SEVENTEEN recordings of bribery phone calls between Burisma executive and Joe and Hunter Biden

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Once again corporate media completely ignored yesterday’s biggest story, instead doing its level best to smother it by rapidly pushing out explosive fake news stories, assisted by the DoJ, which is currently trying to indict everybody it can, including most famously President Trump.

The story was, in an electrifying floor address yesterday, U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley dramatically informed Congress that the document the FBI has been diligently concealing reported that its confidential source has SEVENTEEN recordings of bribery phone calls between the Burisma executive and Joe and Hunter Biden.

Grassley wondered why nobody followed up, say, to try and get ahold of those recordings, or even mention them to anybody? In his statement, Grassley pointed out it’s not like the FBI has been shy about presidential audio recordings:

It’s clear that the Justice Department and FBI will use every resource to investigate candidate Trump, President Trump and former President Trump [and] it’s clear that the Justice Department, the FBI, haven’t nearly had the same laser-focus on the Biden family. Special counsel Jack Smith has used a recording against former president Trump. Well, what is US Attorney Weiss doing with respect to these alleged Joe and Hunter Biden recordings that are apparently relevant to the high-stakes bribery scheme?

Grassley revealed that, even after the FBI agreed to show the Oversight Committee a copy of its Biden Bribery form, all references on the form to the recordings were redacted. In other words, the FBI literally covered up the recordings’ existence — even though the document had already been unclassified.

Senator Grassley also seems to think, as I do, there’s some connection between the timing of President Trump’s bogus indictment and the nation-shaking Biden Bribery story:

And on the same day that the FBI provided a redacted version of the 1023 to the House Oversight Committee, the Justice Department announced that former President Trump had been indicted and charged with 37 crimes relating to his alleged mishandling of classified records.
Here’s the link to Grassley’s statement, including the transcript and the video:


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1   AmericanKulak   2023 Jun 14, 6:44am  

Patrick says

Grassley wondered why nobody followed up,

2   RayAmerica   2023 Jun 14, 8:00am  

And as a result of these amazing findings, this is what will happen ..... <____________>

Unless of course this a move by the Deep State to remove Biden from the race and replace him with Newsome, etc.
4   Patrick   2023 Jun 14, 10:47am  


$10M Magically Appeared In Biden’s 2017 Tax Return; House GOP Investigating

House Republicans are demanding increased transparency from President Joe Biden on his personal tax returns after an investigation found one of his corporate entities reported nearly $10 million in revenue without detailing the sources. The president’s critics believe the sudden influx of money may be related to allegations of bribery against the president.
5   Patrick   2023 Jun 14, 2:31pm  


Republican Sen. Tex Cruz (R-TX) grilled FBI Deputy Director Paul Abbate during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday.

Cruz blasted Abbate for refusing to answer questions about alleged audio tapes of Democrat President Joe Biden discussing a bribery scheme.

The recordings reportedly include then-Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden speaking with a Ukrainian executive who may have paid millions of dollars in bribes to both of them.

“Last month, a whistleblower brought to light the existence in the FBI of a report, an FD-1023, in which the informant alleges that President Biden and his family members engaged in a $5 million bribery scheme during his time as vice president,” Cruz said.

“Deputy Director Abbate, is it true that the FBI has a report making those allegations?”

“I’m not going to comment on that, Senator,” Abbate responded.

When repeatedly pressed on the matter, Abbate said that he would not comment on the matter. ...

“Deputy Director Abbate, does the FBI have 17 voice recordings laying out evidence of a bribery scheme?”

Abbate would not reveal if any of the recordings existed.

The do exist and both Hunter and Pedo Joe are criminal scum protected by yet worse criminal scum at the FBI, people who are actively undermining the rule of law every day.
6   Patrick   2023 Jun 14, 3:07pm  


In another terrific clip yesterday, Senator Josh Hawley interrogated an FBI official during a Senate hearing about the Biden Bribery document, and steam-pressed the FBI official into a figurative Cuban sandwich over why the document had not been publicly released, especially considering it is UNCLASSIFIED.

