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by bighorse     💰tip   follow   2011 Dec 11, 2:12pm  

I have an agent MLS account in my local area. Their latest "upgrade" dubbed "Matrix" completely nerfed the user interface. It stripped buyer agents' capabilities to be savvy. Buyer agents no longer have access to price histories, prior listings, direct links to property tax records. There are more features that I'm sure they removed/changed. I guess I'll have to head to Redfin to get price/listing history as they store the data, and plot it out on their own. I expect the MLS to some how stop them from doing that soon.

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1   taxee   2011 Dec 11, 11:11pm  

Jeeze....Never saw that coming..... ;o)

2   bighorse   2011 Dec 12, 2:24pm  

ptiemann says

That is not correct. You can still see the pricing history. At the end of the 'agent's full page', there is a link

"Click on the arrow to view property history"

They rolled out the Matrix GUI about 12 months ago already, there was a major outcry, and the reversed the decision.

I don't like it either, for other reasons, but the price history is definitely still available.

The link to tax search is not gone either; it is just in a different location. Kind of to the right/ upper corner, a small button labeled "TX".

I don't see any of the items you listed. Are you using pro.mlslistings.com?

3   bighorse   2011 Dec 12, 10:47pm  

I'm looking in the San Mateo County. I have access to a broker's account because he gave me his log in and password.

I just searched again and the features are not there. I miss the old GUI. I guess it all can still be done. But there's just no incentive for a buyer agent to navigate thru multiple sites to have that info ready for a prospective buyer.

I remember the Matrix they released last year outright didn't even work on any of our computers. I thought that's why it was reverted. Didn't think it was because people didn't like it.

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