Leaked New Zealand vaccine data proves the vaccine is deadly

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NZ Whistleblower Arrested for Exposing the Truth: Here’s What They Didn’t Want You to See

“The data is legit; that's why they are arresting Barry. He's a hero for exposing the truth.”

Statistician and whistleblower, Barry Young, also known as “Winston Smith,” 56, has been arrested by New Zealand authorities for exposing a damning database on COVID-19 vaccine deaths. However, the official charge was “dishonestly accessing vaccination data.”

Young, a Ministry of Health employee-turned-whistleblower, was responsible for managing New Zealand’s COVID-19 vaccination database. After discovering some disturbing trends, Young felt compelled to come forward. “I saw too much that I couldn’t do nothing anymore,” he said.

In a long-format interview with Liz Gunn, founder of the New Zealand Loyal Party, on November 30th, Mr. Young presented connections between specific COVID-19 vaccine batches and mortality rates. The data he shared was alarming:

Batch ID 1: Total Vaccinated 711, Death Count 152, 21.38% Dead

Batch ID 8: Total Vaccinated 221, Death Count 38, 17.19% Dead

Batch ID 3: Total Vaccinated 310, Death Count 48, 15.48% Dead

Batch ID 4: Total Vaccinated 364, Death Count 37, 10.16% Dead

Batch ID 6: Total Vaccinated 1006, Death Count 101, 10.04% Dead

Batch ID 2: Total Vaccinated 1018, Death Count 98, 9.63% Dead

Batch ID 7: Total Vaccinated 38, Death Count 3, 7.89% Dead

Batch ID 72: Total Vaccinated 5882, Death Count 278, 4.73% Dead

Batch ID 62: Total Vaccinated 18173, Death Count 831, 4.57% Dead

Batch ID 71: Total Vaccinated 11019, Death Count 498, 4.52% Dead

The underlying mortality rate in New Zealand should be only 0.75%, said Young. He added that these batches were across all age groups, so it should all average out to that 0.75% mortality rate.

At the bottom of the image with the batch data, it says, “Chances of these batches not being a killer are 100 billion to one!” Young clarified what that statement meant, explaining that the odds of death rates this high happening by chance are approximately 100 billion to 1.

“So statistically, what we’re saying is that there is no chance that this vaccine is not a killer,” Young declared.

Barry Young, 56, made two court appearances today at the Wellington District Court. During his initial procedural hearing in the morning, he was met with a standing ovation from a packed public gallery, The New Zealand Herald reported. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/former-te-whatu-ora-employee-appears-in-court-charged-with-covid-19-vaccination-data-breach/ADKOB4AKFNEIFKLBO5DEVVY47M/

There are five key takeaways from the case, as outlined by Jeff Childers:

They don’t deny the ‘leaker’ is (was) a health system employee, confirming Young’s claims.
They insist — often and loudly — that he’s not a ‘vaccine expert,’ again consistent with Young’s claim to be an Oracle database administrator.
They do NOT claim that Young’s data is fake, altered, compromised, or misrepresented in any way. So we can assume the Young Data is legit.
Most tellingly, they allege Young was “spreading misinformation” but never described the alleged misinformation, not even a little. The closest they get is implying that Young generally accused the jabs of being unsafe, which is not a crime, even in New Zealand.
Finally, it’s unsurprising Young was arrested, since after all he did leak confidential information. But it is shocking how fast they arrested him. By comparison, it took about 18 months to arrest Rebekah Jones, and then only after Florida police actually conducted an investigation. Young’s turbo-arrest looks like a cover up.

Entrepreneur and COVID-19 vaccine skeptic, Steve Kirsch, made a bold comment when Mr. Young was surrounded by the police. He said, “The data is legit; that’s why they are arresting Barry. He’s a hero for exposing the truth.” ...

“Barry single-handedly has saved millions of lives because he proved you can leak data without affecting privacy, but that the data can show that a vaccine killed 10 million worldwide. This was thought to be impossible before Barry showed it was possible. He should be recognized internationally as a hero. What NZ is doing to him is misguided.”

