Vaxx Failure Thread

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A thread for obvious failures of the jab.

First one:


A married Michigan couple who were fully-vaccinated against COVID-19 both died of the virus just one minute apart.

Cal Dunham, 59, and wife Linda, 66, ‘gained their angel wings’ Sunday despite taking precautions against the virus and being inoculated against it, relatives said.

The couple, who had undisclosed underlying health conditions, fell ill earlier this month during a family camping trip, the couple's grieving daughter Sarah Dunham said.

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1172   Patrick   2024 Mar 25, 3:43pm  


"[Dr. Mary Elizabeth Christian’s] parents, who were vaccinated, broke their isolation for a dinner to celebrate their 62nd wedding anniversary in July 2021. Within three days, they both tested positive. They died within two days of each other that August."

Dr. Christian’s parents were vaccinated. They got Covid and died anyway.

Because the mRNAs failed. ...

The mRNAs seriously injured or killed many people who received them. How many? I don’t know, and I won’t guess, but the number is not trivial. They caused many more people to suffer for days or weeks with severe side effects.

And they do not work. ...

Omicron’s relative lack of virulence did the world - and the vaccine fanatics - a great favor. As overall Covid deaths dropped, vaccinators argued the mRNAs helped against serious disease even after they failed against infection. That theory is almost certainly untrue, and the studies that show it are hopelessly tainted by a statistical artifact called “healthy vaccine user bias.”

What would have happened if Delta or similarly virulent variants had continued to circulate in 2022 as the mRNAs failed? We will never know, but based on fragmentary evidence from late 2021, I suspect deaths would have remained so high that even mRNA fanatics had to admit the complete failure of the jabs. ...

Everyone knows this now, which is why so few people took the mRNAs in 2023, not just in the United States but in countries like Australia and Japan that had near-complete compliance with the initial regimen.

In most other countries, the vaccinators have come to partial terms with this failure. They may not have admitted it openly, but they have modified their recommendations to discourage or even ban most adults under 65 from getting more mRNA shots.

Only in the United States have the vaccinators refused to bend to reality. Last fall, the Centers for Disease Control tried to press mRNA boosters on everyone over six months old - a bizarre recommendation, given Omicron’s mildness in children.

Until the CDC and other public health authorities come clean about the fact that the jabs did not work as promised, confidence in all government institutions is likely to continue to erode.

But of course the Times cannot admit this fact, much less properly investigate the mRNAs. It has been carrying water for the vaccinators for three-plus years.

So it will continue to look around, puzzled, as its credibility erodes alongside the institutions it supposedly covers as a watchdog.
1183   8abf1c6   2024 Apr 6, 6:51am  

Every time I see one of these PhD's with some brain dead comment I just want to send them this:

This Fumb Duck was still proudly taking the shots in December of 2023? Wow. Just WOW.
1184   8abf1c6   2024 Apr 6, 7:13am  

8abf1c6 says

Every time I see one of these PhD's with some brain dead comment I just want to send them this:

This Fumb Duck was still proudly taking the shots in December of 2023? Wow. Just WOW.

This is the one I added a bit of red to. Someone else did the blue.

1188   The_Deplorable   2024 Apr 28, 10:34pm  

Patrick says

No, this is factually wrong because United Airlines cancelled their flights because the
vaccine killed and injured their pilots, flight attendants, air mechanics and crews.
1190   Patrick   2024 May 5, 3:43pm  


Negative effectiveness

As if that all were not enough, Lataster also mentions what may be the most distressing issue around the jabs in Article 2, negative effectiveness (keep following the negative effectiveness links backwards in time to go through the many OTN entries on this issue). This is where, apart from all the (other) known and unknown adverse effects, the vaccines appear to increase the risk of COVID-19 infection and/or hospitalisation and/or death. Clearly not what one gets vaccinated for. There would be no analysis of the risks vs the benefits possible. We would only have risks upon risks.

Lataster shows how, with the biases discussed in Articles 1 & 2, “a vaccine with −100% effectiveness, meaning that it makes symptomatic COVID-19 infection twice as likely, can be perceived as being 47% effective”. Furthermore, “Repeated calculations will show that moderate vaccine effectiveness is still perceived even with actual vaccine effectiveness figures of −1000% and lower.” In other words, the possibility that the vaccines were always negatively effective, and only appeared effective due to incomplete data, poor methods, short counting windows, and even outright fraudulent practices, is very much on the table. Interestingly, even the BMJ, one of the most prestigious medical journals in the world, appears to be aware of perceived negative effectiveness, publishing, amongst others, a rapid response on the topic by Lataster (source, OTN entry).
1191   Patrick   2024 May 5, 10:33pm  


A new study has concluded that the more Covid mRNA shots a person receives, the more likely they are to contract COVID-19.

Dr. Nabin Shrestha and his team conducted an analysis of data from Cleveland Clinic employees.

The researchers reported that they found that the likelihood of a person contracting Covid increased each time they received a dose of the vaccine.

People who received two or more doses were at higher risk of COVID-19, they noted.

The risk of contracting COVID-19 was 1.5 times higher for those who received two doses and 1.95 times higher for those who received three doses, the researchers found

Those who received three or more doses were 2.5 times more likely to contract the virus.