Laughably, the FBI official claimed the reason the agency refused to release the document is because “we are serious about protecting people.”

Josh Hawley ROASTS FBI Official During Senate Hearing

: "We've confirmed that the document exists...after you first denied it...Why don't you just release it? Is it classified?"

FBI OFFICIAL: "The document is not classified."

HAWLEY: "Will you commit to releasing this unclassified document that alleges that the President...has taken $5 million in bribes from a foreign nation?"

FBI OFFICIAL: "The document...contains sensitive information."

Here is the single most important point, an explosive truth that I believe will soon overtake the entire story: when the democrats impeached President Trump in 2017 for a single phone call to Ukraine requesting an investigation, they claimed Trump was lying, inventing an awful story to smear poor, impeccable Joe Biden and injure the candidate’s electoral chances. That was the democrats’ charge, and even some Republicans went along with it.

They impeached the President over this allegation.

But, at the time, the FBI had this Biden Bribery document in its vault. They knew all about it. In other words, the agency had credible information from a reliable informant establishing that what Trump was asking the Ukrainians for was not made up but was likely correct; Trump was properly following up on the very same information that the FBI was busily NOT following up on.

At the time, during months of impeachment trial dragging on, the FBI never ever said ANYTHING TO ANYBODY. The agency that “takes protecting people seriously” let the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA be impeached — even though they could have immediately ended the entire farce with a single statement, by confirming that Trump’s phone call was founded on evidence and was not, as Democrats falsely argued, completely made up.

The FBI did not protect the President. They could have ended the impeachment show trial even without disclosing their source or any details about the document; all they would’ve had to do is admit the report existed.

But — for some reason — the FBI did not do that. It kept its mouth shut. And that’s what Senator Hawley should ask the FBI about next, because that question will unravel this whole, sordid, criminal conspiracy.

🔥 Yesterday, social media influencer Tim Pool used his main TimCast IRL channel to explore the Biden Bribery document story, the FBI’s obvious coverup, and their many implications. The dialogue between the host and his co-hosts was interesting, informative, and ultimately surprising. It’s worth noting that Pool is not exactly a hardened conservative, he’s usually labeled center-right or independent, but he finds the Biden Bribery document story to be extremely troubling. ...

Toward the end of the three-minute clip, Tim made this comment, which is remarkable in several ways:

“There is a criminal syndicate in the government. I don’t know how many, I don’t know… you know… But we do know that the FBI is purposefully NOT prosecuting certain individuals, and so whoever is instructing these people to do this is part of some kind of criminal syndicate. I’m not trying to make it seem like there’s a network of thousands of people with initiation or anything like that. I’m saying certain elements of the FBI, the executive branch, and the democratic party are absolutely subverting the law in this country, in collusion with each other.”

The way Pool described it is probably a much better and more accurate way to describe what’s been going on than the overused phrase, “deep state.” First, it is more legally precise to refer to the bad actors as co-conspirators in a “criminal syndicate” within the government. Second, that additional precision can avoid triggering independents and people who believe the phrase “deep state” is just a dog whistle for MAGA conservatives.

A gripping rhetorical adjustment can often turn the debate.

I’ll try using the term criminal syndicate for a while, and see how it feels.
7   Patrick   2023 Jun 14, 3:14pm  


(Victor Davis) Hanson writes what I embed below and can we get an AMEN for the brother! The Biden family may well have pulled off the greatest pay-for-play grifting scam in presidential history, one that encompassed a decade of selling access to Vice President Biden and supposedly someday President Biden. That the entire kleptocracy will likely only be prosecuted if a Republican administration return

Another sign of decline is the weaponization and politicization of institutions. Decadent societies indict their former leaders upon leaving offices. Those in power sic federal agencies on their opponents.

In turn, bureaucrats become agents of those in power, as if in private service— like laptop suppression, diary retrieval, performance-art raiding and arresting, or finding a presidential son’s missing gun.