The full interview with Barry Young is still available on Rumble. You can watch it via the video below:


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1   Patrick   2023 Dec 6, 11:42am  


The government is currently making frantic efforts to censor the data, but it’s already too late. It’s akin to attempting to put toothpaste back into the tube.

They’re so desperate to censor that data that they’ve even granted the public health agency, Te Whatu Ora, an injunction preventing anyone in the whole entire world (lol) from publishing the data, according to One News New Zealand. They’re also ominously accusing him of “spreading misinformation about Covid-19.” So much for freedom of expression and open debate.
3   Ingrid   2023 Dec 6, 12:38pm  

now is the time for ALL nurses, doctors, and everyone else who can get information on the killer jabs, to stand and speak up. If they all together open up the books, there is no going back, and the hundreds of thousands who know, will be 'safe' in big numbers. Otherwise, all those that still force the jabs, will truly be murderers (I already consider them as much - but others say, that most doctors and nurses just rely on getting trustworthy meds. ) I stated on several posts, that doctors should check when they start using something new. In this case of course, most doctors did not get to jab the patients. I remember dad trying to get the doc to do it at home, mom being so poor in health, but no, it was not allowed. And now that it leaked out how NZ doctors, nurses and govt people at a total of 11000 were exempt if they kept jabbing, I wonder how many NZ people will still trust going to these liars.
4   GNL   2023 Dec 6, 2:09pm  

Patrick says

What NZ is doing to him is misguided.

Misguided. Wow, could a more understated statement be made? It also seems that white people have a bigger sense of moral obligation to the world. Amiright?
5   Patrick   2023 Dec 6, 3:00pm  

I think you are right.
6   Patrick   2023 Dec 6, 3:29pm  


NZ’s COVID Vaccine Massacre Exposed

The NZ Government’s Complicity in Mass Murder | By Kiwi4Justice

Mass murder. A massacre. It is the only description that is worthy of the bombshell evidence from a NZ government whistleblower in Liz Gunn’s M.O.A.R (Mother Of All Revelations). It is a tragedy of unthinkable magnitude. The evidence that has now come forward from this whistleblower, and others, shows us that the NZ government’s roll out of the COVID vaccine was not just a crime, it was a massacre. The evidence and implications are inescapable and difficult to comprehend. But what is even more disturbing is that this was no accident. It was, and continues to be, willful mass murder.

The scale of the death and injury for the people of NZ from the COVID-19 vaccine that has now been proven beyond any doubt is challenging to think about. It is devastating confirmation of what so many people in NZ and around the world have been shouting from the rooftops for so long, but who have been ignored and ridiculed by the mainstream media and the government. It is a sad and sorry vindication for those 18,000 Kiwis who set up camp in their tents and cars in front of Parliament in February 2022, who were ignored, demonized, and labelled a ‘river of filth’ by those who are culpable for this terrible crime. ...

In just one particular vaccination centre in Invercargill, 51 people were vaccinated within the space of just two hours. All 51 are now dead. Out of the 837 people who were vaccinated at another vaccination centre, 253 of them are now dead. 30% of everyone who was vaccinated at that centre are now dead. At another vaccination centre, of the 923 people vaccinated there, 276 are now dead. There were numerous vaccination centres around the country that had mortality rates at this sort of level of 30%. This is compared to the normal average mortality rate of just 0.75%, which is what we should be seeing. The data also shows how many fatalities were linked to each individual vaccinator. One vaccinator had a mortality rate of 25%. One in four people that got the vaccine from that vaccinator is now dead. Other vaccinators were similar. Their vaccine batches were literally death batches. These numbers are simply off the scale and impossible to interpret any other way than a vaccine massacre. ...

The whistleblower has unique access to the data in question. He designed and built the database for the NZ government, specifically for the COVID-19 vaccine. It is official government data and it includes extremely detailed COVID-19 vaccine data for 2.2 million Kiwis. The whistleblower watched in horror over a two-year period as the death data escalated in front of his eyes, until he felt he had to step forward to expose it. For that, NZ must wholeheartedly applaud and thank him for his courage and morality. It is no small thing that he has done coming forward like this. Sadly, being a whistleblower is a very dangerous thing to do in today’s world of Deep State corruption and criminality. But what the whistleblower was looking at in front of him on a daily basis was not just faceless numbers and statistics. He was looking at enormous lists of names in certain places and certain times. Names of people who are not here anymore. Names of real people with real families. Human lives, not numbers. It was too much. He says there are just two words for why he had to come forward. Never Again. ...

