Ways to Resist

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Let’s brainstorm together:

masking. It’s such a small thing, I’m told. Do it out of respect for the workers, I’m told. And it’s just a mask. But then a patient in Canada struggling for breath is ‘killed on camera’, and the judge doesn’t see the harm or wrong. But if no one wears them? This one is easy to do en masse.

I was at church and a woman came to ask me about my crutches. I started to answer. Then she said You have to wear a mask in here. My response was to laugh a loud tinkling. She wasn’t interested in my mobility at all. I was with my 4 children. I said, oh, we don’t do that. And laughed again as if to thank her for the amusement. At the time I was in the 10- 15% that didn’t. But I sung and smiled. It is now 10% if that, who wear their masks.

Masking at health care: so far they just refuse to treat you. So in the waiting room I pop it low, or take it off and mind my own business

Refusing to provide health information, or blip status; I’ll show me mine if you show me yours.

But if you are pressed by a health care worker; follow up with a request that he or she, will put in writing his recommendation on taking the vaccine, and ask for any informed consent qualifications he or she may have, regarding side effects. Tell him its common knowledge that the manufacturer was granted immunity from liability and that doesn’t meet the sniff test, so you need your doctor to give you informed consent and stand by it. Tell him you want to get this in writing and to discuss with your loved ones; on effectiveness, safety.

Who has additional ideas on Non-Obedience?

Clearly using your political sway in your circles to influence opinion is important. Raise any vaccine requirements, raise any masking requirements. Start talking C40 (15 minute cities); educate people about CBDC and digital id:

USE CASH NOW INSTEAD of your visa/ interac ALL THE TIME.

take the APPs OFF YOUR PHONE. They have inordinate amount of data they collect: location, microphone, contacts etc. Get down to the bare bones.

Don’t take your phone around you. don’t check it all the time. Keep in in a Faraday bag when you aren’t using it.

Hide the camera on your computer or phone when using. Go back to a 4G phone. Can you get a land line? Make sure you have an analog phone that works in black outs;

De digitize your house: I bought a carpet sweeper and stopped using my digitally intrusive Rumba. Think old style egg beater, wind up clocks.

Garden; I replaced the bulbs in my under cabinet lights and have seedlings started right on my counter.

Are you good with animals? I have a friend raising chickens. screw the by-laws. I have a friend raising quail - not caught by the by law; I have a friend who’s son raises rabbits.

Use your purchasing power: Fedex supports C40 cities, so while you need a permit to move around Fedex and Uber will have free reign. Know the Blackrock Vanguard companies and shun them.

Making fun of our leaders; sharing memes; satires; laughing at man boobs and Mr. Evil himself;

Question the official narrative, all the time on social media, like twitter and on linkedin;

In Canada I’ve been de-platformed on Linkedin AGAIN. Try saying the opposite of what you mean in a very obsequious manner. Or make it dumb enough that readers come to their own conclusion. “I cannot believe people think that Tiffany Dover died live on air from the vaccine. So what if absolutely no one has sighted her for 2 plus years. Its’ been FACT CHECKED. Come on people. Fact checkers are unbiased, site the sources, have phDs and are completely transparent! Or why would pfizer create a product that hurts people. It’s not like they are making money and negotiated a complete limitation from liability.”

Dump facebook Mehta fast. If you aren’t on there, they can’t sell advertising revenue. As my good friend Karen says: STARVETHEBEAST;

can you work with a medical professional that helps gets you off your medication- can you improve you health with diet and exercise; Pharma makes money off the whole system;

Start on your strength cardio and flexibility program today: wall push ups if that’s all you can handle; walking; your health is ‘their commodity’ to them; but the temple that you hold your life in. It isn’t their money making thing.

practice mental strength, visualize our success, practice HOPE as a virtue daily;

have as a goal to wake one person a week; (if millions have that goal a 10% success rate is phenomenal);

If you can’t: Use the stickers: STOPTHESHOTS.CA print and put everywhere; remember the 4 fold return on investment: it may save a life; it will tell the sheep where the center of the pack is; it will inspire other’s to do the same; AND it will be seen by other freedom fighters, some who may feel dejected. They see that sticker shopping, in a change room, on a gas pump WOWZERS!! I’m not alone!!

look to support a freedom fighter who is down; support a substack writer you like with a paid subscription;

get rid of the tech subscriptions like Netflix and Disney. Their agenda with children can’t be rewarded. Will you miss it?