The Biden family may well have pulled off the greatest pay-for-play grifting scam in presidential history, one that encompassed a decade of selling access to Vice President Biden and supposedly someday President Biden. That the entire kleptocracy will likely only be prosecuted if a Republican administration returns to power is again proof of our third-worldism.

The careers of John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, Anthony Fauci, Lois Lerner, Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, and Christopher Wray were weaponized. The above either lied under oath when pressed, suppressed an email trail that exposed their culpability or worked hard to discredit or destroy a political candidate they opposed, or simply stonewalled when asked under oath for accountability.

If you doubt, remember that a non-compos mentis Biden is one more fall away from Kamala Harris, selected entirely based on her race and sex, and who seems to have a vocabulary smaller than her menu of various chuckles.

Her presidency really would prove that anyone at all can be president.

8   RayAmerica   2023 Jun 14, 3:18pm  

I heard someone explain the Hunter/Big Guy's cut this way:

Hunter said himself that he had to give the Big Guy 50% of his own cut. If that's true, and being that Hunter got $5 million, he would have had to give the Daddy $2.5 million. Add the $2.5 to the $5 million for Joe, the Big Guy's take is a whopping $7.5 million.

Being a VP is said to be the worst job in politics. Not so for Joe. He saw it as a means to enrich himself and spread it around to his equally corrupt family.
9   Patrick   2023 Jun 14, 4:37pm  


Thunder and Fury In DC--FBI Under Fire: Where Are The Recordings? How Many Years Did FBI Hide The FD-1023, Concealing Bidens $10 Million Bribery Scheme w. Ukrainian Businessmen?

Ted Cruz has had it. As Have We All. I Predict A BREAK In The Squalor, Justice In Near Future

“Do you have the 17 recordings yes or no?”

—Sen. Ted Cruz

“I’m not going to get further into that…”

—FBI Deputy Director Paul Abbate

Like hell you’re not.


Stall for time, but where will you hide, and how, from the inevitable. The 17 recordings the FBI has.

It seems to be that the Biden/Obama Burisma FBI-gate tape scandal is catching fire fast. I’ve been reviewing the story for the past few hours and I feel the game is up for the gas-lighting FBI. I see no way the scandal can fizzle, or die in the shade, or go away because the Press Secretary dismisses it as “malarkey.”

I mention Obama because, as Dan Bongino points out, he was the POTUS when this went down so it’s an Obama/Biden affair, de facto. Let’s all read this carefully, from John Solomon, via Dan Bongino: “…in return for a US policy decision that Joe Biden could impact.” ...

Heated Exchange During Judiciary Committee Hearing Between Senator Ted Cruz And FBI Deputy Director Abbate Over The Biden 1023 Senator

“Last month, a whistleblower brought to light the existence in the FBI of a report, an FD-1023 in which the informant alleges that President Biden and his family members engaged in a $5 Million bribery scheme during his time as VP. Deputy Director Abbate, is it true that the FBI has a report making those allegations?" Deputy Director Abbate: "I'm not going to comment on that, Senator." Cruz: "And why is that?" Abbate: "I'm just not going to comment on information we've received investigations or other matters." Cruz: "You don't owe the American people an obligation to be candid about evidence of corruption by the President of the United States?" Abbate: "This is an area that I'm not going to get into with you, Senator." Cruz: "Well I understand you don't want to, and that's why people are mad at the FBI. Because you are stonewalling and covering up serious allegations of evidence of corruption from the President."

—The Columbia Bugle, Twitter

Sen. Masha Blackburn also stonewalled by super-stone-walley FBI Deep Director here.

I’ve never been so riveted by government agency stonewalling in my life.

It’s strangely fascinating.

Great broadcast on all this, Dan Bongino, who cornered the story long ago, and has become my favorite go-to on this unfolding fire of a story.

Bombshell interview with Rep. Byron Donalds here.

“First of all, they had us go to a secure facility where we [normally] read classified information, to read an unclassified document.”

“This FBI report is a damning report.”

—Rep. Byron Donalds. Member, Oversight and Accountability Cmte. ...

