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Newscum gets smacked down on CA schools

By Shaman follow Shaman   2020 Aug 29, 6:31am 350 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

The California Supreme Court has given Governor Gavin Newsom until Friday to respond to lawsuits seeking to enjoin his orders that bar schools opening for in-person learning.

The lawsuits, formerly known as “writ petitions” were filed by the Tyler and Bursch law firm on behalf of a coalition of parents, private schools, a charter school and the Orange County Board of Education.

Department of Public Health director Sandra Shewry was also named in the filings.

Attorney Robert Tyler told the California Globe that it was “fantastic, wonderful news” that the Supreme Court had accepted their writ petition because most of those filed are denied.

“By closing the schools of California to in-person learning, he [Newsom] is creating havoc for parents and children,” Tyler contended. “The California Constitution requires that all children receive an equal education. Our position is that he is creating an unequal burden on economically disadvantaged families.”

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Newsom: "If they have learned anything other than bling, twerking, sexual perversion and Progressive propaganda, then California schools have failed in their mission! Illitereate with printing press diplomas, but obedient and grateful for our free shit scraps, is the goal!"

Upper middle classes will continue to educate sufficient technocrats purely through their own wit, motivation and steam, so schools are dispensable prisons of brainwashing to support the power structures and public service unions.

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