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What else?

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1   Ceffer   2022 Oct 1, 2:19pm  

A serious, painful bloodletting of the intra species predators and elimination of their more toxic bloodlines wouldn't hurt. We kill them before they kill us with their centralized superpowers.

Right now they believe it is time to harvest the accumulated wealth of the middle classes by murdering them again en masse to balance their books, as they have done in the punctuated, manufactured crises of the past. Let's disappoint them this time and turn the tables.
2   Tenpoundbass   2022 Oct 2, 1:59pm  

You can only inform those looking for advisement.

You would be amazed at what great lengths people will go to defend their Cable news narrative.
It's more like, in order for them to understand you are right, and they are wrong, would mean they have been paying a $200 month cable bill to be lied to.
That's the hard pill they don't want to swallow.

Cord cutters are the most incline to see things the way they really are. Well except for those that dropped cable because they knew they could get CNN+ over the internet.
4   Patrick   2022 Oct 4, 3:03pm  

He was probably killed, but still.
5   Ceffer   2022 Oct 4, 4:34pm  

Patrick says

He was probably killed, but still.

He's probably the autist who doesn't quite understand what is going on or what is required.
6   FortwayeAsFuckJoeBiden   2022 Oct 4, 4:36pm  

start your own business, don’t rely on big tech… or old school way of putting it… don’t build a sandcastle in someone elses sandbox
7   Patrick   2022 Oct 4, 7:57pm  


The virus is fear. A multiprong therapy is necessary. Use: Media, alternative and otherwise; Real Science, some of which is suppressed; Political Pressure applied in elections and by protest; Legal Action to protect peoples civil right to bodily autonomy.

Today it feels like an underground and above ground resistance to the Covid response is everywhere. Our calls in the last two weeks include: Parents from many school districts; Nurses from many hospitals exploring their legal rights and asking for help with exemptions; Doctors letting us know that they will treat patients with proven therapies such as Ivermectin, Hydroxychoroquine, Vitamins C and D, Quercetin, and Zinc; City employees, particularly firefighters and police; Federal employees and contractors; And, finally, a couple of pharma executives.
10   AmericanKulak   2022 Oct 7, 9:16pm  

Cultural Issues are an important part of the Globaloney Agenda, they aren't distractions.

Abortion, spreading STDs and lowering the birthrate with LGTBQ+ Propaganda, Sympathy for Criminals and Throwing the Book at Citizens who refuse victimhood, Gender Bending the Youth, etc. all have a purpose in destroying the Family, a cornerstone of human relations.

The goal of the NWO/Neoliberals is to atomize everybody and break bonds between people, whether kinship or ethnicity or religion, so they can be hedonistic, mindless consumer-slaves.
11   Patrick   2022 Oct 7, 9:17pm  

I agree they are important, but they are also used to prevent us from looking upward.
12   AmericanKulak   2022 Oct 7, 9:19pm  

Patrick says

I agree they are important, but they are also used to prevent us from looking upward.

Yes, but the Globalists don't solely keep people at each other's throats with this stuff, they are very clearly on one side of the equation.

The situation is difficult.
15   NuttBoxer   2022 Nov 4, 11:48am  

Maybe a little sabotage...

original link
17   FortwayeAsFuckJoeBiden   2022 Nov 26, 8:30pm  

Patrick says


original link

where i live those stickers would sell more than without.
18   Hugh_Mongous   2022 Nov 26, 8:35pm  

Patrick says

The "mouth" of what looks like a big "fish" chasing the shark is still just a bunch of little fishes, harmless to the shark. Realistically, what could they do to it? Nothing.
20   Patrick   2022 Dec 8, 12:42pm  


I’m going to tell you a story about what is going to happen and if you’re a Democrat you might not like how this is going to go:

If they want to divide us by identity groups, we’ll identify as Americans

If they want to indoctrinate our children, we’ll take over the school boards

If they want mail in voting, we’ll become better at mail-in voting activism

If Trump is too crass and undisciplined then we’ll elect DeSantis who knows how to make our case better

If they want to silence us, we’ll create our own media institutions, take over your platforms and boycott your woke corporations

If they want to marginalize us economically, we’ll create a parallel economy
21   HeadSet   2022 Dec 8, 2:55pm  

Patrick says

If they want mail in voting, we’ll become better at mail-in voting activism

They will laugh at you here. They do not care how many Republican votes are mailed in; it is that the mail-in voting allows them to "find" as many Dem votes as they need after the polls close.
22   apex   2022 Dec 8, 4:14pm  

> What else?