It’s a really simple situation: There are more than 17 recordings between Ukrainian nationals and Joe and Hunter Biden, regarding bribes of up to $10 million, perhaps more.

The only reason we haven’t heard them is that the FBI is refusing to turn them over.

The heat will without a doubt be turned up.

The recordings will emerge. We will all hear them.

And Joe Biden will be impeached.

That’s my prediction.
10   HeadSet   2023 Jun 14, 6:23pm  

Patrick says

And Joe Biden will be impeached.

I wish. But the Republicans did not even pass the censure and fine on Shiff for his blatant lies.
11   Patrick   2023 Jun 14, 9:37pm  


Joe Biden is also the subject of a special counsel for his mishandling of classified information, though Senate Republicans are demanding another one over the Burisma dealings. We had smoking-gun evidence drop regarding Joe Biden’s alleged involvement in a bribery scheme from his Ukraine days, and it got smothered by news of the Trump indictment. Co-founder of Burisma Holdings, Mykola Zlochevsky, is the foreign national who allegedly bribed Joe and Hunter $5 million each in 2015-16. He has a ledger of the payments, phone calls, and recordings of those calls. If a fake Russian collusion allegation could launch a special investigation, actual evidence of corruption involving the now-president of the United States is in order...

We’ll see if that happens. It should, but we’re dealing in a world where a powerful agency within the executive is moving heaven and earth to protect the president and his allies in the Democratic Party.
12   Patrick   2023 Jun 14, 9:41pm  

Patrick says

Mykola Zlochevsky, is the foreign national who allegedly bribed Joe and Hunter $5 million each in 2015-16

It's good to have a specific name to look up.
14   Ceffer   2023 Jun 15, 1:08pm  

Patrick says

$10M Appeared in Biden’s 2017 Tax Return, Bribery Investigators Find

Bummer. I thought bribes were tax free.
16   HeadSet   2023 Jun 15, 8:23pm  

Patrick says

$10M Appeared in Biden’s 2017 Tax Return, Bribery Investigators Find

Careful. This could be put out by Biden strategists as a decoy for looking where the real bribes went. The strategists know that this $10 million is legit and easily explained. Then they can accuse of a witch-hunt.
17   Patrick   2023 Jun 15, 8:51pm  


Yesterday, Trending Politics ran an inflammatory article headlined, “JUST IN: $10M Magically Appeared In Biden’s 2017 Tax Return; House GOP Investigating.”

Deeply buried in the inner pages of a 2017 tax return for one of Joe Biden’s many shell companies, a do-nothing firm called CelticCapri Corp, was a single line item showing the unexplained receipt of $10 million dollars without any sign of where it came from. House Oversight Committee members are extremely curious about it, especially since the timing would line up with some of the “deals” Biden had apparently been cooking as VIP.

So far, that’s all the actual news. Everything else is pure speculation at this point. I’ll keep you posted. But the bigger story is shaping up nicely, with the House Oversight Committee members doing the job the FBI is incapable of doing, or the job that was successfully blocked by the criminal syndicate operating within the FBI’s ranks.
18   RayAmerica   2023 Jun 16, 7:53am  

House Oversight Chairman Says There Is Evidence Of $20-$30 MILLION Of Illegal Payments To Bidens

“I can assure you: there is more money that we’re going to be able to identify”

House Oversight Chairman James Comer revealed Thursday that he expects there is evidence of at least $20-$30 million being made in illegal payments by foreign nationals to the Biden family.

Appearing on Fox Business, Comer stated “We have more bank records coming in but we’re gonna exceed $10 million this week but I think we’ll get up to $20-$30 million.”

He further noted that it is becoming clear that the Bidens potentially engaged in bribery, influence peddling, and money laundering.

“This is going to be hard for Biden to explain, this is not going to go away, and I think eventually the mainstream media is going to start asking the real questions,” Comer added.

“They know there’s something wrong here. They know all the allegations have merit, because of where Joe Biden was, because of what we’ve seen on tape before, where Joe Biden bragged about firing that prosecutor,” he added,

“They know that this family created these shell companies. They know this family was money-laundering, they were profiting off Joe Biden’s influence,” Comer asserted, adding “The media knows that – they’re just not covering it.”

