The Destruction of Trust In The CDC and Public Health Establishment Is Now Complete

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The new mask recommendations are a disgraceful debacle, doomed to fail...again

As soon as politicians, media members and incompetent and terrified “experts” became ideologically committed to ineffective interventions, they could never end.

The CDC has been the most reliable and consistent contributor to destructive and functionally useless mask recommendations. They’ve used unconscionably bad, dangerously incompetent and misleading “studies,” along with hilariously useless “hairdresser” examples to “prove” mask efficacy. Finally though, after throwing out their own pre-pandemic planning documents to promote a policy with no demonstrable benefits, the CDC displayed confidence in the “safe and effective” vaccines and removed their useless mask guidelines just two and a half months ago.

And yet. It’s all happening. The CDC flip flopped again. Masks are back.

Many of us arguing against lockdowns and masks and other related and equally ineffective “mitigations” have been pointing out for months now that the CDC has been unbelievably bad at their literal one job. We’ve been pointing out that the CDC’s credibility has been irreparably damaged based on their demonstrable incompetence and ever changing messaging with unchanging certainty. But no one, and I mean no one, could have foreseen that the death blow to the CDC’s credibility would come from the CDC itself.

I guess it shouldn’t be as surprising as it is that they put the final nail in their own coffin, but somehow their devotion to pseudoscience never ceases to amaze.

Bringing back masks is the end. It has to be. They were unequivocal in their assertions that the available vaccines were remarkably effective at preventing infections and transmission, symptomatic illness, severe cases and ultimately deaths.

Yesterday’s announcement is completely incompatible with their previous statements and should be an inescapable disaster for the country’s trust in “public health” and what the CDC, Fauci and others laughably refer to as “science.”

So let’s go over this unfolding debacle!

April 1
INTELLIGENCER HEADLINE: “CDC Data Suggests Vaccinated Don’t Carry, Can’t Spread Virus”
Got that? No hemming and hawing, no uncertainty, no “don’t spread the virus as much,” it literally says that the vaccinated CAN NOT SPREAD THE VIRUS. CAN NOT. It’s not possible for them to spread it, that’s what the “data” says.

Here’s a direct quote from the CDC director, Dr. Rochelle Walensky:

“Vaccinated people do not carry the virus — they don’t get sick,” Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the CDC, told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Tuesday. That’s “not just in the clinical trials, but it’s also in real-world data.”

They do not carry the virus and do not get sick. Focus on the “they do not carry the virus” part for a second. If vaccinated people can’t carry it, how can they spread it?

They can’t! That’s what the CDC says:

Walensky was referring to a new CDC study that suggests those fully inoculated with the vaccines produced by Moderna and Pfizer don’t transmit the virus.

So naturally,

“The authorized vaccines are the key tool that will help bring an end to this devastating pandemic.”

They are the key tool. Masks used to be, of course, but now vaccines will end the pandemic. Let’s keep that in mind. ...

July 27
CNBC Headline: “CDC reverses indoor mask policy, saying fully vaccinated people and kids should wear them indoors”
There it is. The destruction of any remaining shreds of credibility the CDC and Fauci had left.

So what was the justification for this dramatic shift? The delta variant! The same variant that Fauci said the vaccines did “very well” against. ...

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268   HeadSet   2023 Jun 2, 11:08am  

Wow. And Z28 used to be a factory souped up Camaro.
Here is a Z28.350

269   Al_Sharpton_for_President   2023 Jun 3, 4:25am  

zzyzzx says

New CDC director, (((Mandy Cohen))):

I can't wait to be called antisemitic - yet again - for criticising the CDC director.

After reports of Cohen’s appointment surfaced, posts on social media showed her gloating about implementing COVID lockdowns, inconsistently following her own mitigation guidelines and forcing public schools to have students masked indoors regardless of vaccination status.

The ex-health secretary recalled at one point advising Massachusetts Health Secretary Marylou Sudders to shutter football stadiums to fall in line with North Carolina’s COVID mandates.

In video footage from June 2021, Cohen also claimed COVID-19 vaccinations would prevent breakthrough cases as well as further transmission of the virus — a claim also made by Walensky and one that was proven false.

270   WookieMan   2023 Jun 3, 6:11am  

Isn't covid just over at this point? I know I've commented a ton on it, but I'm getting burn out. Even with vaccine injuries. Key take away is to not be gullible. 15 Days to stop the spread was all I needed to hear. Gave it 15 days and then more shit was made up. I went to living life as normal as I could after that. Got great vacation deals.