25   Patrick   2023 Jan 28, 4:58pm  

From a mailing list I'm on:

1. The key lawsuit against the City and County of San Francisco (vx
mandates) is heading to trial, ahead of other lawsuits. It survived 2
demurrers from the CCSF. The plaintiffs need to raise another $100K to
continue. Please, donate! The request was posted by one of the
plaintiffs on Telegram.

United SF Freedom Alliance website:

All case documents:

Donation page:

2. Push the FAA to investigate medical incidents in pilots and flight
attendants caused by the vx.

For the next 3 months, every time you take a trip on a plane, print
out 10 copies of this flier and hand it to flight attendants, ticket
counter representatives, and pilots (or ask the flight attendant to
give it to the pilots).

If you work in airline/airport infrastructure (pilot, flight
attendant, baggage handler, air traffic controller, etc), please sign
the petition and tell 10 of your friends to sign.


3. Contact your congressperson in support of HR 382
https://www.congress.gov/bill/118th-congress/house-bill/382, declaring
the emergency over (the Senate already passed it in 2022)
the new Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal
Government (to investigate civil liberties issues and how the
government and private companies collect and analyze information on

26   Patrick   2023 Feb 11, 4:14pm  

Re Fauci


Jimmy Gleeson
Writes Visual Banter
8 hr ago
I keep thinking we can do something to personally make his life a little harder. You know, he goes to a local gas station, tries to pump his own gas (as if he pumps his own gas) and the gas station attendant asks him for his vaccine passport and then informs him the gas station has been locked down.
28   Patrick   2023 Feb 27, 7:38pm  


Vermont Girls’ Basketball Team Reaches Limit, Refuses to Play Game against Transgender Player

The Mid Vermont Christian School (MVCS) girls’ basketball team has withdrawn from the state tournament after their opposing team includes a biologically male transgender player.

MVCS refused to play in the Vermont Division IV state tournament because the team doesn’t want to play against male student-athletes.
29   AmericanKulak   2023 Feb 28, 8:47am  

Patrick says

This is a VERY effective tactic. The rules are such the Head Librarian has no recourse - can't kick the public out.

Puts them in an Alinsky Dilemma - if they cancel the drag queen reading, they lose. If the drag queen reads the story to adults, they lose by looking ridiculous.
30   Patrick   2023 Mar 2, 9:30pm  

Good. "Inclusivity" does not mean calling the ancient vice of sodomy a good thing. Gayness and pedophilia are two sides of the same coin. No gay man should be allowed anywhere near a boy.
32   Patrick   2023 Mar 17, 11:20am  


The Australian Catholic University has ordered Pride flags to be removed from libraries across its campuses.

The LGBTQ pride flags were put up in February during orientation week, as in new student orientation week rather than sexual orientation week.

But the university has instructed staff that the flags were not “appropriate”.

An email sent to staff read: “It is not considered to be appropriate at ACU. If you have any such material on display in your library could you please remove it from the public area.”

The move has sparked a backlash from gay staff and students who insist that the Catholic institution should be promoting and celebrating gay pride despite the fact Catholic teaching on sexuality and gender is at odds with the gay pride movement.
33   Patrick   2023 Mar 17, 1:58pm  


Former Axios journalist Ben Montgomery crossed the line and was given the boot by his employer for falsely accusing Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of spreading “propaganda.”

Axios parted ways with Montgomery after he referred to a roundtable event hosted by DeSantis as “propaganda.”

“This reporter is no longer with Axios,” Axios editor-in-chief Sara Kehaulani Goo said in a statement. ...

The press release was regarding a roundtable discussion on “divisive concepts such as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives, Critical Race Theory (CRT), and the impact that these concepts have had on Florida higher education institutions and the students that attend them.”

