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2023 Sep 23, 8:18pm   235 views  3 comments

by Patrick   ➕follow (60)   💰tip   ignore  

I was looking up Moe Annenberg, a well known bookie who got really rich, and whose son became US ambassador to Britain and started the Annenberg Foundation, which sponsors NPR, which is now simply a state-controlled propaganda outlet in the US.

Found this, lol:

It wasn't me, honest, but I admire the person who did that and think we should all be editing Wikipedia for truth all the time, and noting how long it takes the CIA to revert the truth to falsehood.

Let's use this thread for that. Make them lock all the articles to prove that Wikipedia is now also nothing but a state-controlled propaganda outlet too.

UPI is a bit more honest about the Moe Annenberg:


(Walter) Annenberg was the only son of a Jewish immigrant who made a fortune selling horse racing results to bookies and mobsters and went to prison in disgrace. He spent his life making and giving away billions, partly to redeem the family name.

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2   Patrick   2023 Sep 28, 9:37am  


Elon Musk was right about Wikipedia. History is being rewritten by those with too much time on their hands. Here's Wikipedia, trying to erase Yaroslav Hunka, whose presence in the Canadian parliament embarrassed Justin Trudeau and the rest of his Liberals.

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