Deaths from Wuhan Virus continue to be wildly exaggerated to keep fear and funding going

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Six recent “Covid” deaths, per the Milwaukee coroner’s office
Alex Berenson

Working on a bigger story but wanted to share this.

You may have wondered how the United States is still clocking 3000 Covid deaths a week when even Joe Biden - who can barely manage a staircase unaided - easily beat Omicron.

The Milwaukee coroner’s office has the answer. It publishes anonymized death reports, including cases where Covid is listed on the death certificate. Here are four of the seven from the last two weeks. Average age 90.

The youngster in the group was 80 and had metastatic prostate cancer.

And diabetes.

And Parkinson’s disease.


As for the others, they are all in their sixties.

Lest you accuse me of cherry-picking, here’s one of the younger deaths:

These folks are not the exceptions, they’re the rule. “From” versus “with” Covid is a pointless distinction for this population.

Anyone dying of Omicron is likely either incredibly old, incredibly sick.

And, according to the coroner’s office, most are vaccinated.

It should be obvious that Covid death counting is now pure theater and database matching, in a way it wasn’t even a few months ago.

Which raises a somewhat unpleasant question: if Covid is no longer killing anyone who wasn’t at death’s door, why is overall excess mortality so high across the heavily mRNA vaccinated countries?

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70   Blue   2023 Jun 27, 3:03pm  

Patrick says

LOL! what a clown show!
71   Patrick   2023 Jun 28, 2:49pm  


Many of us are independently coming to this conclusion1.

My summary is thus:

that a virus, was circulating the globe in 2019/20, which may or may not have been the result of gain-of-function research, which nevertheless was not particularly novel and otherwise, if ignored, would not have made any material impact on mortality in any particular country;

that the response to news of this virus was responsible for the deaths of millions of people worldwide but only moribund people whose lives were curtailed by 6 to 12 months;

that those deaths were attributed to the virus due to inappropriate use of the PCR test on too high a cycle threshold;

that if any other virus, even say any of the 200 that comprise the “common cold” had been singularly tested in the same way, their presence in the deceased would have produced the same alleged deaths as COVID;

that the impact of these policy deaths would have been net off the following mortality year, due to the “pull-forward” effect except for the “vaccine” generating a new cohort of accelerated moribundity;

that these “vaccine” deaths were falsely attributed to COVID in the same way as the original pandemic;

that the excess mortality in the years post the original proclamation of a pandemic, and the introduction of the novel therapy to deal with it, appears lower than it really is because it includes the hidden deficit of those who died slightly prematurely the previous year;

that even with all that, the degree of life years lost (as opposed to absolute deaths) has never constituted an emergency, notwithstanding the much lower age profiles of deaths since the “vaccine”, compared to deaths before.
73   Patrick   2023 Jul 2, 10:08am  


"Grandpa, were you alive during COVID?"

"I certainly was! It was very scary."

"Did you know a lot of people who died?"

"Well, no. But 7 million people died!"

"7 million people died in our country alone? Yikes!"

"Well, no. Around the world."

"In a week or two?"

"Well, no. But over the course of 2 1/2 years."

"What was the world population then?"

"7 billion."

"So 0.1% of the world's population died over 2 1/2 years. But I suppose a lot of them were children, so that's sad."

"Well, no. COVID barely affected children. It was almost entirely people in their mid '70s or older who died."

"Mid '70s?! What was life expectancy back then?"

"Um, if I remember correctly it was around, uh, mid-70s."

awkward silence

6:32 PM · Jul 1, 2023
74   Patrick   2023 Jul 7, 3:38pm  


Professor Halpern’s comments followed, affirming that the populace would respond obediently to new “stay at home” orders since they “kind of know what the drill is.”

Using the experience from the COVID-19 pandemic, the leading behavioral scientist suggested that the nation will now more willingly accept local restrictions if required.

He defended the use of “fear-based” messaging in critical circumstances, noting that sometimes it is necessary to “cut through,” especially if you think people are “wrongly calibrated.”