Humans have done plenty of dumb shit. But this will likely, with modern technology, go down as a top 10 dumbest human error situation. In 2350 if we could be around, it might be the dumbest thing in history. Outside of nuclear war I'm not sure what could beat it?
271   GNL   2023 Jun 3, 7:57am  


What's did you find out about Jamie Fox?
272   Eman   2023 Jun 3, 8:00am  

GNL says


What's did you find out about Jamie Fox?


Someone shared this article with me yesterday about Jamie Foxx.

273   Reality   2023 Jun 3, 8:54am  

WookieMan says

In 2350 if we could be around, it might be the dumbest thing in history. Outside of nuclear war I'm not sure what could beat it?

How about: promoting easy money (artificially low interest loans) and wokeness to Germans from 1924-1929, then suddenly drying up easy money, causing widespread bankruptcies, then having an Austrian promote the rounding up of middle-class and upper-middle-class wealth-aggregators for slaughter all over central and eastern Europe? So the banks didn't have to pay them back the money on deposit.

How about: promoting easy money and coffee+sugar to the French, then having a revolution in that country overthrowing the feudal establishment, then having a Corsican Italian son of the island's representative to the City of London lead a newly invented French draft army to destroy the bank books of Genoa and Venice? So that the banks didn't have to pay back the middle-class depositors. Venice having been the Serene Republic for 1000 years, and had faithful citizens willing to defend the city against Napoleon but the city leaders controlled by the banks would not resist.

How about: the Pope promoting the idea that cats were devils, so mice flourished and brought on the Black Death, which then saw hospital staff grinding up the dry skin flakes of the dead or dying patients to spread in the town squares. Even back then, when people died, the hospitals and the banks were the biggest beneficiaries as they either took all the patients had in final billing or didn't have to pay back deposits.
274   The_Deplorable   2023 Jun 3, 11:01am  

Hunter Biden email: US D.O.D financed Covid 19 'research' months BEFORE the pandemic started

The US D.O.D and the Biden family were investing in Covid-19 research long before the pandemic started and long before the virus was officially named Covid-19.

Open source docs prove Hunter Biden’s biolab companies, Metabiota and Black & Veach, were conducting Covid 19 ‘research’ for months BEFORE the pandemic started

• The United States D.O.D issued a contract for 'Covid 19 Research' in Ukraine 3 months before Covid-19 officially existed.

• That is 3 months before WHO officially named the virus "Covid-19."

• And the Biden family was investing in the companies involved in this Covid-19 research!

Wow... So, who started this pandemic?
278   Patrick   2023 Jun 17, 3:24pm  


Key Takeaways

• CDC Director Walensky confirmed that the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) promoted prolonged school closures that harmed America’s children.

• When America faced a public health crisis and turned to the CDC for help and guidance, the CDC provided misguided, unscientific, confusing, and at times blatantly false answers.

• AFT President Randi Weingarten had a direct line to CDC Director Rochelle Walensky’s personal and professional cellphones — raising further questions about potential political influence at the CDC.

• Dr. Rochelle Walensky testified that she spoke in her capacity as CDC Director during a White House briefing in February 2021. The Biden White House’s claim that her statements were made in her “personal” capacity when discussing school reopenings and vaccinations for teachers was false.

• Public health officials and organizations — including the CDC — must be held accountable for their failures and false statements during the pandemic in order to earn back the trust of Americans.

• The CDC needs structural reform to address current information and infrastructure issues, lack of transparency within the agency, and processes surrounding guidance publication. ...

And she blew it a couple of times,” remarked Dr. Wolf, but she also “lied twice.”

Here are those two lies, as outlined by Dr. Naomi Wolf.
Lie One: when Dr. Walensky stated that she didn’t know the COVID shots didn’t stop transmission when she touted “95% effective” to the American people.

“Well, our experts, our report [73] has shown that she knew perfectly well she was lying at the time she said that to Americans — that our experts found that Pfizer knew in November of 2020, which means she knew because she had the same documents, that the vaccines did not work to stop COVID,” stated Dr. Wolf.

“And in fact, Pfizer got rid of [at least] 200 vaccinated COVID-sick people in their trials in order falsely to make the claim that they were 95% effective. But the fact that they got rid of those 200-[plus] sick people is right there in the documents that Rochelle Walensky was given.” ...