Wean yourself off amazon. Its the product delivery system for a future where you need to be at home.

In our school system ESG/critical race has been branded ‘anti-bullying’ and is taught by a public health nurse (no really). Keep the kids home that day. Read their books (they’re shite. complete shite. One daughter brought home a book where the story was meeting a strange man she met online and not telling her parents. !!! the other daughter brought home a book where cannibals ’ ’ moved to town and convinced people to cut off body parts and sell them to feed the NICE cannibals.’ I had the books removed from our school library. Next I’m asking where are the classics);

Dump your apple watch and fit bits. leave a final fitbit post to any ‘friends’ telling them to dump the technology. Its the body monitoring and collection and teaches AI to pull data regarding human reactions. You don’t need a life of THAT much convenience.

Put signs up and distribute flyers from THEWORLDRESPONDS.COM VERY IMPORTANT;

put stickers everywhere of STOPTHESHOTS.CA: especially gas pumps and stores. (oops but worth repeating)

Bring your police officers your baking, hot coffee and start having a relationship with law enforcement. Leave thank-you notes saying you appreciate their work; that they honour their oath to the constitution; that they keep your community safe from crime and not safe from a ‘virus’, or from non-compliance;

Run for office. Infiltrate any party. It doesn’t matter which party; that’s what ‘WEF’ do. Run for school trustee (most important if you are a parent); council member, go to meetings, you have ‘cameras’ like I do, raise awareness;

Call talk radio and give your opinions, go ‘off-topic’ and mention CBDC;;

teach your neighbours to garden, share seeds, plant more seedlings than you need and gift them, make sure to save seeds at the end of the season;

If you have the power: start an alternative bank to help out the politically de-banked. This is happening in Canada;

Retirees need to use their long years of relationships and lean in on them; educate their fellow retirees, educate their mentees; roll up their sleeves donating time to distribute flyers or stickers.

What else is in your power: are you a civil servant, can you shift perspectives ‘within’; do you work for the beast, how can you ‘lose your homework’ lots of ideas here;

Install a wood stove;

plant fruit trees along public trails. Can you start some inside with your kids and take them to the local parks? maybe just bring your apple cores, peach stones and dump them as you hike. The future generations may need this; got some moldy berries, bring them to the urban trails and dump them;

use your property for edible perennials; have grass? replace with lemon balm, berry plants, mints. Did you know (of course you didn’t) my kale comes back year after year, rhubarb, split each spring and spread,

Gift what people need; its back to socks. Assume people may be struggling. Buy bulk with a friend; Use hankies. What? ;

Can you get off-grid within the city? Tell us how you did it.

Start a channel on Rumble: on cooking, on gardening, on art. Bring the content from youtube to Ruble or other off youtube channels.

Don’t use ubereats. Go get your food. It helps our the restaurant. Eat at the restaurant it supports a family. Pay cash at mom and pas shops; maybe use a visa at the beast if you have to shop there;

get rid of Mastercard - they are doing carbon tracking;

When you tip; leave a real tip with the money; write ‘STOPTHESHOTS.CA’ OR ‘THEWORLDRESPONDS.COM’;

LEAVE your Epoch Times at dentist offices, barbers, etc. Leave your pamphlets there.

HONK, wave, bring them coffee, when you see protestors;

If you are VERY GOOD LOOKING; go join the protestors, do videos;

If you are not VERY GOOD LOOKING do the same;

Don’t go to establishments who ‘make you mask’ BUT make sure to tell them you are leaving their business because of their policy; I did this with our vet;

Go into the school library as a volunteer and start making lists of books that shouldn’t be there and ask the classics be returned;

there’s sites for the unjabbed looking for work; are you hiring; post there; look there;

Can you be a whistleblower;

Can you challenge your work-place’s policies;

Can you share these posts to the sheep; increasingly I’m astounded at the proportion of strangers now awake;

Encourage people to communicate with you on Telegram; then add them to a nice little information channel;

Can you start voicing support for the freedom convoy or challenging the online bullies;

Can you support a farmer at a farmer’s market;

Can you ask you MPs to cross the floor;

we have to remind people of our humanity; show strength in numbers when we march; but also this: show HOPE LOVE JOY PEACE; be the side publicly that people want to join. It’s such a fine line to tread isn’t it. To have dark topics to discuss but display hope?

