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The fat man wants to be potus (
by seesaw on 14 Nov 2021  23 comments, latest 16 days ago Do we really need to see this man running for POTUS?I have this gut feeling that the political swamp has a big chair just for him.but of course he...

The shadow POTUS (
by seesaw on 28 Sep 2021  1 comment, latest 2 months ago
Has the crew ever gave this thought?https://thetruedefende I heard someone say that she is calling all the shots, and now I'm with those who want to know who is...

AP tells DeSantis to stop aide's 'harassing behavior' (
by seesaw on 22 Aug 2021  3 comments, latest 3 months ago It pisses me off that some media company piece of shit is now crying... wah...wah...wah... that refuse the pressure and now "Sticks and Stones" mentality...WTF... is it that everyone...

China’s Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory—IT CAME FROM A US LAB! (
by seesaw on 15 Aug 2021  5 comments, latest 3 months ago If Sippy Cup Biden, and Fake Fauci, agree to this video, then we need to rise up... but they don't have the balls to call it out as propaganda......

The Weather Channel just isn't the same anymore... more climate politics
by seesaw on 11 Aug 2021  1 comment, latest 4 months ago
In the old days this cable channel just processed the weather without any mumbo-jumbo of "Global Warming" or "Climate Change". Now every hour their is some reasoning of why our...

Jan 6th conclusion... mass demonstrating of the capital doesn't work.. So what will work?
by seesaw on 31 May 2021  3 comments, latest 6 months ago
After seeing the event in the media, I believe the event was infiltrated. So the control was lost...and the spin given by the media, that this was an "Insurrection", I...
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