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1   Ceffer   2022 May 15, 8:32am  

Hyper rational nihilism, narcissism and grandiosity. I read Harari's first book, which was interesting, but he hearkens back to the falsities of history. He acknowledges that the awkward reality of Gobekli Tepi (twice as old as postulated ultimately old Sumerians) puts conventional academic notions of history on their ear in a state of disconcerting insecurity.

Harari is obsessed with the falsity of cultural camouflage. He regards everything organized by humans as a creative invention to ease fear and uncertainty, and that these inherently false inventions take on a reality of their own and dominate our governments, religions and social institutions.

He's lent this paranoia to the WEF by appealing to their overriding vanity that they somehow know best how to dispose of the human race. That he is throwing in with psychopaths doesn't seem to occur to him. However versed he is in the often irrational trends of history, he is almost entirely deficient in considerations of biology, evolution, or animal behavior. He's an autistically focussed robot himself, and he can't see past his paradigm.
3   Ceffer   2022 Sep 29, 11:58am  

Patrick says

Truly a psychopath who thinks he is going to become a god.

I don't think he is an actual psychopath. I think he is a variant of Asperger's, who takes the world literally in ways that have no empathetic emotional tone, which I suppose can mimic a kind of psychopathy.

I think he really believes humans are subject to an absolute mathematical calculus because of his mental deficit.

I have read some of his stuff, and he is OBSESSED with humans creating wholly abstract artificial systems that govern us, such as law, religion, corporations, money. He is so focussed on the artificiality of it all, he fails to see that the human capacity for artificial construction and abstraction was a major evolutionary step in social governance, not a defect. He thinks that if everything is artificial rather than consisting of evolved, abstract tools, that it can be broken down and any old new, non-adapted system will work more efficiently.

This sterile world view is very handy for the NWO/WEF, so he is more their court jester than a real planner who has a finger on the pulse of humanity.
4   Patrick   2022 Oct 4, 11:36am  

The Big Reset Movie -The Uncensored Documentary About The Truth Of The Pandemic

original link
5   Patrick   2022 Nov 3, 10:31am  

original link

"Covid is critical, because this is what convinces people to accept, to legitimize total biometric surveillance."

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