I’m looking for more ideas; got any I’ve missed?

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1   Patrick   2023 Jan 31, 10:34am  

Patrick says

follow up with a request that he or she, will put in writing his recommendation on taking the vaccine

Try asking them to write down an acceptance of liability for disease or death caused by the vaxx.
3   porkchopXpress   2023 Jan 31, 10:38am  

Some of these I totally agree with, but I'm not going to live technologically in the 80s. I understand the risks and mitigate them as best I can, but it's always a trade-off between privacy and living life comfortably.
4   mell   2023 Jan 31, 10:40am  

porkchopexpress says

Some of these I totally agree with, but I'm not going to live technologically in the 80s. I understand the risks and mitigate them as best I can, but it's always a trade-off between privacy and living life comfortably.

Agreed. Also we need to find ways to use the technology to our advantage instead of ditching it entirely, such as a decentralized internet etc. It's here to stay, one way or another
5   Patrick   2023 Jan 31, 10:43am  

A fun comment from that site:

Messing with their census data.

I identify as a

Hispanic, Black, Asian, Native American.

I prefer not to tell you my gender.

My income is in the millions

I have a masters and every other degree available.

What’s my highest level of education?

Off the charts.

Any question, gets BS.

I lie on all those forms now.

F em.

I’m a human.

Not a box to tick off for their Over Lords.
6   Patrick   2023 Jan 31, 10:44am  

mell says

Also we need to find ways to use the technology to our advantage

One way: websites to review all government actions and meetings with wide open public comments allowed.
7   mell   2023 Jan 31, 10:49am  

Also choose your doctor(s) wisely. They have chronic shortages so they don't care much about your business, but still good to associate with MDs that are not govt tyrant covidiots and give them your business. Our pediatrician never recommended covid shots for kids, and we have never been pressured into taking any jabs we didn't want.
8   komputodo   2023 Jan 31, 8:58pm  

porkchopexpress says

living life comfortably.

yes, living life comfortably should always be everyone's #1 priority. Really, who needs privacy?
9   Ceffer   2023 Feb 1, 7:54am  

With your doctor, act as if he is a kidnaper who has taken you hostage for ransom. Force him to acknowledge and identify with your humanity by using the same tactics they recommend for kidnap victims. Once that wall is breached, it is harder for him/her to fuck you over for concentration camp orders or money, unless they are a complete psychopath, in which case you want to run from them anyway.
10   stereotomy   2023 Feb 1, 8:16am  

Go to the doctor, and just say "NO" to any bullshit they try to pull, like getting you to answer mental health survey questions, or submit to completely invasive diagnostic procedures where non-invasive procedures are perfectly fine in the absence of overt symptoms. If they insist, walk out and find another meat mechanic.
11   Ceffer   2023 Feb 1, 8:42am  

Also, remember that in the intelligence state, nothing is private that makes its way into a computer. Be clear that you know what is being put into the Master Control AI about you. It is common for doctors to make derogatory comments about patients as form of anticipatory defense.
12   Patrick   2023 Feb 1, 10:28am  


Part I: The Problem
Chapter 1: The Real Big Lie
In late December 2022, Tucker Carlson reported on the partial release of documents relating to the murder of President John F Kennedy. Or, more to the point, he reported on the failure to disclose all the documents, despite being legally mandated to do so. Speaking to an anonymous insider, Carlson reported that the agent had said, quote, “It’s a whole different country from what we thought it was. It’s all fake.”

The report came amid the release of the Twitter files, in which it was disclosed, among other things, that the FBI covered up the Hunter Biden laptop story to aid the Democratic Party in beating Donald Trump to the Presidency.

If politicians are at the mercy of superior forces in America, the situation is no better in the UK. British Prime Minister Liz Truss was decapitated as leader of the Conservative Party just days into her tenure, not by intelligence agents this time, but by the markets, which balked at her Thatcherite plans for fiscal responsibility.

It’s becoming increasingly clear to citizens across the west that democracy itself is a lie. Not only do we not have free hand to pick our leaders, those who do claim office have no real power to change the lives of citizens for the better.

Chapter 2: There’s Nobody at the Wheel
If we can’t rely on politicians to run our society, can we turn to the money men?