“I can assure you: there is more money that we’re going to be able to identify, that was transferred between foreign nationals in other countries and the Biden family,” Comer further emphasized, adding “I think, eventually, the mainstream media will turn on Joe Biden and start asking the real questions: ‘What did your family do to receive all this money?’”

19   HeadSet   2023 Jun 16, 8:54am  

RayAmerica says

“I think, eventually, the mainstream media will turn on Joe Biden and start asking the real questions: ‘What did your family do to receive all this money?’”

20   Patrick   2023 Jun 16, 1:01pm  

The public hasn't seen Trump's Mar-a-Lago documents but we've seen this "show" before.

All summer long the propagandists will gaslight you into thinking those documents include important state secrets.

Much later, when it no longer matters to politics, we will learn it was a big nothing.

We've seen this movie.
6:07 AM · Jun 16, 2023

And it's all a distraction from the overwhelming evidence that Hunter and Pedo Joe were being paid large bribes to betray America, over and over.
21   Ceffer   2023 Jun 16, 1:11pm  

Pundit Juan o Savin says that the New Hampshire LLC's funneled bribes broken in parcels through a variety of IP addresses to shell corporations then reassembled in the criminal accounts.

He says they will be able to reassemble the data, and it won't just lead to Ukrainian payoffs to Biden family, but also Romney family and Pelosi family, likely others. So, why do you say, they are so interested in burying Ukraine and its whistle blowers in nuclear ash? The total bribe amounts will be 50 million and above in total.
23   Patrick   2023 Jun 16, 7:59pm  


And yet, this shape-shifting fiend turns up again now in the Biden family global bribery matter, of all things. See if you can follow the convoluted tale coming out of Dybbuk Central a.k.a. Ukraine and the FBI. You may already know that in May, 2014, R. Hunter Biden, son of then-vice president Joe Biden, was appointed to the board of the Ukrainian natgas company Burisma, where he was paid $80,000-a-month for his expertise (he had none) in the global gas industry. As it happened, at exactly the same time Veep Joe Biden was appointed as then-President Barack Obama’s “point man” in Ukraine after the 2014 Maidan Coup, engineered by Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and the CIA, that ousted elected President Viktor Yanukovych.

By and by, Ukraine elected a new American-friendly president, Petro Poroshenko. Burisma was owned by an oligarch name of Mykola Zlochevsky. Apparently, the $80-K-a-month for Hunter Biden was not enough. The friendly American veep, Joe Biden, pressed Burisma’s Zlochevsky to provide $5-million payment each to Hunter and himself for additional Biden family services in Ukraine. ...

And, by the way, subsequent phone call recordings dating from December 19, 2016, are now circulating freely in the US of then-Ukraine President Poroshenko thanking then-Veep Joe Biden for getting the US DOJ off the case. As reported by Stephen McIntyre on Twitter (@ClimateAudit): Biden re-assured Poroshenko that the FBI had “stopped” and there was “no reason [for FBI] to talk to him again.” Biden undertook to “check that [with FBI] and confirm that with you.”

So fast forward to the present moment. Senator Chuck Grassley made a speech on the Senate Floor this week revealing the existence of all these tape recordings that detail $5-million plus $5-million bribes from Mr. Zlochevsky to the Biden family. Podcaster Dan Bongino has played them on his show several times this past week (episodes 2020, 2031, and 2032). Go there and listen for yourself.
24   Patrick   2023 Jun 20, 5:15pm  


Eighty-three percent of voters believe the FBI should make public its informant file that alleges President Joe Biden accepted a $5 million bribe from Ukrainian oligarch Mykola Zlochevsky, the founder of Burisma Holdings, a recent Harvard/HarrisX poll found.

The poll asked respondents, “Do you think that the FBI report from an informant alleging that Joe Biden took a $5 million bribe while he was Vice President should be made public or kept secret by the FBI?”