In a reply, Montgomery wrote back “this is propaganda, not a press release.”
34   Patrick   2023 Mar 28, 9:55pm  


Here is how you identify some of the criminals and their connections
you take screenshots of their emails and tweets

Peter Daszak is buddies with Rita Colwell. Who is she? How about the former head of the National Science Foundation? Someone who worked with the CIA on anthrax. Someone who had huge pots of money to dole out.

Marion Koopmans (on the WHO COVID origins investigations committee, and on Peter Daszak’s Lancet COVID investigations committee) was celebrating winning a 2.5 million grant for “preparedness” “research.” Who was she celebrating with?

Jeremy Farrar (007) then head of Wellcome

Andrew Rambaut, one of the authors of the Nature Medicine coverup and on Tony’s Feb 1 call

Peter Daszak

Ian Mackay (Australian buddy of the above)

Helen Branswell, medical science reporter for STAT

35   Patrick   2023 Mar 29, 7:55pm  


Stand for Health Freedom (SHF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting informed consent in medical care for individuals and families by helping Americans protect their fundamental rights by engaging in the political process.

Our digital advocacy center, launched in August 2019, gives Americans direct contact to their elected officials and others in positions of influence with zero-barrier, automated access. Individuals can easily personalize communications or take advantage of the well-vetted research and information provided by our team.

SHF is building an infrastructure to educate citizens and for citizens to educate their lawmakers. The grassroots campaigns that SHF spearheads are scalable, customizable and can be directed toward any accountable governmental actor.

Featured Actions:

In December 2019, SHF launched multiple campaigns for New Jersey citizens who were in jeopardy of losing their religious exemption to vaccination. In just one week’s time, more than 80,000 emails were sent to New Jersey lawmakers through the SHF advocacy portal, which showed the immense opposition to the measure and ultimately helped stop it from becoming law.
In the spring of 2022, SHF featured a campaign to support a federal bill to defund the World Health Organization. 137,000 advocates emailed and called their local congressmen, which was followed by 46 lawmakers signing on to the bill inside of one month.
Our Vote for Health Freedom project vetted hundreds of candidates around the country for their dedication to informed consent and medical freedom, armed voters with information, and resulted in 642 endorsed candidates moving on to the general election in 2022.
SHF currently represents a half million Americans and has an estimated reach of one million advocates who stand for informed consent, privacy, parental rights, freedom of speech, and the U.S. Constitution. Together, we’re committed to taking down barriers Americans have when it comes to engaging in the political process and making it undeniable to citizens and lawmakers that America still stands for health freedom.

Interested in our advocacy efforts? Join the movement and come STAND with us and follow us @standforhealthfreedom on Instagram and Facebook. Contact the SHF advocacy team at advocates@standforhealthfreedom.com .
36   AmericanKulak   2023 Apr 1, 7:29pm  

We need:

* More Humor
* Alt-y Wood, we need to make more old style action hero movies that "are Cool and don't Suck"
* Make them live up to their alleged principles/create Alinsky Dilemmas.
38   Patrick   2023 Jun 12, 1:15pm  


Texas Rangers Refuse to Celebrate ‘Pride Month’
The Texas Rangers is the only Major League Baseball team refusing to give into pressure and publicly schedule a “Pride night.”

June 9, 2023

As corporations and organizations continue to promote the LGBT agenda through June under the “Pride Month” celebration, the Texas Rangers remain the only Major League Baseball team refusing to celebrate and promote LGBT “pride.”

In 2003, the Rangers attempted to host an “informal gay night,” where, without officially marketing the event, they invited several LGBT groups to the stadium. However, the event was met with heavy protest.

Since then, the Rangers have held fast to their decision not to host another “Pride” celebration, though they have avoided making an official statement.

In 2020, Rangers COO Neil Leibman told The Dallas Morning News, “With respect to Pride Night, we reached out to the Resource Center and said what can we do internally. We immediately adopted some changes they suggested to be more inclusive in hiring practices. I think that’s more meaningful than just saying, ‘OK, we had a Pride Night.’”

Better than giving in completely, but hardly a strong stance against the homo-globo Nazis who demand that everyone be "proud" of sodomy and pedophilia.
39   zzyzzx   2023 Jun 12, 1:23pm  

US Navy removed the gay flag from their Twitter profile
40   zzyzzx   2023 Jun 12, 1:24pm  

Ripped off from another thread:

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