Central banks, once believed to have all the levers of the economy at their fingertips, are discovering that, thanks to a global economy built on the Eurodollar, those levers have become detached. The economic machine is now a juggernaut running at full steam, but with no one at the wheel able to direct it, there’s no telling when or how it may crash, taking us all out with it.

Chapter 3: How about the scientists?
Covid, and the failure of the vaccines, revealed to many the hubris within the world of science — and the corrupting effect money has had on the medical industry at large. Thanks to scientists, we now live in a world in which a pandemic was caused entirely by humans, and the cure turned out to be worse than the disease, killing millions worldwide.

Chapter 4: The Rise of the Machines
Nonetheless, digital subterfuge is still much more widespread than most people realise. Increasingly, human interactions are being replaced with ‘smart’ interactions. Whether it’s the use of chat bots to answer text-based customer queries, or the development of AI to mimic human phone receptionists, we’re moving toward a world in which none of our interactions with other humans are legitimate. This trend will hyperdrive the atomisation of society that has already taken place in the last few decades, but it also has profound implications for global economies, as workers become financially obsolete.

Chapter 5: Wanton Decadence: The Liberal Religion
All of the above (and more) has created a meaning crisis. Liberalism’s answer has been to fetishise individualisation with religious fervour: as of January 1, California is a sanctuary state for children who want to ‘transition’ to the opposite sex.

Those who don’t prostrate themselves at the feet of Moloch by mutilating children have other ways of participating in the new liberal religion, environmentalism being foremost among them.

The result is a fundamental unseriousness, and therefore refusal to get to grips with the very real problems we face. The outcome can only be disaster.

Part II: The Solution
Chapter 6: Humanity has been here before
A look at previous societies who apparently abandoned civilisation and ‘walked away’.

For example, the City of Cahokia, a thriving metropolis inhabited by native Americans, was abandoned in the 1400s. It appears that the residents may simply have decided to go back to a more simple way of life.

Chapter 7: The Benedict Option
In the early 500s, St Benedict founded 12 monasteries in the hills to the east of Rome. They were intended as a sanctuary from a world that had descended into chaos as Rome fell, with the monks as conservators of civilised thought. Benedictine orders preserved classical knowledge through the ages until it came to the fore again during the renaissance, some 1000 years later.

In 2017, Rod Dreher wrote The Benedict Option: A Strategy for Christians in a Post-Christian Nation, which made the case for modern Christians to form communities and steward Christian morals in a godless age.

But framing this as a Christian solution is too narrow a view. What we need is a Benedict Option for Western civilisation at large, and the body of knowledge contained within it, from Adam Smith’s economic insights on the free market, to folk arts and crafts, to the scientific method.

Chapter 8: Closed Communities & Parallel Polis
Benedict’s monks largely took themselves away from the world at large, living within the walls of the monastery. But while this sort of closed community may work for some, it won’t work for everyone.

Drawing on the work of Vaclav Benda and Vaclav Havel, I take a look at the Czech dissidents’ idea of a parallel polis - a parallel ‘free’ city that exists within the same geographic space as society at large, and how it could work for modern dissidents from the technocratic age.

Chapter 9: Rescuing Gepetto
I make the case that we as individuals need to dive deep into our culture, and bring to the fore the forgotten wisdoms of our fathers, committing to preserving knowledge in whatever way we can. For some, that will be by practising agriculture as it has been for thousands of years. For others, it will be mastering a folk craft and apprenticing young people. Others still may prefer to collect intellectual information such as literature and essays, and share it with others.

Chapter 10: The Case for Radical Localism
Radical localism is a rejection of high-level governance, and a return to life within local communities, the leaders of which are directly accountable to people who know them and whom they live amongst. It is more of a long-term solution to our society’s malaise, but we need to start building the foundations now.

Post-script: Life in the Midst of a Meaning Crisis
An investigation into the unbearable condition millions of supposedly affluent people find themselves living in. We are material goods rich, spiritual goods poor.