Lie Two: when Dr. Walensky stated you couldn’t transmit COVID while vaccinated.

“This was the basis for the illegal mandates,” lamented Dr. Wolf. “Well, she knew perfectly well at the time she said it that that was a lie. And in fact, the Pfizer Documents show, as of November 2020, that the vaccines didn’t work to stop transmission — that there was vaccine failure and failure of efficacy. So she categorically lied to Congress twice,” Dr. Wolf asserted.

In fact, Dutch MEP Rob Roos got a Pfizer spokesperson (J. Small) to admit that the pharmaceutical giant never confirmed its COVID shots stopped transmission because it had to “move at the speed of science.”
279   Patrick   2023 Jun 24, 11:08am  


💉 Ironically, the CDC used a cartoon this week to tell people a joke about mixing and matching vaccine brands in the agencies’ summer push for more jabs. Except it wasn’t a joke.

This is not a serious health agency. The only reason it doesn’t matter what brand of vaccine you took last time is because none of them work. We’re two years into the vaccine rollout and we don’t know whether any of the jabs is any better than the others? Seriously?

And, what’s with the cartoon glasses?

It’s a clown world now, and the CDC isn’t even trying very hard to pretend otherwise anymore.
283   Patrick   2023 Sep 5, 11:10am  

The CDC is a criminal organization, actively working to harm the health of the public in the service of toxxine profits.


285   Patrick   2023 Sep 16, 1:05pm  



Defenders of free speech warned the public health authorities that if you suppress vaccine scepticism you will increase vaccine hesitancy, not reduce it. Why? Because it makes it look as though you cannot answer the sceptics’ criticisms in the public square, i.e., you have something to hide. But our warnings were ignored and the predictable consequence is that vaccine hesitancy has increased and we’re now facing a Measles outbreak. When will the censors ever learn? Censorship is always self-defeating.
288   Patrick   2023 Sep 29, 11:04am  


The obligatory glorification of the vaccines, which is still required for any study like this to get published, continues to be watered down. Here’s the how these particular researchers worded the compulsory language:

"The BNT162b2 and mRNA-1273 vaccines have been found to be both relatively safe and effective at preventing severe infection. Serious adverse complications due to these vaccines are uncommon and may include anaphylactic reactions, myocarditis, pericarditis, myocardial infarction, cerebral sinus thrombosis, stroke, pulmonary embolism, neuropathies, and autoimmune hepatitis."

Hahahaha! Let us count the ways the stuffing was streaming out of the jab endorsement. First, they didn’t say “safe and effective.” They said, relatively safe and effective. But relative to what? Getting crushed by a meteorite?

Next, did you notice they didn’t regurgitate the line that serious adverse reactions are rare? Instead, they said serious adverse reactions are uncommon. Those are terms of art. Uncommon is a LOT different from rare. It’s a huge difference. ‘Rare’ adverse reactions occur in fewer than 1 in 1,000 people. ‘Uncommon’ adverse reactions occur in more than 1 in 1,000 people, but less than 1 in 100.

So now it’s uncommon, headed straight toward common at 60 mph, the last stop on pharma’s criminal railroad.

Finally, the researchers named a non-exclusive list of serious adverse events with NINE different categories of injuries. This was particularly remarkable considering that the CDC and the FDA currently only recognize THREE of those nine types (anaphylactic reactions, myocarditis, and pericarditis).
293   AD   2023 Nov 11, 8:18pm  


follow the money

examine the conflicts of interest and revolving doors

and since when has the medical industrial complex been this dangerous ?

when did it all start as far as what cataclysmic events which led to the medical industrial complex reaching this point ?

294   AD   2023 Nov 11, 8:22pm  


a friend of mine told me his 80 year old father in law recently went to Inova health and they sent him home telling he needed to be on hospice

my friend and his wife got a specialist medical doctor to diagnose him and prescribed a treatment of repairing a duct to his pancreas and the specialist said he should have never been told to be on hospice

my friend said this is how modern public health is operating as there is essentially a death panel mentality as they wrote off his father in law as not being worth their efforts financially ...

its more financially lucrative to sucked the federal government out of billions by treating illegal immigrants such as pregnant mothers ...

