Angela Merkel Calls for Ban on Full-Face Veils in Germany

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2016 Dec 7, 7:19am   2,197 views  3 comments

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Ms Merkel who has let more than 1.5 Million refugees in Germany in the past 2 years now implicitly admit that there is a risk of Sharia Law being apply in Germany. Why should people trust her now, after what she did?
Most refugees admitted in Germany are young men who will under the law have the right to bring their spouses to Germany, and create a family. 10 years from now, the Muslim population will double in Germany giving them more political influence. That is when the clash will occur, long after Ms Merkel is gone.

Ms Merkel is making a mistake running again. She will lose.


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1   MMR   2016 Dec 7, 7:23am  

This was an article that NY Times allowed comments for; to NY Times dismay, there are many who support the ban.

2   MMR   2016 Dec 7, 7:26am  

Another commenter from Framingham MA:

"Banning any form of covering is of course ridiculous. With the exception of identification requirements anyone should be able to wear whatever they like. Understanding the nexus of the burka is what compels me to denounce it. It is just another instrument used by man to oppress women. Just as I defend your right to wear it you must defend my right to oppose it."

3   MMR   2016 Dec 7, 7:26am  

Best response from Brooklyn, NY "regressive" to Framingham, MA "progressive"

Well, Chris, I don't know. I don't think we'd like to see KKK sheets draped over casual passers-by as we walk in New York City or Framingham. There's a limit.

The fact is, you shouldn't be masking your face on a regular basis. Halloween, we give it a pass. Perhaps in Muslim lands, women's covering of their faces is de rigueur. Here, it's antisocial, regressive.

When I see a woman in full burka, I think, Why are you here? This is the land you come to in order to escape old ways.

Or at least, that's the way it is for now.

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