Drawing on the work of Daniel Quinn, I make the case that we need to reassess our value of wealth, recalibrating it from ‘money’ to ‘human interaction’ (see my essay ‘This is How We Beat the Globalists’), as the basis for our new localist world.
14   Patrick   2023 Feb 1, 10:40pm  


Here's a great example of why conservative capture of local institutions is absolutely critical
17   Patrick   2023 Feb 7, 7:48pm  

People did resist in lots of covert ways:


I will illustrate Speakeasy World through anecdotes. The following reports from Speakeasy World are a collection of things that happened to me personally, reports from friends, stories I heard from people in my network, articles I have read, and other sources. Unless I link to the source, I have intentionally avoided attributing any of the stories to a particular source. My aim is to provide a window into the day-to-day realities of the underground culture of resistance without saying too much.

Dentists offices were ordered closed other than for emergency care. Yet dentists did continue to clean teeth and offer routine care. In some cases the dentists provided “emergency teeth cleaning.”
Massage therapists saw clients.
Haircuts were available.
Doctors and other types of medical offices provided normal (non-emergency) care.
Many types of businesses and offices did not wear or require their customers or employees to wear masks.
Restaurants were open for sit-down service when indoor dining was closed. This was more common the further away from population centers, but did happen in cities. In some towns, entry was through the back door and then only if they recognized the patron.
Gyms and yoga studios stayed open during official closures. Often without masks. Some put up blackout curtains, painted the windows or used other camouflage to appear closed.
NPR reported in a story titled Secret Gyms And The Economics Of Prohibition that a gym in downtown San Francisco was open speakeasy-style.
Personal trainers trained clients in their private gyms or had access to the otherwise-closed gyms.
Wealthy people hosted events at their homes or in other locations away from populated areas, some with over one hundred guests.
Other churches stayed open without attracting the eye of Sauron.
California Governor Newsom ordered that Thanksgiving dinners were to be limited to members of two families. This order was clearly designed to maximize the unhappiness of host families who wanted to invite relatives of both spouses or multiple sets of nieces and nephews. Adherents to the New Normal who felt obliged to follow the order were deeply pained by this. In Speakeasy World, families had guests from any number of households for Thanksgiving.
The FDA tweeted that only horses should get treated for covid. Yet ivermectin and the other demonized drug (hydroxychloroquine) were readily available through telemedicine or by mail order.
People who were not able to obtain ivermectin through normal channels purchased the veterinary version and calculated or looked up the human dose size.
Hospitals moved heaven and earth to prevent dying patients from receiving those drugs. Yet friends and family smuggled these drugs into hospitals and provided them covertly to family members.
California public health officials churned out ever more mind-boggling rules for how people were allowed to associate, creating a blizzard of nonsensical concepts such as pandemic pods and social bubbles. Who were they trying to reach with this message? Did anyone pay attention? In Speakeasy World, people gathered with any number of friends and family whenever they wanted to.
There was a black market for fake vaccine cards. But even without a counterfeit, any vaccine card would do. Borrowing a card from a friend or roommate often worked because cafes and restaurants did not check that the name on a vaccine card matched the name of the person who presented it. Vaccine cards were hand-written by rushed pharmacists in often illegible handwriting, which would have defeated attempts to check the name. Or if the patron told the establishment that they had left their card at home, the person was often accepted without a card.
Outdoor masks were mandated for a time in many parts of California. In my opinion this was done to keep the sense of panic alive when hospitalizations fell to normal levels. There were a handful of online news pieces from multiple counties stating that violators would be fined. There were no follow-up stories about anyone ever getting fined and I am fairly confident that no one ever was fined. Many people could be seen walking around maskless in California cities.
I read multiple stories about how large-scale mobility trends could be observed from cell phone data. The CDC tracked cell phone data to determine who was naughty and who was nice. After a brief drop in car traffic, it bounced back. The San Francisco area is notorious for bad traffic. In my judgment, San Francisco Bay Area traffic was almost as bad as ever during the lockdown. I am curious where all of those people were driving.
The State of California tacitly acknowledged that many people were moving around in their cars through their targeted purchases of digital ads that ran on highway signage. It was hardly possible to drive more than a few miles on a CA route without seeing at least one warning telling you that you should not be driving. One of my favorite moments of absurdity was sitting in a traffic jam, reading: “Stay at Home: Save Lives.”
18   AmericanKulak   2023 Feb 8, 3:36am  

Patrick says


Here's a great example of why conservative capture of local institutions is absolutely critical

Brevard absolutely crushed it. This is a +19 Republican County with a ton of Aerospace Engineers, Air Force People, etc. and yet the School Board was trying to sneak in Queer and Transgender and Sexualization of Kids Books. Moms for Liberty really cleaned it the hell up and did it within months. Still some deadenders that squeaked by.