295   Patrick   2023 Nov 14, 12:55pm  


The BMJ has learnt that in the face of an unprecedented 1.7 million reports since the rollout of covid vaccines, VAERS’s staffing was likely not commensurate with the demands of reviewing the serious reports submitted, including reports of death. While other countries have acknowledged deaths that were “likely” or “probably” related to mRNA vaccination, the CDC—which says that it has reviewed nearly 20 ,000 preliminary reports of death using VAERS (far more than other countries)—has not acknowledged a single death linked to mRNA vaccines.
296   Ceffer   2023 Nov 14, 1:00pm  

VAERS: Very Acute Evasion of mRNA Statistics.
298   Patrick   2023 Nov 22, 1:55pm  


9 out of 10 Americans agree

Apparently, over 90% of Americans have concluded that Mandy Cohen and the CDC are lying about the risk/benefit profile of the new Covid “boosters” that were only tested in mice.

People are voting with their feet by walking away from this toxic junk.
299   RWSGFY   2023 Nov 22, 3:57pm  

Wait, "boosters" is still a thing?
304   Patrick   2023 Nov 27, 2:29pm  


Over the weekend I started writing a new piece about the CDC, and I needed its annual budget figures. Guess what? It’s damned difficult to locate that particular information. AI chatbot Chat GPT politely apologized but promptly gave up. At first I thought it was slacking until I tried researching it for myself. My research dead-ended with the CDC’s annual budget “justification,” a massive document presented to Congress hyping the CDC’s alleged accomplishments to “justify” billions of additional tax dollars.

But that difficult-to-stomach document, unfortunately necessary for prying pallets of our cash from Congress, did not after all reveal the CDC’s budget. It only listed categorical budget increases over prior year amounts.

For example, if you pick out one of around 22 categories for 2023, you might learn that the CDC is asking for another $137 million over that category’s 2022 levels, to fund diversity, equity, and inclusion programs for its 4,000 employees. (Which is $34,250 more per employee for 2023. That seems like a lot.)

The point is, it never states what the underlying 2022 budget amount for DEI was. In other words, the CDC’s 2023 justification asks for $137 million more than what? Who knows.

Then, if you’re stupid enough go dig into the CDC’s 2022 budget justification (like I was), you’ll just discover another requested increase over undisclosed 2021 levels. And so it goes, on and on, requests for increases stacked on each other like an infinite pile of turtles going all the way down. Good luck totaling the turtles, taxpayer!

To be clear: I haven’t given up, I just ran out of time. I will find the figures, and now I’m feeling even saltier.

Incidentally, working on the same project I also tried to find the CDC’s top five accomplishments in the last five years. I found a lot about creating research teams and founding diversity departments, but not much of a practical nature. It was all just regurgitated talking points, like the CDC sent a research team to Africa to “help” with Ebola (and accomplished what?), or the CDC hired a Chief Diversity Officer (and so what?).

From a practical perspective, for the hundreds of billions we are spending on the CDC, does anyone know what were the agency’s top five accomplishments over the last five years, besides excreting anti-scientific mask guidances and hysterical monkeypox warnings, all of which a 23-year-old intern could handle?

I can’t wait to find out.
306   Patrick   2023 Dec 1, 12:29pm  


History is a trickster. It unfolds emergently with uncanny creativity, often blindsiding humanity with the unanticipated consequences and non-linear outcomes of previous unfoldings. So, here we are now in a Second Civil War. Really? “Between whom?” you might ask. Between truth and untruth. Between a sociopathic bureaucratic blob steeped in lies and a citizenry obliged to live and die by the blob’s lies.

Case-in-point: the emergent evolution of US public health agencies, the CDC, the FDA, the NIH, the NIAID and their many fiefdoms, into a gigantic engine of death fueled by incessant and persistent lying. The people running these agencies lied to you about the creation and origin of the novel corona virus, SARS Covid-19. Then they lied about the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines created as the sovereign remedy for Covid-19. They also lied about and suppressed actual effective treatments for the disease they invented and loosed on the world and then coerced the whole medical establishment into breaking its Hippocratic oath (first do no harm) to administer vaccines that killed. They lied about these things knowingly. And through the whole three-year episode, US public health has hidden the data about Covid and the vaccines while aggressively lying about it and punishing American citizens who found ways to expose the truth.

The vaccines have killed an estimate 670,000 Americans and 17-million world-wide, consensus figures arrived at by citizens devoted to uncovering the truth. One of these is independent researcher Steve Kirsch, a Silicon Valley billionaire who invented the optical mouse. In 2021, after noticing a strange pattern of early deaths and injuries in his own circle of acquaintances, Mr. Kirsch devoted himself and his fortune to uncovering the truth about the Covid-19 vaccines. Mr. Kirsch describes himself as “a nerd,” by which he means that he is good at math and at assembling bodies of information using rigorous statistical analysis that present a coherent picture of reality, a.k.a. the truth.

