Holy Wet Bulb

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92* but feels like 106. Not sure I've felt heat like this before here in IL and we've hit 102* around my area in my lifetime. Humidity is only 62%. Dew point 77. It just makes you fucking sweat your ass off just walking to the car. Pretty sure I lost 5lbs so far today. I'm not a human climate change believer, but holy sharks it's bad today.

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1   Ceffer   2021 Aug 24, 11:51am  

Look on the bright side. The crocodile mud pits and strangler vines will thrive.
2   WookieMan   2021 Aug 24, 12:01pm  

Our veggies are doing well in the garden. I had to mow today though as they're dropping in fiber to a new subdivision. I've been holding off hoping they would have done it already, but no. Grass too long and it had to be done. All the utility locate flags are all over my damn yard, so had to push mow the SOB.
3   Tenpoundbass   2021 Aug 24, 12:21pm  

Every season change we tend to not remember the last time it was this cold or that hot.
It always seems like a shock.

Thanks to Air Conditioning, we've created our own feels like heat index. Housing built in the early 1900's through the 50's in South Florida did not have air-conditioning. So they built a huge canopy of lush green South Florida tropical jungle over it. When I moved down here in the mid 80's, I was impressed by South Florida landscape. Most houses had so many massive trees in their yard, that they barely had any grass. Many streets were lined with massive Oaks, Banyan and Ficus trees. All through the summer in the shade it was always mid 70's to low 80's under the canopy regardless how hot the sun beat down on Florida. Combine that with the Coastal breeze, and all of the condensation created from the rich gradient of temperatures. We could always count on a late afternoon Thunderstorm to cool things off to about 80 by the evening.

That all disappeared when the Relator Whores started clear cutting their yards, even if they didn't have an irrigation system, and allowed their lawns to parch dark brown. Which killed our micro climate we enjoyed here for decades and decades. Over night it got hot stagnate and no relief unless sought refuge indoors in the Air-conditioning. If AC had never been invented, South Florida would still have the mature canopy that we destroyed in the early 2000's for RE profits in the quest for better curb appeal.

That just didn't happen in SF, but everywhere. I bet the RE curb appeal talking points were to create oppressive heat, and rain shortages, just so the Climate Alarmists could say, it was proof of Climate Change. But what the RE did was no different than when Animals create Desertification and Droughts by over grazing.

So I'm sure it was all planned. In the last 15 years much of South Florida's greenery has rebounded, and we're now experiencing milder summer than we've had in the past two decades.
4   clambo   2021 Aug 24, 12:38pm  

It's hot but at the shore at Jupiter it's comfortable because of a breeze.
The ocean is 79F I think.
I go swimming with a nylon shirt, the water later evaporates which cools me.
5   Patrick   2021 Aug 24, 4:49pm  

WookieMan says
Not sure I've felt heat like this before here in IL and we've hit 102* around my area in my lifetime.

When I lived in Chicago surburb Park Ridge in 1995, it hit 106 degrees.
6   richwicks   2021 Aug 24, 4:53pm  

It was 107 in Campbell a couple of years ago. I biked to work, that was the slowest 10 miles I ever biked back home. It was WEIRD, everything outside was warmer than my body temperature. I sweat on the palms of my hands.

At least it wasn't terribly humid.

When I lived in Indiana, it would be literally 99F for weeks at a time at 100% humidity. I used to go running and come home and lie in a bath to get 20 minutes of relief. Running made it seem warmer, and coming back with a sweat and jumping into water let me feel cool for a bit.
7   mell   2021 Aug 24, 6:14pm  

We've done the Phoenix AZ 110s and even 120s where all the Starbucks and other shops have regular mists going outside you can sit under. Even witnessed a habob once blowing in the french doors separating the backyard from the living room at our friends in Phoenix we stayed at, with the temp going to 100-110 within minutes and the AC failing until we were able to close that door again. Still you sweat more during a typical humid summer in the 90s in NYC. Nice are also summers in death valley, nothing like a brief stay in Stovepipe Wells by the pool and warm rocks and a moonlight walk to Zabriskie Point :) But I cannot say it has gotten warmer in the bay area over the past 10-20 years, it has gotten drier, but not warmer. Let's see what this Tahoe skiing season brings, last one was pretty good, but could have been a bit more snow.
8   NDrLoR   2021 Aug 24, 6:32pm  

Patrick says
When I lived in Chicago surburb Park Ridge in 1995, it hit 106 degrees.
Then six months later you wished you could go back to those days!
9   Patrick   2021 Aug 24, 7:28pm  

Lol, yes, winter was also brutal there.

I think the weather makes Chicagoans tough. Along with dealing with their fellow citizens there.
10   Ceffer   2021 Aug 24, 8:22pm  

Well, I published the figure here that on one day last year, Santa Cruz spiked to 105. That with smoke. Santa Cruz almost always cools down sometime around 4PM, though, and humidity is uncommon unless a tropical air mass makes it up from the south. However, with the hot days, Covid crap and extreme smoke last year, I think I lost a year off my life.

It prompted us to get an indoor air conditioning unit, which we have barely had to use this year.
11   socal2   2021 Aug 24, 9:31pm  

Carlsbad here - about 70 degrees, sunny and low humidity all year round. No AC at the house.

I grew up in that crap-ass Midwest weather and don’t miss it at all!
12   WookieMan   2021 Aug 25, 4:16am  

It was weird though with average at best humidity for the Midwest and slightly high dew point. I’m a sauna and steam room guy so it was fine as I actually like sweating. The typical metrics for it feeling like 106* didn’t make sense.

I remember the ‘95 heat wave. It was brutal. Our high yesterday was 93* and it was sit down outside and you’re sweating. I’ve definitely been in hotter and more humid temps, but never a relatively low temperature feeling 12-13* higher.

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