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Can't find anything at all in the media anymore, except wildly biased yellow journalism.

Trump continues to insist there was mass fraud, but all media simply dismisses his claim as "false" without any reasoning or evidence.

I'm pretty damn sure Biden's election was fraudulent.

Update: after 2000 Mules presented the evidence, I'm 100% sure that Biden's election was fraudulent. See https://2000mules.com/

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1163   Patrick   2023 Nov 4, 1:16pm  


Utah Election Official Hit with Felony Charges for Illegally Shredding, Mishandling Ballots

Prosecutors in Utah have filed felony charges against a former county clerk over allegations she has been illegally shredding and mishandling ballots in both the 2020 and 2022 election cycles.

Alaina Lofgran, including three felonies and other counts related to the alleged mishandling and shredding of ballots from both the 2020 and 2022 elections.

Lofgran served as the Juab County Clerk/Auditor from 2015 until this year.

According to the Associated Press, she is accused of allowing the shredding of ballots shortly after the 2022 election.

The law mandates preserving them for at least 22 months to aid potential recounts.

In addition, prosecutors allege that she illegally stored the 2020 election ballots.

The ballots were found in a basement storage room that is accessible to multiple county employees and easily visible.

The move was contrary to the state law which requires the ballots to be securely locked away.
1169   Patrick   2023 Nov 8, 12:18pm  


A top executive from the company behind the voting machines that “flipped votes” in Pennsylvania on Tuesday has admitted that “someone from our team programmed the election.”

The voting machine issued caused votes in an eastern Pennsylvania county to appear to be “flipped” on a ballot question, officials said Tuesday.
1174   Patrick   2023 Nov 11, 2:06pm  


Tucker Carlson on Duplicated Ballots, Falsified Tally Sheets, and Mail-In Ballot Fraud in Fulton County, Georgia

“It now appears there actually was meaningful voter fraud in Fulton County, Georgia, last November (2020). That is not a conspiracy theory. It’s true.

Surveillance footage obtained by VoterGA shows large numbers of ballots being scanned multiple times. Pay attention to the women wearing yellow at the desk. According to VoterGA, she slides ballots into a scanning machine, removes the ballots, and then reinserts the same ballots.

This happens multiple times. The question is, how many times were these ballots counted? Was each vote counted more than once? Fulton County won't answer that question.

Now, one way to know that answer would be to check what are called audit tally sheets. Tellingly, for months after the 2020 election, Fulton County failed to provide more than 100,000 of those tally sheets, including 50,000 of them from mail-in ballots.

When VoterGA finally forced Fulton County to turn over the tally sheets, the conclusion was stunning. Here's what the audit found. Seven falsified audit tally sheets containing fabricated vote totals... For example, a batch containing 59 actual ballot images for Joe Biden and 42 for Donald Trump was reported as 100 for Biden and 0 for Trump.

The seven batches of ballot images with 554 votes for Joe Biden, 140 votes for Donald Trump, and 11 votes for Jo Jorgenson had tally sheets in the audit falsified to show 850 votes for Biden, 0 votes for Trump, and 0 votes for Jorgenson.

Wait, did you just follow that?

How is that not flat-out criminal fraud?"
1175   Patrick   2023 Nov 11, 2:11pm  


47 boxes of ballots MOVED to Hyatt Regency in Wisconsin on November 3, 2020..

"Somewhere around 6:15AM, ballots will begin to arrive at the HOTEL."

There will be approximately 47 BOXES OF BALLOTS that will go to the Grand Ballroom."

"Do not UNLOCK Grand ballroom until Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein REQUESTS and is with security."

Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein listed as is a Democratic Party-aligned consultant and operative who was the Wisconsin lead for the left-of-center National Vote at Home Institute (NVAHI) in Green Bay, Wisconsin, for the 2020 election. -Influencer Watch
1177   Patrick   2023 Nov 12, 3:07pm  


Undeniably Proof Out Of Georgia That Dominion Voting Is Rigging United States Elections. Confirmed With A Hand Count Of Ballots, This Is SHOCKING 🚨

“The result from the Dominion machine showed Lorne Alexander received 34.67% of the vote, Marshall Orson receiving 41.35% of the vote, and Michelle Longspears receiving 23.98% of the vote.The result from the Dominion machine showed Lorne Alexander received 34.67% of the vote, Marshall Orson receiving 41.35% of the vote, and Michelle Longspears receiving 23.98% of the vote.

