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Jack's Advice On Surviving A Hurricane

By ohomen171 follow ohomen171   2019 Aug 31, 3:31am 428 views   6 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share      

#hurricane dorian Dear:

Your Saturday newspaper..Hurricane Dorian has my attention. I was born on the island of Galveston. In 1900, 6000 people died one night during a hurricane. I rode out Hurricane Carla in 1961. In 1968, I rode a hurricane one night in a US Navy destroyer in the Caribbean. (In this case the captain was a wonderful man and no one was hurt or killed.) I sent Beatriz a message telling her about my experiences with hurricanes and advising her what to do. I will repeat this for the benefit of Liliana and her family in Florida. Most important, if you get an evacuation order, pack what you can in the cars and "get the hell out of there!" Most deaths happen because people fail to heed evacuation orders. If no evacuation order comes, you will still have a rough ride. I recommend that all vehicles get their fuel tanks full. Have a two-week supply of bottled water and basic food supplies. Have batteries, some flashlights, and a portable radio that operates on batteries. A portable generator would help also. In these storms, animals like alligators and snakes (some very poisonous) are driven out of their normal habitats. You need to be careful about this danger. You also must be alert to looters who come to rob houses in these bad situations. My final piece of advice concerns what is called "the eye of the storm." If it comes right over where you are staying, it's surreal. Everything goes dead quiet and still. You will feel like you are on another planet. Do not relax and get over-confident. Once the eye of the storm passes, all hell breaks loose!
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ohomen171 says
I recommend that all vehicles get their fuel tanks full. Have a two-week supply of bottled water and basic food supplies. Have batteries, some flashlights, and a portable radio that operates on batteries.

In the Cool and Hip Bay Area, there's only 3 major highways connecting the five million of us to the rest of North America. (Four highways if you want to include the Golden Gate Bridge).

We Cool and Hip Bay Areans mostly import our water through pipelines and aqueducts from over 100 miles away, much of it moved against gravity up and over the coast ranges by pumping stations. (Yes, Smugsters, I know: Hetch Hetchy is gravity fed. But not all our imported water is from that source). Likewise much of our electricity is imported.

We are So Hip, and So Cool, and So Smug, and, living among major earthquake faults, So Vulnerable. And unlike the hurricanes, the earthquakes come with no warnings. Ohomen's advice is good advice for us here in the Bay Area.
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I am Jack's complete lack of surprise
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My advice is to never look at the local news, and always consult the NOAA Satellites.
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Hurricanes are always entertaining. You have days/ week of public officials begging people to prepare and evacuate. Then, news cameras of mothers with children playing in the rising waves and winds, surfers and skim boarders, people strolling blithely while looking at the menacing clouds coming in and laughing, beach bars advertising drunken hurricane parties, interviews of toothless geezers in walkers and eye patches declaring they have survived multiple hits and they aren't going anywhere, people laughing while the wind blows them away or stands them up. Then after the hurricane hits, destroys, and floods, you have the news segments of all the pity pot stuff of the 'poor people' who are screaming and crying that they have to be rescued from their own stupidity.

Maybe hurricanes are God's way of cleansing the Idiopolous of a surfeit of idiots.
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My favorite is "This is so bad, I've lived here for 30 years, it's always hell preparing for hurricanes."

I ALWAYS have my gas stove, jugs of water, battery powered fans, solar charger, shitloads of extra batteries, etc. on hand.

People live in a hurricane zone for 30 years and have to rush out and grab shit? C'mon, dude.
6   Booger   ignore (6)   2019 Aug 31, 1:22pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

I've seen people surfing off the coast of Long Island when there is a hurricane in the Atlantic.

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