made by the president since Jan. 20....
Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser
4 months ago by Dan8267 (146/148 = 98% civil) in #scitech
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Robots should pay taxes
16 hours ago by joeyjojojunior (78/78 = 100% civil)
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Interesting idea:
1 solar system, 7 Earth-size planets, 7 possibilites for life, 7 great views
6 hours ago by Dan8267 (146/148 = 98% civil) in #scitech
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#scitech's 40 Proposals
3 days ago by Patrick (270/270 = 100% civil) in #politics
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Copyright Limit copyright to exactly 20 years Make DMCA takedown abuse a felony Crime and Prisons End civil forfeiture Ban private prisons Legalize marijuana at the federal level Free speech...
Trump's war on immigrants could sink housing market (
20 hours ago by tovarichpeter
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A 2009 aerial photo of a neighborhood in Las Vegas. A 2009 aerial photo of a neighborhood in Las Vegas....
End all government funding for discrimination based on race or gender
14 hours ago by Patrick (270/270 = 100% civil)
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No institution that is deliberately favoring or excluding any human being by race or gender should get any government funding. This means that Affirmative Action must end, since it explicitly...
Pioneering wine scientist dies (
8 hours ago by tvgnus
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Cancer claims Kenneth Fugelsang •  Ken Fugelsang gave his all to his students Kenneth Fugelsang, professor emeritus of enology and retired winemaster at the Fresno State Winery, died Monday,...
High rates of child poverty found even in state's most prosperous regions (
8 hours ago by tvgnus
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Strategies that vary with geography might more effectively reach poor families •  One-quarter of Californias young children, or about 754,000, live in poverty Its not just the Central Valley....
Piss in the right place (
10 hours ago by Tenpoundbass (95/95 = 100% civil)
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Feb. 22 (UPI) — President Donald Trump’s administration on Wednesday announced that it has rolled back former President Barack Obama’s guidelines to give transgender students the right to use...
changes to the site again??
13 hours ago by SubOink (3/3 = 100% civil)
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what happened to the # investing? or others?
GOP senator may demand Trump's taxes (
9 hours ago by tovarichpeter
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It looks like you've previously blocked notifications. Please update your browser permissions to allow them....
Pretty good interview of Milo by Bill Maher
2 days ago by Patrick (270/270 = 100% civil) in #politics
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The weakest point is right at the end where Bill accuses Trump of somehow inhibiting free speech but does not give Milo any chance to reply. #politics
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