What's funny about the "DAH EBIL CONSERVATIVES WANNA BAN BOOKS" whinging is that FL School Board Leftoids did win a victory a few months ago about imposing rules about angry invective and obsenity.

The obsenity one is what they use to shut up parents who read or show books in the school library/curriculum full of GRAPHIC depictions of sex acts, including "non-binary" oral sex, available to kids in Elementary School.

The irony is the ones yelling "It's like Hitler's Book Burnings" turn right around and use bullshit "obsenity" rules imposed by School Boards to silence parents from spreading what is actually in those books

The better news is that DeSantis took away School Board's mask mandate ability and victories were sweeping.

And yes, even in mostly Red Florida Counties, the odd Leftoid School Board official keep trying to COVID scare with "OMG 200 positive tests out of the tens of thousands of students, we should think about going back to virtual!"

Like Transgender, a lot of this is about money for Grifting Leftoids in the form of "Social-Emotional Learning Teacher Training Seminars and CE Credits" as well as getting copies of shitlib books sold to the many thousands of school libraries statewide, and being Hoes Mad that their grift is being stopped.
21   BayArea   2023 Feb 24, 10:00pm  

Patrick says

This is great.

One area where I need to do better is to put the damn phone away when I’m in the presence of my wife and kids.
22   Patrick   2023 Feb 24, 10:05pm  

Yes, human always trumps virtual.

This should be a fundamental law. If I'm talking to someone and the phone rings, I always ignore the phone in favor of the real human in front of me.
23   Patrick   2023 Feb 24, 10:47pm  

Booger says


An activist shareholder is seeking to have climate change activist Al Gore removed from his long-standing position on Apple Inc.'s board of directors.

Corporate ethics watchdog National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) filed an exempt solicitation with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Wednesday that urged fellow Apple shareholders to vote against Gore as a director nominee at the tech giant's annual meeting, which is slated for March 10, arguing that the former U.S. vice president is not qualified for the role and that "his political activism poses to Apple a reputational risk that is not worth his limited skill set."

Lol, would be great if Al gets canned as he should be.
24   AmericanKulak   2023 Feb 24, 10:49pm  

Very important if any of you have kids, grandkids, nephews.

Watch classic based movies like the first 3 Indiana Jones, the original Star Wars, the 90s Lion King, even the Maltese Falcon if they're old enough.

The programming today for kids is so feminized and "emotional/theraputic". Fortunately, most of the young ones are watching indy content creators and not the cartoons on TV, but the movies are full of BS.
25   Patrick   2023 Feb 24, 10:53pm  

And keep a copy of those old movies in case they poison them with wokeness like they are doing right now to Roald Dahl books.

In fact, buying up original Roald Dalh books might be a good investment.
26   HeadSet   2023 Feb 25, 9:13am  

Patrick says

In fact, buying up original Roald Dalh books might be a good investment.

Nice scam by Penguin Books. First, create new sales by putting out sanitized copies for wokies to buy. Next, advertise a set of unmodified books for the non-woke to buy. Viola - big increase in book sales.
27   Patrick   2023 Feb 25, 3:54pm  

But do they still sell the unmodified books at all?
28   HeadSet   2023 Feb 25, 5:43pm  

Patrick says

But do they still sell the unmodified books at all?

You betcha:

“Puffin announces today the release of The Roald Dahl Classic Collection, to keep the author’s classic texts in print,” the publisher said in a news release. “These seventeen titles will be published under the Penguin logo, as individual titles in paperback, and will be available later this year. The books will include archive material relevant to each of the stories.”

30   Patrick   2023 Mar 3, 10:37am  

Patrick says

And keep a copy of those old movies in case they poison them with wokeness like they are doing right now to Roald Dahl books.

