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10 Downing Food \x26 Wine, 10 Downing, New York, NY 10014
by xrpb11a on 7 Aug 2012  Posted 7 years ago

Way over your heads...
by xrpb11a on 18 Jul 2012  32 comments, latest 7 years ago
So Romney is 'accused' of shipping jobs overseas. He did. He made massive profits for himself and the companies he represented..He's a qualified EXPERT at it. He beat the system...

Chasing money market interest rates
by xrpb11a on 19 Jan 2011  14 comments, latest 8 years ago
Hi, Have 150K, want to keep semi-liquid for a year or so...am currently in money market at wells fargo @ 0.35 apy... Looking at Nationwide online bank, which is currently...
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