In Georgia, if one candidate doesn't get above 50% of the vote total, a runoff election is automatically held between the two top candidates. Meaning Michelle Longspierce was cut out of the race.

But Michelle Longspierce felt odd about the numbers, so she visited different precincts to double check the tallies. Guess what?

She noticed that in some precincts she didn't receive a single vote. But how is that possible that a candidate with 24% of the vote total finds precincts where she didn't receive a single vote?

While statistically alarming, the real surprise came when she realized there was not one vote cast for her in her own precinct, the same one where she and her husband voted for herself. Spears immediately demanded a hand recount of the results and got one.

On June 1st the results were released and the difference between the Dominion machine count and the hand count was shocking.

After the hand count Lauren Alexander gained 355 votes, Orson lost 1298 votes and Spears actually gained 3620 votes making her the new runoff candidate.

And here's the best part, when you add them all up the hand count shows 2810 votes more than the Dominion machines reported on the 24th.

This is huge.

In a small county commissioners race with 15 and a half thousand votes total, the Dominion machine tally was short by nearly 3,000 votes. What does that say about all the other races that were conducted on these very same machines?

This is proof that the machines cannot be trusted. If Spears had not sounded the alarm, no one would have been able to do this.”
1178   PumpingRedheads   2023 Nov 13, 8:55pm  

Patrick says

This is huge.

In a small county commissioners race with 15 and a half thousand votes total, the Dominion machine tally was short by nearly 3,000 votes. What does that say about all the other races that were conducted on these very same machines?

This is proof that the machines cannot be trusted. If Spears had not sounded the alarm, no one would have been able to do this.”

And this is why Dems in California banned manual recount rights against Dominion machine tabulation.

1180   Patrick   2023 Nov 16, 1:17pm  


Video Shows Over 350,000 Votes Scrubbed from GOP Candidate in Pennsylvania Supreme Court Election

An explosive new video has been released that shows a staggering 386,151 votes being removed from the Republican candidate’s totals in last week’s Pennsylvania Supreme Court election.

The video, released by Audit the Vote PA, shows over 350k votes for GOP candidate Carolyn Carluccio being scrubbed, without explanation.

Astonishingly, Carluccio ended up losing the election by 200,000 votes after 386k was removed from her total.

So far, no explanation has been offered to explain how so many votes could simply be removed in such a critical election.
1187   Patrick   2023 Nov 22, 2:06pm  


🔥 And last week, Georgia’s 11-Alive News ran a story headlined, “Judge sets trial challenging Georgia's voting machines.”

Federal judge Amy Totenberg, an Obama appointee, wrote in her trial order that the “2021 Coffee County election equipment breach … presents a substantial risk that … votes will not be counted as cast,” and held that the state “defendants failed to identify a single cybersecurity expert who endorses the current configuration of Georgia’s (ballot marking device) system.”

In a remarkable footnote to the order, Judge Totenberg said the evidence in the case "does not suggest that the Plaintiffs are conspiracy theorists of any variety,” and that some of the nation's leading cybersecurity experts and computer scientists provided evidence that Georgia's voting system poses a threat to the constitutional rights of voters to cast their votes and to have those votes accurately counted.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that there was no evidence of computer fraud using electronic voting machines. That’s why this case is so inconvenient to the narrative. Even worse, the case is funded by patriotic pillow magnate Mike Lindell.

The trial is set for January 9, 2024. This trial will be what the democrats have hysterically tried to avoid since 2020.

In totally-unrelated news, Politico ran a story on Sunday headlined, “Argentines vote in election that could lead Trump-admiring populist to presidency.” Thanks to a recent decision by the Argentine Supreme Court, that country used paper ballots instead of electronic voting machines, which may help explain how Javier Milei got elected. Check this revealing sentence out:

Voting stations opened at 8 a.m. (1100 GMT) and close 10 hours later. Voting is conducted with paper ballots, making the count unpredictable, but initial results were expected around three hours after polls close.