As horrendous as this is, the most devastating point that the people of NZ need to understand is that this enormous number of deaths were not due to a very unfortunate and unforeseen outcome of a well-intentioned government health strategy. No, these deaths were the result of willful complicity in mass murder. These are very difficult words for people to hear, but the evidence is unfortunately incontrovertible. The NZ government had full foreknowledge of what the outcome would be of the COVID-19 vaccine. They had all the information and data well in advance of their massive nationwide roll out of the COVID-19 vaccine. They had clear evidence showing them exactly what would happen if they went ahead. They knew that the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine would cause huge numbers of injury and death. They were also advised by both the NZ Justice Department and NZ Medsafe that their proposed vaccine mandates could not be legally justified. They went ahead anyway. They signed their contract with Pfizer, they trumpeted the COVID-19 vaccine to the whole country as ‘safe and effective’, and then they forced it onto the population through their illegitimate, brutal mandates that deliberately split NZ society in two through medical apartheid. ...

Now we can see why our hospitals, emergency services, and Funeral Directors across the country have been beyond bursting point the last two years.

In February 2022, the NZ public stood up against this crime against humanity with the largest public protest in NZ history. With 18,000 people camped in their tents and cars in front of NZ Parliament, all 120 sitting MPs signed a joint agreement that no MP would engage with or speak with those protestors. Instead, the protestors were labelled by the government as a ‘river of filth’ and demonized by mainstream media.

Both the NZ Bill of Rights and the 1947 Nuremberg Code make it a crime to force or coerce a medical procedure onto a person. Not only were the people of NZ forced or coerced into taking this experimental medical procedure, but the NZ government knew full well that this particular medical procedure had deadly and horrific outcomes on a very large scale. The NZ government went to great lengths to make sure the people of NZ were not able to be made aware of that known danger, and they went to even greater lengths to force as many of the NZ public as possible to take it. While at the same time they made themselves exempt from having to take it. ...

This mass killing by the NZ government, and others, was willful. It wasn’t an unfortunate accident. ‘Two shots for summer’ was the shot that will be heard around the world. The enormity of the crime against the people of NZ cannot be overstated. It was a massacre.

7   Patrick   2023 Dec 6, 3:55pm  


As everybody in this corner of the internet knows, a New Zealand Te Whatu Ora employee named Barry Young leaked four million vaccination records from New Zealand’s “pay per dose” vaccine programme to Steve Kirsch on 8 November. The records apparently pertain to doses administered to individual patients at apothecaries and doctors’ practices; vaccines administered by special mobile vaccination teams and at government mass vaccination centres were recorded separately and remain hidden from us.

Kirsch removed patient names from the data before providing a summary version to Norman Fenton and the full records to my friend William Briggs for independent review. Finally, on 30 November, he released the anonymised dataset to the internet and posted his own analysis to Substack, where he argues vigorously that the records show a vaccine-associated mortality rate of one death per 1,000 doses. This mortality rate would mean well over 13 million vaccine-induced deaths worldwide.
9   NuttBoxer   2023 Dec 7, 6:43am  

Patrick says

Leaked New Zealand vaccine data proves the vaccine is deadly

Because little kids dying of heart attacks didn't prove it. Or all the people dropping dead. Or some of the longer term effects to people's immune systems showing this winter. Or all the permanent disability cases. Or the cancer that comes out of nowhere. Or the data from the pharma company's own studies...
12   Patrick   2024 Jan 12, 9:33pm  


The ‘pay-per-dose’ records leaked by Barry Young in late November 2023 show the covid injections to be undeniably deadly, with clear correlations to age, sex and dose. The Te Whatu Ora/Health New Zealand whistleblower faces prison for his exemplary act of good faith and medical ethics in getting this data to the world’s public.
13   NuttBoxer   2024 Jan 13, 8:05am  

Truth, the greatest enemy of the tyrant.

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