I disagree. Halpern is himself wrongly calibrated and will find that out the next time that he and the other criminals like Pfauci, Collins, and Bourla try this genocidal bullshit again and are shot by an enraged public and have their bodies dragged through the streets.
75   The_Deplorable   2023 Jul 7, 6:16pm  

Patrick says - based on some link:
"COVID barely affected children. It was almost entirely people in their mid '70s or older who died."

It was the Covid mRNA vaccine that killed the children and most people.

In addition, people were denied the use of medications that cured Covid such as Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and Ivermectin.

And miracle of miracles the annual flu disappeared in those three years... Covid took its place.

In addition, people were forced to take Resmevidir - a very expensive medication at about $3,000 a pill - and Resmevidir killed 30% of those who took this pill.
76   Patrick   2023 Jul 18, 6:10am  


Next, check out this maddening admission, arriving in slow motion three years too late:

The official [covid deaths] number is probably an exaggeration because it includes some people who had virus when they died even though it was not the underlying cause of death. Other C.D.C. data suggests that almost one-third of official recent Covid deaths have fallen into this category. A study published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases came to similar conclusions.

Haha, forgive and forget, right? Saying that covid deaths were exaggerated used to be the darkest kind of disinformation, and saying it would promptly get you cancelled from social media. Plus if you said it, you would literally and instantly kill grandma, making you the most deplorable sort of criminal. I even got death threats in 2021 for reporting that covid deaths were exaggerated, a fact the New York Times now causally plunks into the middle of its self-congratulatory “covid is finally over” article. ...

And apparently, covid isn’t even a problem for the much decried immunocompromised population, not any more:

Most immunocompromised people are at little additional risk from Covid — even people with serious conditions, such as multiple sclerosis or a history of many cancers.

My goodness. So all that masking and jabbing to protect immunocompromised people was … for nothing? You really can’t make this stuff up.
77   The_Deplorable   2023 Jul 18, 12:14pm  

Patrick says

" https://www.coffeeandcovid.com/p/it-is-over-tuesday-july-18-2023-c "

From the link: "Haha, forgive and forget, right? Saying that covid deaths were exaggerated used to be the darkest kind of disinformation, and saying it would promptly get you cancelled from social media."

Actually very early into the so-called Covid pandemic we were told that the cause of death of a murder victim in Colorado with six bullets in his head and body was Covid. Then we were told that the cause of death of a motorcycle accident in Florida was Covid...

These arrogant fraudsters/murderers are also pathetic liars...
78   Patrick   2023 Jul 24, 10:09am  


This World Health Organization document quoted above proves that the world public health leadership at the WHO faked death reports during the pandemic. This was designed to overestimate the death rate worldwide.

This document, titled: “INTERNATIONAL GUIDELINES FOR CERTIFICATION AND CLASSIFICATION (CODING) OF COVID-19 AS CAUSE OF DEATH Based on ICD International Statistical Classification of Diseases” clearly demonstrates, with images no less, that the WHO was and IS requiring countries to jigger death certificates to code for more COVID-19 deaths than there actually were.

The document also “teaches” physicians and hospitals to code for COVID-19, even when the cause of death may have been something else. Note that in the WHO examples below, a positive COVID-19 test is not necessary for listing COVID-19 as the cause of death. ...

In the USA, this appears to get even more nefarious.

Due to the CARES act, medicare paid hospitals a 20% "add-on" to the regular payment for COVID-19 patients. Remember that the people who became sick from COVID were generally the elderly and on medicare. Ergo: the incentive to put people on ventilators. There was a financial incentive to put people on ventilators and yet ventilators contributed to many of the COVID-19 deaths. ...

Note that remdesivir is still considered the main drug of choice for treating COVID-19 by the NIH, even in many patients with mild to moderate disease. Yet this drug is known for causing renal failure and significantly higher rates of death in various patient populations, such as those receiving high flow oxygen. Yet, the NIH guidelines above STILL recommend remdesivir for patients on high flow oxygen.

Do they want to kill people? It sure seems that way. ...

So, not only was the death rate over estimated worldwide, in the USA at least, ventilation and remdesivir were strongly “encouraged” by the government. The NIH was using treatment protocols that were intentionally or not, designed to kill people. These are strong words. Physicians were not allowed to deviate from these government protocols. Protocols that killed people.

This has led to a general mistrust of public health and rightly so.

