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Bank Inventory
by bighorse on 10 Mar 2012   4 comments, latest 12 years ago
My RE agent friend just got a list from his broker. It's a huge list of properties in California where buyers and buyers w/ buyer agents can offer directly ...

My Local MLS
by bighorse on 11 Dec 2011   3 comments, latest 13 years ago
I have an agent MLS account in my local area. Their latest "upgrade" dubbed "Matrix" completely nerfed the user interface. It stripped buyer agents' capabilities to be savvy. Buyer ...

Declining Mortgage Rates
by bighorse on 24 Oct 2011   18 comments, latest 13 years ago
There are lots of people who seem to be able to afford homes now. But they are not doing so because of an expectation of declining prices. The Fed ...
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