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Jerry Brown, Go Home! Take your illegal aliens with you.... (
by ForcedTQ on 19 Sep 2018  1 comment, latest 7 months ago
Jerry is fucking senile. Trump IS dangerous, I will give him that. But it's not what Jerry is saying that makes him dangerous, it's that he's against the establishment from...

Bob Woodward book: Trump called Jeff Sessions a Traitor, is mentally retarded! (
by ForcedTQ on 4 Sep 2018  1 comment, latest 7 months ago Well, he's right about Sessions, that clown needs kicked out for sure!

California is fighting the wrong fight..... (
by ForcedTQ on 27 Apr 2018  1 comment, latest a year ago If the commie tyrant blowhards that run our state actually understood the constitution they would just work to shut down the Federal EPA. It has NO authority to exist....
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