It is evil to fake deaths to cause the mortality rates of COVID-19 to spike.

It is evil to force physicians to use protocols that were not clinically tested or proven to be effective.

Our public health system is broken worldwide and it is only getting worse.
79   Patrick   2023 Jul 25, 2:44pm  


The adult conversation we were not allowed to have as a nation

Posted by Dr. Scott Jensen — four doctors, six minutes, discussing the actual observed risks of Covid by age. So straightforward and yet the mainstream media absolutely forbade anyone from having this conversation for three years.

80   Patrick   2023 Jul 27, 11:58am  


A recent New York Times article celebrating “a positive covid milestone” contains a rather remarkable admission. Citing a significant decline in covid deaths, writer David Leonhardt claims that the actual number is almost certainly even lower.

“The official number is probably an exaggeration because it includes some people who had the virus when they died even though it was not the underlying cause of death,” Leonhardt writes.

Leonard mentions this information very casually, as if it were self-evident and not verboten for the vast majority of the pandemic. The claim that official covid numbers were being inflated was repeatedly dismissed as a groundless conspiracy theory. Much of the country, happy to be told what to think instead of taking agency and doing the thinking for oneself, solemnly accepted the figures coming from the CDC and parroted by the mainstream media as evidence that covid was far more deadly than it really is. ...

If you were to look into the CDC’s death certificate reporting guidelines, you’d find that there was no requirement at all that covid be causally responsible to be listed on a death certificate.

Think about that. ...

In sum, the overly-inclusive definitions and death counts used by the public health establishment and propagated by the mainstream media, along with sloppy standards and lax criteria, turned the pandemic into a self-perpetuating shit show the likes of which will go down in the annals of history as easily the most catastrophic public health response ever. It’s through the distance that only time can give that we’ll come to understand the true magnitude of the pathologized-totalitarian science experiment we were subjected to.

Policymakers, public officials, and zero-covid zealots are beginning to intuit this; they know in their heart of hearts that their refusal to allow for basic cost-benefit analysis, to admit uncertainty and mistakes, and the ways they’ve eroded trust in key institutions when that trust was of dire importance—all of this, they know, played a role in upending people’s lives, and in all likelihood they’re desperately hoping that when it comes time to write the history of the pandemic, the Covid Cult will get little more than a footnote or two. It’s up to us to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Never forget. Public health officials must hang for their murderous shilling for Pfizer profits.
81   Patrick   2023 Jul 29, 1:30pm  


The Covid response was a lot of things, but above all it was just really, really stupid. This stupidity was in no way unique; a lot of what modern states do is mind-numbingly idiotic. Covid was different only to the extent that intense media attention cast this stupidity in unusually sharp relief.

Over the years I’ve proposed various theses of political stupidity, but as I reread old press reports and leaks for my book, I’m struck by one recurring tendency above all. This is the ambition on the part of technocrats to maintain – and their failure to sustain – a double vision of reality. On the one hand, they arrogate to themselves the privilege of seeing things as they really are; they alone have the true vision. On the other hand, they insist on conveying to the public an exaggerated or false vision, because the public cannot be trusted to act correctly if they are merely presented with the world as it is. As soon as the political arm take up their false vision and the press report it, however, the technocrats lose contact with whatever true vision they imagined themselves to hold, and they can act only according to the false vision they concocted.

Our rulers, in other words, are constantly talking down to the people and feeding them Sesame Street versions of reality, only to find themselves plunged into and forced to act inside of the very same fictional kindergarten muppet world they built. This is why everything they do ends up being so stupid all the time. ...

This frank statement all but admits that infection numbers were compiled above all for the purpose of propaganda.
82   HeadSet   2023 Jul 29, 6:02pm  

Patrick says

The Covid response was a lot of things, but above all it was just really, really stupid.

No, it wasn't.
Did the covid response enable vote fraud to steal an election - check.
Did the covid response greatly increase big pharma profits - check.
Did the covid response greatly increase the autocratic powers of leftist government - check.
Did the covid response funding provide enough slop for massive theft by fraud - check.
Has a single politician or bureaucrat been held accountable for the obvious lies and mismanagement - No.