Overall, 83 percent said the FBI should make the file public, while only 17 percent say it should be kept secret.

Among partisans, 74 percent of Democrats, 82 percent of independents, and 92 percent of Republicans said the file should be public.

The FBI is a criminal organization which must be entirely eliminated. All of its criminal "leadership" must be jailed for participating in the suppression of justice when Democrats are involved, and wild exaggeration and selective enforcement against Republicans.

No one is safe when the FBI is openly flaunting the Constitution, the law, and basic human rights. Even most Democrats recognize this now.
26   Patrick   2023 Jun 21, 9:46am  


TAIPEI — Secretary of State Antony Blinken sparked controversy this weekend by voicing opposition to Taiwan independence. In response, Taiwan is kicking itself for not bribing the Bidens as was done by Ukraine and others.

By clarifying its stance on Taiwan, the Biden Administration has drawn a hard line against China, forcing the Communist country to keep doing whatever it wants to do without any repercussions.

"With a going rate of $5 million per Biden, it would have been a steal," said Taiwan's Foreign Minister while downing another shot of Kaoliang. "I'm soooo stupid!"

The inebriated diplomat continued, "I even called Hunter Biden today and offered incredible sums of money for protection, but the only response I got was a loud snorting noise and some ramblings about getting off with a misdemeanor."

At publishing time, the U.S. had finally come to the aid of Taiwan's fight for independence with a check for $60 billion after Taiwan elected Volodymyr Zelenskyy honorary President.
27   RWSGFY   2023 Jun 21, 10:25am  

They need to wait until Chyna gets froggy and attacks them and her foreign assets are confiscated in response. Then they will get their billions to play with and to kick some Commie ass.

Patience, grasshoppers!
31   RWSGFY   2023 Jun 27, 8:58am  

In case you wondered what Pukin bought with that Burisma bribe - protection:

34   Karloff   2023 Jun 28, 10:40am  

Patrick says

You could carve this in stone, because it will always be accurate, it will never change.
35   RWSGFY   2023 Jun 29, 3:54pm  

The Big Guy is definitely on Pukin's payroll:

President Biden and his team stayed in contact with foreign leaders. White House and State Department officials spoke to the other major democracies, known as the Group of Seven; they added India and Australia as members of the “Quad.” They consulted with NATO and the European Union.
The message in all these calls, I’m told, was “cool it.” Don’t make the crisis in Russia more dangerous by seeking to intervene or profit from the disarray. This message was focused especially on Ukraine; U.S. officials stressed their desire that Kyiv not seem to take advantage of the strife in Russia in ways that might spiral into an even more dangerous moment. The Ukrainians, from what we can see, followed that advice.


Was it delivered through that Burisma deal or via that $3M "RE investment" from Baturina, or through "art sales" or maybe some other way is anybody's guess. But it explains the above described protective behavior towards Pukin's regime, the "too little too late" approach to arms deliveries, erecting unexplainable barriers when some other country wants to deliver arms (like that 1 year delay in Poland's delivery of their MIG fighters which had no other reason except Biden blocking it), etc.
38   Patrick   2023 Aug 1, 12:28pm  


🔥 Biden confidante Devon Archer testified in a close-door hearing in the Biden Bribery investigation yesterday. As we work through this convoluted story, and what it means, remember that the democrats (plus Mitt Romney) impeached Trump for just asking Zelensky to investigate Joe Biden’s involvement in Ukraine. So, they set the standard. The Republicans now have vastly more grounds to bring impeachment.

First, who is Devon Archer? Like all the star-crossed gentlemen found haplessly hurtling in the Biden orbit, Devon Archer is, shall we say, an interesting character. Archer, 58, has been variously described as Hunter’s best friend, business partner, and consigliere. He offers impeccable beltway blue-blood bona fides; Archer attended a prestigious prep school, got his B.A. at Columbia, and holds a law degree from Harvard.

More significantly, after corrupt Ukrainian natural gas firm Burisma Holding’s board opened up to other influence seekers, I mean experts in the European energy sector, Archer joined that energy company’s board of directors along with Hunter, presumably accruing a vast unearned salary as well.

