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2   FortwayeAsFuckJoeBiden   2023 May 28, 9:02am  

parking guys chalk tires in places where it says max parking x hours. this way they come back after parking limit time, and if tire is marked you get a ticket. that’s not cops, parking nannies. cops don’t do that kind of work.
3   Booger   2023 May 28, 11:58am  

Ceffer says

Does this mean we will have to quarter an armed IRS agent who will be sleeping with our women?

What makes you think that IRS agents want to sleep with women?
10   Tenpoundbass   2023 Jun 2, 6:36pm  

Shit Birds!

13   Patrick   2023 May 31, 8:21am  

Anthony Bass FAILED AT LIFE by bending over and taking in the ass for satan.

15   Ceffer   2023 May 31, 11:30pm  

To be replaced by soldiers and gang elements flooding the border.

18   zzyzzx   2023 Jun 2, 8:38am  

Just came out as a heterosexual, unvaccinated, white male to my leftist parents!!

The dinner table went dead silent. Mom started crying. Dad stared down at his bowl of soy and mashed up heart medication, literally shaking. Jamal, my Mom's live-in boyfriend, shifted awkwardly in his seat. You could cut the atmosphere with a knife. Until now I had been living a lie. I had told them I was a fully boosted, non-binary, trans adjacent woman (whatever that is) who identifies as half-BIPOC, half-Latinx. To keep up appearances, I even shopped at Target and drank Bud Light.

"Why are you defiling the humble sanctity and quiet joy of Pride Month like this, Moonstone?" my Mother cried as she applied six masks to her face and backed up from the table until she was six feet away.

"That's another thing," I blurted out, "I'm going by Jack now."

"This is a phase, it'll pass," Dad stammered, shaking his head, his jowls flapping about like Boss Nass. "We'll get you down to the nearest vaccination clinic. The nurses there will set you straight about COVID, and then once you're double jabbed and boosted we can get you a therapist to help cure you of your toxic masculinity and disgusting heteronormativity."

"Have you tried not being an anti-vax plague-rat?" Mom chimed in, wringing her hands. "Think of what this will do to Grandma, you'll literally kill her!"

I stood firm and told them I wasn't going to get vaccinated.

"Where did we go wrong?!" Mom sobbed, clinging to Jamal as Dad quivered behind them, nursing a throbbing erection through his skirt. "Was I a bad birthing person?! I did everything Reddit told me to!"

"Get out," Jamal hollered through his N95, "fucking plague-rat bigot scum."

I slammed the tuck-friendly bathing suit my Mom gave me for my last birthday down on the table and stormed out. Later that evening my Mom put up a cryptic post on Facebook about the dangers of "Qanon", "5G microchip conspiracy theories" and "misinformation", and then blocked me shortly afterwards.
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