The covid response was not stupid, it worked as intended.
83   Patrick   2023 Jul 31, 10:46am  

From two years ago.

84   Patrick   2023 Aug 1, 10:03am  

Those old Italians in Milan who died of respiratory problems? Could be the smog.
85   Patrick   2023 Aug 3, 2:04pm  


Based on German data, COVID-19 associated deaths were mainly reclassified from other diagnosis categories.

Here’s actual proof of the re-classification. Look at J00-J99 respiratory system deaths, which saw a massive decline in 2020/21.

Looking at all major ICD-10 groups, we can thus easily account for all COVID-19 deaths in the 80% Confidence Interval. In other words, if the pandemic would have never been declared, the existing ICD-19 categories would have not shown any significant increase.

Hence, this shows that COVID-19 deaths are vastly overreported, not underreported in the first place!
86   Patrick   2023 Aug 21, 9:39pm  


Oh look, I caught the CDC scrubbing another document from the internet that shows they intentionally manipulated the RT-PCR cycle count for those who got the vaccine, to manufacture the narrative that it's a pandemic of the unvaccinated because they were still receiving 40+ cycle count tests. Just a few months later into the fall, they eventually admit false positives are a problem, and they phase out the use of RT-PCR for other tests and assays, which lead to the largest jump in COVID cases that we ever saw. How convenient.

Why does no one talk about RT-PCR fraud anymore? Why are people still trying to argue any of the COVID numbers as if they are legitimate?

Early vaccine efficacy data was predicated on RT-PCR.

Lockdowns, social distancing, etc, were predicated on RT-PCR.

Vaccine mandates were predicated on RT-PCR.

The foundation of the entire psyop relies on this one test, which was completely misused intentionally, per the inventor Kary Mullis. He criticized Fauci heavily for the same practices during AIDS, but no one cared. Fauci destroyed his career and sent him into obscurity for speaking truth, just like all the rest.


Dead link:

Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20210429220602/https:/www.cdc.gov/vaccines/covid-19/downloads/Information-for-laboratories-COVID-vaccine-breakthrough-case-investigation.pdf

This paper also proves the entire pandemic was a fraud, so quit arguing their contrived data. They used these tests to capture deaths from the vaccine and cover it up. They classified people as unvaccinated until they had every shot + 2 weeks, to which they then used high cycle RT-PCR to manufacture a positive. Once they were considered vaccinated, down to 28 cycle count, and then not positive.

Thus reality was manufactured. Everything destroyed in it's wake.

87   RC2006   2023 Aug 22, 5:49am  

My doctor told me the only difference between covid and the flu/cold is that we have a test for it.
88   Patrick   2023 Aug 22, 10:05am  


Ambulance Call Volumes Contradict the COVID-19 Narrative
Emergency Medical Service Activity Dropped in 2020, Increased in 2021-2022 ...

Remember, COVID-19 was presumably killing and maiming massive numbers of Canadians in 2020. This is when the virus was new, the population was supposedly immunologically naïve, and the most vulnerable were still among us. Then came the ‘vaccines’ in early 2021 that public messaging guaranteed would prevent people from getting COVID-19 and transmitting SARS-CoV-2. The messaging then morphed to try to convince people that the goal all along was to merely dampen the severity of COVID-19. Regardless of the goalposts being moved, public health officials were clear that they had found an almost perfectly safe and effective way to combat COVID-19-induced deaths and serious illnesses so life could return to the new normal. If this storyline were true, one would hypothesize this would show up as a massive increase in the call volumes for ambulances in 2020, followed by a return to pre-2020 numbers in 2021 and beyond. ...

89   Patrick   2023 Aug 28, 5:46pm  


Nearly 99 percent of 'Covid deaths' reported by the CDC each week are not primarily caused by the virus, official data shows.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Covid dashboard shows just 1.7 percent of the 324 Covid deaths registered in the week ending August 19 had the coronavirus as the primary cause of death.

The figures suggest just a handful of American lives are being lost directly to the virus each week. For comparison, the virus was behind one in three 'Covid deaths' at America's pandemic peak in 2021.

The CDC lied then, and they are lying now.