31   mell   2023 Mar 3, 10:41am  

Changing history (books, movies) is a power trip for these degenerate freaks
35   Patrick   2023 Mar 9, 8:36pm  

Patrick says


Scholastic has been busy woke-censoring R.L. Stine's "Goosebumps" series for years. Stine says he never authorized the changes.
36   Patrick   2023 Mar 10, 6:52am  


Ha! I'm at about 10 years of zero updates on my iPhone, and very happy with that. If only I could figure out how to get it to stop nagging.
37   Patrick   2023 Mar 12, 3:21pm  


Absolute legend of a dad shows up at a school board meeting dressed as Julius Caesar to protest a cross-dressing elementary teacher

... "Your duty is to act in the best interest of children. It is to teach truth, not lies. Facts, not fiction. Biology, not a social agenda." Guglielmo told the school board. "As taxpayers, we deserve to have our children taught what we pay for, and it's not a social agenda, whether it be right or left."
39   Patrick   2023 Mar 22, 8:35pm  


Ban the Jab Resolution
March 21, 2023 • by Republican Party of Lee County
Whereas strong and credible evidence exists that Covid 19 and Covid 19 injections are biological and technological weapons, 1

Whereas Pfizer’s clinical data revealed 1223 deaths, 42,000 adverse cases, 158,000 adverse incidents, and approximately 1,000 side effects, 2

Whereas an enormous number of humans have died and or have been permanently disabled, 3

Whereas strong and credible evidence exists that Covid mRNA shots alter human DNA, 4

Whereas government agencies, media and tech companies, and other corporations, have committed enormous fraud by claiming Covid injections are safe and effective, 5

Whereas a statewide grand jury is investigating Covid vaccine crimes, 6

Whereas continued experimentation on humans and denial of informed consent are violations of the Nuremberg Code and therefore constitute crimes against humanity, 7

Be it Further Resolved:

On behalf of the preservation of the human race, the Lee County Republican Party calls upon Governor DeSantis and the state legislature to prohibit the sale and distribution of Covid injections and all mRNA injections in the state of Florida, and for the state Attorney General to immediately seize all Covid injections and mRNA injections in the state of Florida and have a forensic analysis conducted. 8

Numbered Paragraphs and Small Sample of Supporting Data.

1 – According to Dr. Francis Boyle, author of the 1989 Bioweapons and Antiterrorism Act, whom I have spoken with, this paper incriminates Fauci and many others for creating C19, an offensive bioweapon http://ww.jar2.com/Files/MILITARY/US_BIOLOGICAL/nm.3985.pdf

Video of Semi Synthetic Blood Clots from Shots found by embalmers


Interview of Attorney Thomas Renz affirming that he has whistle blowers with information that DOD and Intelligence Community Involved in C19 and C19 Shots

https://www.infowars.com/posts/breaking-deep-state-planning-new-bioweapon-release-ahead-of- next-who- treaty/?fbclid=IwAR3XRED4zu0e2CeSz1aAaRzzNZvGp5Jw86uMzvqn_q1240Mo3yIcTb265C o

Dr. Ana Mihalcea writing about nanotechnology and apparent self assembling technology


F.S. 790.166 Definition of Biological Weapon

https://m.flsenate.gov/Statutes/790.166 EU2Sg-25XFH_l6a8GRxZeQ

2 -Pfizer Clinical Trial Data Post Marketing Survey


3 -VAERS and VSAFE Data


https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/cdcs-covid-19-vaccine-v-safe-data-released- pursuant-to-court-order-301639584.html

4 -Swedish study asserting Covid shots alter DNA

https://www.mdpi.com/1467- 3045/44/3/73/htm?s=09&fbclid=IwAR3MHm_RVRc9qxfoObdk1lkr2vmaHKj32Ojf8WiLEyhlI LtVkoOCEwf3KEc

5 -Intercept Article documenting collusion and payments between government and big tech and big media to promote shots and censor information about potential harms https://theintercept.com/2022/10/31/social-media-disinformation-dhs/

6 – Governor DeSantis’s petition for a Statewide Grand investigating Covid Vaccine Crimes


7 Nuremberg Tribunals Conducted After World War II led to prosecutions and executions of doctors and others for crimes against humanity. Nuremberg Code:

https://research.unc.edu/human-research- ethics/resources/ccm3_019064/#:~:text=The%20Nuremberg%20Military%20Tribunal’s%20deci sion,medical%20experimentation%20on%20human%20subjects.

Global Covid Summit. 17,000 of world’s leading physicians and scinetists declare C19 injections a violation of the Nuremberg Code.


8 Attorney General May Seize Biological Weapons

https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/175#:~:text=Whoever%20knowingly%20possesses %20any%20biological,than%2010%20years%2C%20or%20both.


Joseph Sansone, M.S.,PhD


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