Boycotting google and Apple

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Who else is boycotting google and Apple and Amazon?

I am testing Tutanota for Gmail replacement. How will search of a large amount of emails work? They index locally (e.g. your mobile phone does the decryption work) so it would seem it would be very slow on phone if there are a lot of messages.

So they do an incremental search so that it only displays the first 20 hits while the search happens in the background? Interesting technical question.

Other than tutanota ... what are you all using for the boycott?

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1   Helloworldtoo   2021 Jan 27, 6:22pm  

Telegram (Apple messaging, Twitter, Facebook)
Wire (Apple messaging)
Tutanota (Gmail and calendar)
Android with custom rom degoogled (iPhone)
2   Patrick   2021 Jan 27, 6:23pm  

Me too @Helloworldtoo

Remember that the main companies to boycott are FAGAT:

Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple, Twitter

Please help spread this justly deserved acronym.
3   Patrick   2021 Jan 27, 6:24pm  

Here's a great list:

🚨🚨🚨 HAPPENING - End Your Big Tech Addiction – DO IT NOW ! TODAY ! ASAP 🚨🚨🚨 ⚠️ HIGH ENERGY⚠️
posted 1 day ago by Legendary1776 +5816 / -7
Ok Patriots – This is PATRIOT coms that we are cancelling a lot of things today. It is your duty to help fight the good fight AND saving yourself a LOT of money today !

Since the left wants to fight us with cancel culture – We are officially fighting back starting TODAY.
We are going to cancel EVERYTHING and EVERYONE who is not 1776% on the MAGA train !

IF you think this information is of value, I do, please consider upvoting and sharing with Patriot friends and family ! ALSO Keep telling everyone you see about this website ! https://patriots.win/ – The mod team got BLATANTLY ROBBED of the original domain and Alexa score was essentially restarted from ZERO. We need EVERYONE to place backlinks ( https://patriots.win/ ) EVERYWHERE. Use the URL in comments. Share posts & content from here ! Maybe SEO experts ( I am not one ) can chime in the comments and I can edit this section with what else people can do to help raise the Alexa score !

Amazon , including Amazon Prime & WholeFoods Store – Canceled

Apple, including non-patriot ( prob all banned now lol ) Apple Store products – Canceled

Google, WHOLE product line, including Youtube, Gmail, Chrome Browser, Ad network – Canceled

MicroSoft ( I know it’s a hard one – but we’ll become Linux hipsters ! ) – Canceled

Netflix ( AND any other big tech streaming service ) – Canceled

Facebook, including Facebook Ad network ( should have done this 10 years ago ) – Canceled

Twitter ( why do I need to even say it stop posting the fucking links ! ) – Canceled

Paypal ( Just went downhill after Elon ! ) – Canceled

Instagram ( Owned by Facebook ) – Canceled

WhatsApp ( Owned by Facebook ) – Canceled

Snapchat – Canceled

TickTock ( CHICOM tech, should have canceled when GEOTUS told you about it ) – Canceled

Discord – Canceled

Twitch – Canceled

Reddit ( If you needed this info prob rope ys ) – Canceled

ALL Big tech image hosting – Canceled

GoFundMe – Canceled


Your Cable Subscription – Canceled

CUCKED Sports ( Exceptions like UFC ) – THIS INCLUDES THE SUPERBOWL – Canceled

ALL RNC / Republican Political Donations – Canceled

ANY Faggot that EVER said a negative thing about GEOTUS – MAJOR Canceled !

What Are We Using Now:
Patriot Just Gave Me This Nice Link: https://ethical.net/resources/

Lists Everything by category
Phone: https://shop.puri.sm/

Librem 5 , with hard cutoff switches for wifi, sound & video on the side of phone.

Linux based so you can pretty much do anything you want with it

It still needs work from software/compatibility perspective but watch some review videos first and see if you can live with the Security vs QoL features

Has an option to buy a more expensive USA version that is made in the USA

Operating System: Linux Mint

There is certainly going to be a lot of debate here but something to look into
Website Browser: https://brave.com/ (PC/MAC/MOBILE)

Turn on their rewards ad network ( Optional ), see 5 SMALL ads per hour, collect BAT Cryptocurrency

BAT has a monetary value and is a reward for being willing to receive a little pop-up ads

Donate to content creators you like ! It’s not going to be a lot, $1-2 / month but if 10,000 people do it it can change someone’s life and help them break free from big tech !

Web Search Engine: https://duckduckgo.com/

Change this in options in Brave and forget about it
Email Service: https://protonmail.com/ ( ANDROID / iOS / MOBILE )

Generally really good, personally very easy to use, encrypted & free

Free version is limited to 75 emails/day & 500MB of storage, more than enough for personal use

Not a bad company to support if you need extra features ( Should have some cash from above ! )

Online Streaming Options: https://rumble.com/ ( Patriot CEO from what I know )

Please turn off ad blocker to support the content creators !
https://www.bitchute.com/ ( No info but never had a video taken down personally )

Not sure if they currently run ads. If they do consider supporting the project.
https://video.maga.host/ - and https://www.maga.host for file hosting ( Smaller in current scale but Dev is a 1776 Patriot )

Same info on ads. But but if they do have them, please turn off ad blocker to support the project
Twitch Alternative: https://trovo.live/

Recommended by a Patriot in comments
Communication: https://www.signal.org/ (Android, iOS, Windows, Linux )

Download this, tell your friends and family to download this. Use same number you have !