The CDC is a criminal organization which exists now to protect and profit Pfizer, and to be used to manipulate elections so that democracy is defeated in America.
90   ad   2023 Aug 28, 9:38pm  

Patrick says

The CDC is a criminal organization which exists now to protect and profit Pfizer, and to be used to manipulate elections so that democracy is defeated in America.

And Pfizer is at the same price (around $37) it was back in late 1998.

It at least doubled in share price during the pandemic and peaked around $60; I wonder who made a lot of money selling it after the pandemic run up.

91   richwicks   2023 Aug 28, 10:08pm  

Patrick says

The CDC is a criminal organization which exists now to protect and profit Pfizer, and to be used to manipulate elections so that democracy is defeated in America.

I think that is going too far.

I don't think they manipulate elections, but they sure as fuck pay off people in our government and regulatory agencies. Trump was paid off by them, Hillary Clinton got the largest contribution.

He did "Operation Warp Speed" after all. Don't look up for a savior, look within.
92   HeadSet   2023 Aug 29, 7:20am  

richwicks says

I don't think they manipulate elections

The plandemic made the massive vote fraud possible.
94   clambo   2023 Sep 4, 3:14am  

RC2006, they also have flu tests; I recently got one.
The nurse shoved the Q-tip up my nose and the results were negative for Covid, positive for one of two flu viruses.
It was interesting to see.
95   richwicks   2023 Sep 4, 3:34am  

clambo says

RC2006, they also have flu tests; I recently got one.
The nurse shoved the Q-tip up my nose and the results were negative for Covid, positive for one of two flu viruses.
It was interesting to see.

Don't get tested.

You have no idea what they are shoving up your nose, and those nurses have no idea.

Sure they went through several years of medical school - assholes that have a genders study degree went through several years of school. They have no idea what they are sticking up your nose, no more than you do. They have a real education, but still, they have no idea what is in those q-tips.

When I was taking engineering courses, I had an obsession of understanding what I was learning, I couldn't just accept Euler's identity. I had to understand it. That wasn't a problem for 99% of my classmates. It was just given to us as fact, but the derivation was never explained and that's fucking frustrating, because it's not that complicated but it was just expected you accepted it without explanation.

I think most people in most "professional professions" just accept what they are told is true, without explanation.

If they don't understand the reasoning, don't trust their reasoning. For all you know, they are shoving qtips laced with sarin liquid up your nose.
99   Patrick   2023 Sep 12, 12:02pm  


Shortly after COVID reached US shores, the World Health Organization estimated that the virus would kill 11.2 million Americans—an alarming and frightening number that panicked public health officials. Today, we know that a much smaller number of Americans actually died, meaning the world’s experts got it wrong.

But researchers at Stanford doubted those early numbers, and set out to run a study that would find how deadly the virus actually was, and how many people were being infected. Called the Santa Clara Study—for the California county where Stanford’s professor ran their tests—the research was met with interference by Stanford administrators and a series of excoriating and sloppy articles in the now defunct newsite Buzzfeed. ...

Following the money trail and naming names, Bhattacharya recounts getting his research published despite being under the microscope of Stanford administrators, and muses on the future of science and public health.

Bhattacharya’s first-person account follows. ...

The Santa Clara study results had several enormous implications for the lockdown strategy:

1) The Covid virus had spread to at least 2.8% of the population after only a little more than a month of its arrival in the U.S. and despite the lockdown;

2) Most who had been infected and recovered had not come to the attention of public health authorities, and nearly 40% recalled no symptoms;

3) Infection fatality rate (IFR), or chance of infected people dying, was much lower than previously thought; and

4) The pandemic had a long way to go before the end, and nearly everyone would become infected. ...

The initial estimates were based on laboratory-confirmed cases of H1N1 and inferred a catastrophically high mortality rate—above 5%.

Later estimates were based on population samples of antibody levels—meaning a test confirmed people had been sick with the virus. This method found an infection fatality rate of around 0.01%—more than 100 times lower. This also meant that 99.99% of infected patients survived. ...

Together, we were calling for an immediate seroprevalence study to resolve the scientific uncertainty and to understand whether the lockdowns we were following had any chance of success. To this day, I am stunned by the failure of the US Centers for Disease Control to run a nationwide seroprevalence study in March 2020. Not running a study was a catastrophic failure that hampered the ability of authorities to design an appropriate pandemic response. ...