Hunter, Archer, and John Kerry’s stepson, Christopher Heinz co-founded dodgy “investment firm” Rosemont Seneca.

The relationship may have soured when in 2018, Archer was convicted by a federal jury for a fraudulent scheme to use “tribal bonds” to defraud the Oglala Sioux Tribe and its investors. However, in 2019, U.S. District Judge Ronnie Abrams overturned his conviction after ruling that the evidence the jury used was insufficient to support the charges. The case against Archer was conveniently dismissed, and he was temporarily acquitted of all charges.

Rumors suggest Archer blames the Bidens for the prosecution, or for not protecting him from being prosecuted.

(Incidentally, Judge Abrams, a Yale graduate and Obama appointee, has been in the news twice recently. First, when Trump’s New York criminal case had a brief federal moment, there was a short-lived controversy over whether the judge should recuse herself, since she’s married to Greg Andres, who worked on Mueller’s Russiagate investigation. In the second high-profile story, Judge Abrams recently recused herself from Sam Bankman-Fried’s case, since her hubby Greg also worked as a lawyer for FTX. It’s a small club.)

In 2020, after Judge Abrams abruptly overruled the jury and sprung Archer, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals reversed Judge Abrams, and reinstated Archer’s conviction. Not so fast, Devon. Since 2020, Archer has been fending off the sentence through a series of appeals, with the most recent rejected by the Second Circuit earlier this year. Archer’s lawyer promised a further appeal is in the works.

Last Friday — just one business day before his scheduled Congressional testimony — the Department of Justice sent Archer a highly unusual letter inquiring when he plans to report for prison.

Or, maybe Joe Biden was just reminding Archer that his drawn-out criminal case could wind up going the good way or the bad way. You never know. Something to think about. In any case, Republicans immediately identified the letter as Biden Administration intimidation trying to frustrate Devon’s testimony.

But despite the DOJ’s threatening letter, Archer testified yesterday. According to a written summary released by House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, Archer carefully testified that:

— Hunter Biden put Joe Biden on the speakerphone nearly 20 times, while speaking with various sketchy “business associates,” to prove that Hunter had immediate access to his dad whenever necessary.

— “Burisma would have gone out of business sooner if the Biden brand had not been invoked. People would be intimidated to legally mess with Burisma because of the Biden family brand.”

— Joe Biden joined in on various phone conversations with Burisma managers to “sell the brand.”

— Hunter said Che Feng, a PLA-connected Chinese tycoon who helped them secure a multi-million-dollar venture in the communist state, loved Hunter for his "last name" and for “always traveling with handsome godlike Aryan men.”

— Joe Biden attended other business meetings with Hunter in person—in Beijing and in Washington, D.C.—with shady Chinese and Russian businessmen.

— Burisma pressured Hunter to “get help from D.C.” dealing with Ukrainian corruption prosecutor Viktor Shokin.

As you probably know, Joe Biden has publicly bragged about getting Mr. Shokin fired—based on never-charged claims that the prosecutor investigating corruption was himself corrupt. Joe began lobbying for Shokin’s removal five days after the phone call referenced above.

Democrats do not agree Archer’s testimony proves anything. They pounced on the fact that Archer told the Committee that the Bidens never discussed business on those calls. But this is a retreating position. Before Archer testified, democrats argued the calls never happened. But now, they are forced to admit the calls did happen, but have to argue about the calls’ substance. (Don’t hold your breath waiting for them to apologize for claiming the calls never happened in the first place.)

Conservative commentators, even restrained ones like George Washington University Law School professor Jonathan Turley, are convinced Archer’s testimony, as noncommittal as it was, substantially moved the investigation forward. In an interview with Neil Cavuto on Fox last night, Turley explained the testimony proved Biden was involved with “almost two dozen calls with these corrupt business figures from Ukraine, Russia, and China … the question is what did they get for their money? We have to find the answers… This is shaping up to be one of the greatest corruption scandals in the history of Washington — and that is saying a lot. ”

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