Last night, Thursday, November 30, Mr.Kirsch gave a talk at his alma mater, MIT, in Cambridge, Massachusetts on what the best available statistics tell us about the Covid-19 vaccines (for instance, that so far they have killed more Americans than World War Two). The talk was live-streamed on the Rumble platform (YouTube scrubbed it). There is an interesting story behind Mr. Kirsch’s event. Years before the Covid-19 fiasco, Mr. Kirsch gave MIT $2.5 million to build a new lecture hall. Then, during Covid-19, Mr. Kirsch asked MIT to allow him to stage a lecture about his findings. The MIT administrators refused to let Mr. Kirsch speak in the lecture hall that he paid for. Mr. Kirsch went public with that, embarrassing the university, and under new MIT President Sally Kornbluth, the Institute relented.

Prior to the November 30 talk, Mr. Kirsch sought to share his data with eminent MIT professor Robert Langer, winner of countless awards for advances in the biotechnological sciences. Dr. Langer runs a research program that his MIT webpage describes as follows:

The group’s work is at the interface of biotechnology and materials science. A major focus is the study and development of polymers to deliver drugs, particularly genetically engineered proteins, continuously at controlled rates and for prolonged periods of time.”

Sounds like Dr. Langer would be intimately acquainted with the mechanisms of the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines, especially the development of lipid nanoparticles that facilitate the delivery of the mRNA message into their targeted cells. Dr. Langer declined to see the data or to meet with Mr. Kirsch. At the beginning of his talk, Mr. Kirsch offered some speculation as to why Dr. Langer might demur to see the data or meet with him. Turns out it is because Dr. Langer sits on the Moderna board of directors. If Dr. Langer were exposed to “record level” data in a structured format that indicated the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine was killing a lot of people, Dr. Langer would be required legally to insist that the company take it off the market. Now you see how the venal mendacity of Big Pharma intersects with the perfidy of Academia, and at the highest levels. Dr. Langer has been called out, and publicly disgraced by Mr. Kirsch. Will Dr. Langer sue Mr. Kirsch for defamation? I doubt it. It is a fact that Dr. Langer is on the Moderna Board, and his obligations to the public are clear vis-à-vis Moderna’s flagship product. It will be interesting to see how MIT and Dr. Langer handle this quandary.

Today’s morning news (Friday, Dec 1) contains nothing about Steve Kirsch’s landmark talk at MIT, which essentially laid out evidence of a crime against humanity. One feature of the assembled data is that it can take a long time for the vaccines to kill people — six months being only an average. CDC director Mandy Cohen is still pushing the Covid-19 vaccines, as did her predecessor Rochelle Walensky, who resigned just this past June, so expect a continued incidence of excess and early deaths. Did both of them somehow miss the massive accumulating data and news reports about the danger of mRNA vaccines? Could they be that dumb? Or did they knowingly lie to the public, pushing vaccines that are obviously unsafe? At some point, they may have to answer these questions. ...

The net result of all this is Western Civilization saturating itself in lies. It appears that Covid-19 was well into development when it was adopted by the blob and its protectors in the Democratic Party to use as a means for finally getting rid of President Trump in 2020 after RussiaGate and a fake impeachment failed. The introduction of poorly-tested mRNA vaccines — actually developed by the US Department of Defense and licensed out to Pfizer and Moderna — looks like it was intended to mitigate Covid-19 after it had accomplished its task of enabling election ballot fraud to get a patsy president, “Joe Biden,” into the White House. But the vaccines turned out to be a gigantic and deadly botch. And once they were sold to the public, and the vaccine companies made billions, and people started dying and getting gross illnesses, everybody involved in the vast blob network had to keep on lying to cover up their crimes.

What follows from here in this new civil war of truth against untruth is that untruth will lose because untruth is fundamentally unsound and can’t stand on its own. The US bureaucratic blob, like the fictional product Soylent Green, is people. There are, obviously thousands of them, virtually a whole army, guilty of crimes. The whistleblowers are popping out all over now. We’re approaching the magic moment when the whole blob army flips and rats out each other in the attempt to save their asses. Wait for it.

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