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elliemae's book on Amazon is awesome!
by aragonzbooks on 1 Oct 2012  2 comments, latest 8 years ago
Check out elliemae's book on Amazon, please. No one is gonna get out of this life without needing it for someone you love, let alone care about, amid the nursing...

Gratitude In Action Is A Lovely Thing And Much More!
by aragonzbooks on 22 Sep 2012  7 comments, latest 8 years ago
Patrick has saved my life and that of my husband over the years, and I am a retired attorney. I had absolutely no knowledge when it came to the expertise...

Let's Hear It For "The Man!"
by aragonzbooks on 23 Sep 2012  1 comment, latest 8 years ago
Although I have offered the substance of this comment in the "Suggestions'" forum, I would like to respectfully repeat it here. Patrick has saved my life and that of my...
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