youtube/twitter loser who whines about Islamophobia but nothing abt Germany

2016 Dec 23, 11:22am   2,007 views  2 comments

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Since I didn't follow his work before, I will point this out and go back to BOYCOTTING his ass


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1   MisdemeanorRebel   2016 Dec 23, 11:34am  

Oh yeah, that cunt. He baits the airlines constantly by counting down in Arabic and other provocative acts. He usually isn't kicked off the plane.

His twitter feed has his baiting a different aircrew every month. It sucks to be an oppressed jet setter.

2   MMR   2016 Dec 23, 3:38pm  

He has a useful purpose: shame people into silence to make it easier to hijack planes. Not saying he is on ISIS but wouldn't be surprised if he at least sympathizes with their cause from a

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