Embracing our results would have forced some leaders to admit error or reverse their policies, which would have meant a loss of reputation. ...

In the end, Stanford's leadership undermined public and scientific confidence in the results of the Santa Clara study. Given this history, members of the public could be forgiven if they wonder whether any Stanford research can be trusted. Is work published by Stanford faculty actually what the researchers think, or was there unreported and inappropriate interference by Stanford's academic bureaucrats in service of interests other than the truth?
101   Patrick   2023 Sep 15, 2:18pm  


11,793 Canadians Resurrected from COVID Deaths

How can anyone believe what a health regulatory agency says about COVID-19 when they apparently cannot do math right? Numbers matter because data are used to inform policies that affect people.

A couple of days ago I had a great discussion with integrity journalist Glen Jung from Bright Light News. He brought my attention to some very odd Canadian statistics related to COVID-19. They suggest that Canada experienced a miracle around Christmas last year. ...

One thing this graph shows is that after accumulating death statistics over a period of 3.75 years, COVID-19 was no more lethal than several other common causes of death, including things like traffic accidents (that could be reduced to zero with a permanent stay-at-home order if everyone genuinely cared about saving every possible life at the expense of individual quality of life). ...

Further, these data do not parse out deaths “due to COVID-19”, which were conflated with deaths “with COVID-19”, which meant the cause was something else and the person had a positive PCR test result (which may or may not mean they had COVID-19; a person must be sick to be diagnosed with a disease). ...

Most importantly, I want to bring your attention to one statistic, which is the total number of COVID-19-associated deaths. As you can see in the figure title, that number is “35,086” (it is circled in red).

Why Does This Matter? ...

The total number of “COVID-19 cases deceased in Canada” was apparently 46,029!

With the ongoing public messaging that COVID-19 remains a lethal menace and the passage of eight-and-a-half months, how did the total number of deaths of Canadians DECREASE by 10,943 ?!?

When, Exactly, Did the Resurrections Occur?

I looked into this and found that this reversal of death occurred between December 23, 2022 and January 9, 2023, and then the number has slowly risen since then. ...

Summarizing the Canadian Resurrection Miracle
Between December 23, 2022 and January 9, 2023, which is a span of 17 days, the number of Canadians that died changed by -11,793. Or, put another way, 11,793 Canadians that were dead due to COVID-19 just prior to last Christmas were alive a short time later.

Implications of the Canadian Resurrection Miracle
I know that the harms of COVID-19 have been overestimated due to nontransparent manipulations of data. Regulatory agencies should be compelled to present any data in a fully transparent matter, including providing raw data and clear descriptions of the methods used to acquire the data, analyze them, and present them.
102   The_Deplorable   2023 Sep 15, 3:43pm  

See https://twitter.com/gunthertree2/status/1702277639191310734 Watch at least the first five minutes...

104   Ceffer   2023 Sep 15, 4:23pm  

LOL! The Kraken variant! In the annals of attenuating deceptive fear mongering, the fear over the original vested bogey man has to be geometrically amped up to fit the Illuminati schemes.

Problem is, they will come up with some other Scarium which might have their brand name on a nuclear missile. It will be embalzoned, "Create the problem, observe the reaction, blow the living fuck out of the solution, we don't give a fuck anymore, we want lots of dead bodies before we go down."

106   Patrick   2023 Sep 28, 10:27am  

Joseph A. Ladapo, MD, PhD

While the feds push false narratives, we assessed the data & here's the truth: Over 70% of CDC's so-called "COVID hospitalizations" in FL are not hospitalized FOR COVID. They may be in the ER with a broken leg, have no respiratory symptoms, but happen to test positive.
107   Misc   2023 Sep 28, 10:48am  

Patrick says

Joseph A. Ladapo, MD, PhD

While the feds push false narratives, we assessed the data & here's the truth: Over 70% of CDC's so-called "COVID hospitalizations" in FL are not hospitalized FOR COVID. They may be in the ER with a broken leg, have no respiratory symptoms, but happen to test positive.

Well, just press felony record violation charges against the perps then. Something tells me he ain't got the guts.

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