The higher risk was compared to people who received zero or one dose of a vaccine.
1192   Patrick   2024 May 6, 8:39pm  


The pseudo-effectiveness of Covid vaccines against death from unrelated causes is not a new observation. The same kind of pseudo-effectiveness was discovered long ago for the flu vaccines. It is called the “healthy vaccinee effect.” For various reasons, unrelated to the vaccines, people who are vaccinated have better background health (on average) than people who are not, and therefore, they are less likely to die from “anything,” including flu and Covid. Vaccinated or not, they would have had lower Covid mortality than their unvaccinated counterparts.

When we try to estimate the effect of Covid (or flu) vaccines, the healthy vaccinee effect becomes the healthy vaccinee bias, a source of distortion that must be removed. (Conversely, we may call it the “unhealthy unvaccinated” bias.) Research on this topic has been sparse, however. Neither the pharmaceutical industry nor public health officials have had an interest in discovering that common vaccines were not as effective as they claimed them to be, or perhaps not effective at all.
1193   Patrick   2024 May 8, 1:40pm  


Cleveland Clinic previously published the first major report of “negative effectiveness” after repeated administration of COVID mRNA “vaccines”. What the heck is “negative effectiveness” you may ask? This is a rather nuanced way of saying that, sometime after administration, those who received the “vaccine” products became MORE likely to develop COVID 19 clinical disease. Not only do the “vaccine” products not provide substantial long term protection from infection and disease, but they actually make recipients more likely to develop clinically significant COVID.
1196   GNL   2024 May 22, 7:35pm  

In the last 14 days, I've been told...

1. My dad's 72 year old friend went to the Dr. for a check up and the Dr. told him he had 2 weeks to live. Cancer. He made it to 1.5 weeks and died.
2. One of my niece's father had a heart attack. After a couple days he went back for another checkup and was told he had liver cancer. He's 60. Never drank or smoked. He's a vegan.
3. My wife's boss (60 year old female smoker) has lung cancer. This is the iffy one.

Yes, all are jabbed.
1201   stereotomy   2024 Jun 7, 3:50pm  

I'm hearing a lot more ambulances along my street. As I mentioned earlier, my street is designated as a first-responder route, so most fire and ambulance traffic passes along it. Interestingly enough, I saw RFK jr's bus on this route as well about a month ago.
1205   Patrick   2024 Jun 9, 3:26pm  


💉💉 Another narrative-busting study published in February in the journal Frontiers in Immunology titled, “Brief research report: impact of vaccination on antibody responses and mortality from severe COVID-19.” Joining the steady drip of many other troubling findings about the jabs, this one found vaccinated patients were more likely to have severe covid outcomes than were unvaccinated patients.

The researchers found that among covid patients, mortality was significantly higher in vaccinated patients (70%) compared to unvaccinated patients (37%), even after adjusting for comorbidities. Even more fascinating, they found the vaccinated patients had higher total IgG4 antibody levels, suggesting jabbed people develop an improper immune tolerance allowing spike protein to run wild.
1206   Patrick   2024 Jun 15, 8:52pm  


Sammy Hagar has recently expressed regret over receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, despite his initial support for it. ...

“Not sure what all the facts are. But I definitely regret getting vaccinated because I got COVID anyway. Sh*t didn’t work for me anyway, but we live and we learn and try and do the right thing for the safety of ourselves, our family, and all those around us. ...

... f*ckin’ COVID was the big distraction. We all took our eye off the ball. The government just seemed to get away with murder. All of a sudden, everyone turned back into sheep because they were so afraid.

And I just think we lost our freedoms during that time. The government started pushing us around telling us what you gotta do. ‘You gotta get shots, you gotta do this, you gotta do that. You can’t go here. You can’t go there. You gotta wear masks.’ Maybe all that was necessary, and I did get the vaccine, but I know more people that got COVID this year than last year, including myself.”
1207   Patrick   2024 Jun 17, 12:09pm  


Massive Study in Top Medical Journal Raises Question Whether Covid-19 Vaccines Increased Instead of Decreased Deaths


In 2021, the year in which both containment measures and COVID-19 vaccines were used to address virus spread and infection, the highest number of excess deaths was reported: 1 256 942 excess deaths (P-score 13.8%). In 2022, when most containment measures were lifted and COVID-19 vaccines were continued, preliminary data present 808 392 excess deaths (P-score 8.8%).
Conclusions Excess mortality has remained high in the Western World for three consecutive years, despite the implementation of containment measures and COVID-19 vaccines. This raises serious concerns.

The serious concern is how we can ensure the hanging of everyone involved in creation of the virus (Fauci, Daszak, Collins, etc) and everyone who mandated the death jabs (Biden, employers, university administrators, etc).
1211   zzyzzx   2024 Jun 19, 9:32am  

Patrick says

The serious concern is how we can ensure the hanging of everyone involved in creation of the virus (Fauci, Daszak, Collins, etc) and everyone who mandated the death jabs (Biden, employers, university administrators, etc).

I think you know that there is only one way this is ever going to happen....

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