Three hours! Argentina has 47 million citizens. Georgia has only ten million citizens. It sometimes takes weeks to find out who won in Georgia. So. I’m just saying. It might not be a conspiracy theory.
1189   Patrick   2023 Nov 23, 4:02pm  


Trump has the simplest campaign pitch in the world:
1) Things were good when I was president.
2) Everything went to hell when Joe Biden became president.
3) Elect me and I'll make things good again.
That's the whole campaign. For now, it is clearly resonating with many voters.

Right, I think Trump would get elected for a third time except for the massive election fraud which the DNC/FBI/CIA no double have in the works again.
1192   Patrick   2023 Nov 26, 11:19pm  


NEVER FORGET: From 130,000-280,000 Completed Ballots Were Shipped Across State Lines from NY to PA in 2020 Election – Never Explained
1193   Patrick   2023 Nov 26, 11:47pm  


The Georgia State Elections Board (SEB) initiated an investigation into the Fulton County data from the RLA report, labeled SEB2021-181. The SEB identified violations and errors in the 2020 Election recounts in Fulton County. Another complaint for Fulton County was filed July 8, 2022, specifically calling out 3125 duplicate ballot counts and 17,852 votes counted that do not have a corresponding ballot image. This complaint resulted in the creation of investigation SEB2023-25, which is complete and will be presented to the SEB on December 19, 2023.

The SOS’s office lied about the accuracy of the recounts in Georgia. Post-Governor Kemp’s validation letter from November 17, 2021, the SOS’s office, the AG’s office, and the Georgia SEB worked to exonerate the SOS of any responsibility for these numerous errors and violations. There is also an open inquiry before the Georgia SEB (SEBBI2023-001) regarding Election Code Violations committed by the SOS.

The investigations noted in this series were independent of two court cases that occurred in Georgia after the 2020 Election. At least three individuals involved in a recount identified 148,000 fraudulent ballots, and Fulton county and state are still preventing access to these ballots. A separate audit of voting machines was initiated after the 2020 Election, showing that the systems used in Georgia had security issues and bad actors could hack into them and change election results.
1196   Patrick   2023 Nov 27, 8:12pm  


Did you know that DJT won the “in person vote” in ALL 50 states in 2020?

Biden won the “mail-in ballot” vote in every state.
1199   Patrick   2023 Nov 29, 2:07pm  

When we had more votes than voters, bellweather counties anomalies, unprecedented simultaneous mutli-state count stoppage, algorithms splitting a single vote... and there is NOT ONE Media person who might have the tiniest bit of INTELLECTUAL CURIOSITY. You know it was rigged. TRUMP WON.

Good way to put it.
1200   Patrick   2023 Dec 5, 7:20pm  


Why are Democrats keeping the border open and flooding major cities with masses of invading illegal aliens? It’s all about the elections.

Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY) on Sunday accused New York City of trying to stack voter rolls by trying to illegally register migrants housed at a Staten Island shelter to cast ballots in the upcoming elections.

Malliotakis, joined by four other Staten Island Republicans, claimed a city contract with a nonprofit hired to run the shelter includes a stipulation that voter registration forms are to be distributed to asylum seekers staying there — which they called both unlawful and underhanded.

The contract, which Malliotakis said was obtained via a state Freedom of Information Law request, includes a stipulation that the nonprofit, in accordance with the New York City charter, “shall provide and distribute voter registration forms to all persons,” with the forms to be made available in Spanish and Chinese.

Mayor Eric Adams claims that it’s absurd and untrue, and forced on the city by DHS regulations, but New York City had previously passed a law allowing non-citizens to vote.

More than 800,000 noncitizens and “Dreamers” in New York City will have access to the ballot box — and could vote in municipal elections as early as next year — after Mayor Eric Adams allowed legislation to automatically become law Sunday.

A judge struck down that law, but never assume that the Undead Civic Voters Association and the Guy We Paid 5 Bucks to Cast a Ballot Committee are going to stop.

Keeping the borders open is about elections and political power.

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