It is encrypted & used by project Veritas and Elon told people to use it

Good for text, group chats, voice & video calls !

Coms Alternative: https://getconfide.com/

Not as user friendly, without voice/video chat

A good alternative from a security standpoint

Discord Alternative: https://element.io/ - Matrix ( Windows, iOS, WebBrowser )

Open source, self hosted, encrypted servers

Not as user friendly as discord but we NEED to make the sacrifice !

Twitter Alternative: https://gab.com/

Patriot CEO , 1776 AF – What else do I need to say ?
Cable Alternative: https://ustv247.tv/

Others: PlutoTV , Kanopy (if your local library is signed up) , Stirr, Tubi, Vudu

Congratulations ! You just saved a bunch of money by being on hold for two weeks and arguing with 13 people !

Sports Alternative: https://www.ufc.com/

1776 AF MAGA CEO and long time personal friend of GEOTUS

You will probably also learn some things about hand to hand self defense

Websites & Hosting: https://www.epik.com/

Patriot CEO ( Hosts Parler & Gab )
Fundraising: https://www.givesendgo.com/

Was recommended, seems based & Christian from the website
Gab Group to help MAGA Candidates: https://gab.com/groups/23092

Not Exactly Tech but solid list of Patriot businesses:


Disinvest from the companies:



ALL the Patriots here need to be vigilant of ALL of this. I know it’s a long read but take the time to read all of it. Save it. Share it. Be on the lookout for shills, doomers & glowfags. DEPORT. DEPORT. DEPORT !

People do this PROFESSIOANLLY. As in they get PAID for this shit.

STAY VIGILANT! DEPORT THESE FAGGOTS! Look for the commie handshake next to people’s name !

I know this account is new but as you can see by how much time I put into this post, not newfag

This is a good starting point or what you should take care of today. This is just some of my knowledge. A big part of the fight will be creating tech to fight big tech. That is a bigger first but Patriots can start here by just CANCELING Big tech TODAY !

If you have some good info to add, please post in comments and I can edit this post with new information !
IF you want to do more than sit around: https://patriots.win/p/11SK2exYPq/

But PLEASE TELL THE IDIOTS AT patriots.win TO STOP USING GOOGLE RECAPTCHA. It reports everything about everyone who registers on patriots.win to Google, and therefore to the NSA.
4   Eric Holder   2021 Jan 27, 6:41pm  

Helloworldtoo says
Telegram (Apple messaging, Twitter, Facebook)

Telegram is FSB.
5   Patrick   2021 Jan 27, 6:53pm  

This is another great list of non-FAGAT companies:

6   HeadSet   2021 Jan 28, 7:03am  

Also, LibreOffice.
7   Automan Empire   2021 Jan 28, 8:57am  

I'd love to find a dick-simple text messaging program that isn't mysteriously hogging 2.5gb memory and using 80% of 4 processors whenever I come back to the computer. Yahoo Messenger did this crap, Google Voice the same. Really annoying when a sophisticated modern computer is so bogged down that the keyboard buffer spoon feeds typed characters one per second by what is supposed to be a text messaging program.

Not sure if it's churning my computer's info, or using processor cycles without asking like a rogue SETI@home.
8   RWSGFY   2021 Jan 28, 9:02am  

Automan Empire says
I'd love to find a dick-simple text messaging program that isn't mysteriously hogging 2.5gb memory and using 80% of 4 processors whenever I come back to the computer.

I wonder if IRC is still around.
9   Patrick   2021 Jan 28, 9:14am  

IRC is still around.

Here's one "node" or whatever they call it:

10   NuttBoxer   2021 Jan 28, 9:20am  

I use protonmail, never was into socials much, so not on any of them. Duckduckgo for search, Tor for browser, linux for OS. And I never sign up for anything with my real info, or pay for anything with a method traceable back to me.

I do use an Android phone, but my carrier is Republic Wireless, who curiously enough, stopped taking my prepaid cards months ago. I brought the problem to their attention, they refused to remedy it, so I of course stopped paying. Months later, still have service, for free. Only my family that number, everyone else gets a number from a free app.

What now days is called privacy, used to be called freedom.
11   RC2006   2021 Jan 28, 9:26am  

Need Patrick BBS if things get worse!
12   Patrick   2021 Feb 12, 5:45pm  


Apple bans app that promoted secret parties during pandemic

Apple has pulled the plug on Vybe Together, an iPhone app that allowed users to organize secret parties that would breach social-distancing rules in many cities.

At writing time, the app isn't available on Apple's App Store, and its website was taken down. The app's Instagram profile says "App Store took us down!!! We will be back!!"

I approve of parties!

But once again, idiots who use Apple for anything are being smacked down for not bowing and sucking the almighty corporate globalist fear-mongering cock.

It's their own fault for not just making it a website.
13   porkchopexpress   2021 Feb 12, 6:22pm  

Brave for browser, DDG for search engine (I've tried others and hate them), Signal for messenger, Protonmail for email and calendaring
14   Patrick   2021 Feb 12, 7:48pm  

I agree with all of those choices @porkchopexpress

Maybe there are also better things too, like Tox for instant messaging without any server being involved.

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