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Amazon to track users emotional state

By Hircus follow Hircus   2020 Aug 28, 3:28pm 437 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share      

A new fitbit-like wristband will measure various vitalities like heart rate, and emotional state via microphone.

Amazon is hoping to break into the fitness-tracking scene with a new device announced this week that will be able to monitor a user's emotional state, among a range of other abilities.

The Amazon Halo, which will go up against the FitBit and the Apple Watch in the "activity tracker" market, will offer standard features of that class of product including daily step tracking, heart-rate monitoring and other health-related metrics.

It will also offer features such as sleep scores, which each morning will grade the quality of a user's sleep.

Among the device's more notable offerings will be its capacity to track a user's emotional state by monitoring voice tones via on-board microphones. Users will be able to look back over the course of a day and note times at which they may have felt stressed, happy or angry.

The company states that the wearer will be able to "analyze qualities of [their] voice like energy and positivity to help strengthen communication."

The device, which is waterproof and meant to be worn all the time, will grade users' progress by way of a point system. The wearer will gain points by doing more exercise and lose them by remaining sedentary too often.

The Halo will also permit users to "measure and track body fat," even allowing them to "see [themselves] at different body fat percentages with a personalized 3D model."

The device will charge users $3.99 per month for its services.

Big tech and media are already using a collage of various measures to analyze us, so they can divide, manipulate, market, and profit on us. They can easily measure our responses to information via browser tracking, to find out what topics move us, and in what ways. I firmly believe that social media / digital media / regular media has gained incredible human behavioral analytic powers these past 10-15 years, and is the reason why our country has gone crazy - they've gotten incredibly good at understanding & manipulating us, because we allowed them to do so via spy networks like google and facebook.

Emotional tracking via vitals is next. This will give them a whole new level of power. Not only will they use it to serve us an opportune advertisement for an ice cream bar delivered in just 3 minutes via Amazon Air, when were feeling low, but they'll be many more sinister uses. They'll know how your heart rate reacts to seeing certain images, hearing certain passages, and reading certain passages. Holy. fucking. shit. will this work well for them, and bad for us.
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