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Santa Cruz real estate
by clambo on 18 Sep 2020  3 comments, latest a month ago
I just saw an ad for a “cute bungalow” near Pleasure Point (Capitola).I was amazed at the absurd price, $999,000 for 580 square feet.That’s the smallest thing I think a...

House hunters international= unintentionally funny
by clambo on 27 Mar 2020  7 comments, latest 7 months ago
Being shut in a bit and my guest yelled at me “come watch, they’re in Cabo San Lucas!”The people are so clueless and also picky, they are always exceeding their...

AMLO won in Mexico
by clambo on 1 Jul 2018  18 comments, latest 2 years ago
The guys from the PRI and PAN parties both have conceded. The last I saw, Lopez Obrador had 49%, PRI and PAN guys both around 25%. My Mexican friends are...

Crazy home equity loan ad
by clambo on 30 Mar 2018  4 comments, latest 3 years ago
I was in Palm Beach County Florida listening to the radio when an ad comes on for home equity loans.The ad suggested the usual things to do with a home...
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