Zuck's Threads Bullshit Thread

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2023 Jul 7, 9:20am   663 views  7 comments

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1   UkraineIsTotallyFucked   2023 Jul 8, 7:33am  

Mark Zuckerberg of Meta-Facebook-Instagram says he wants his new Threads app to be a more positive alternative to Twitter. "We are definitely focusing on kindness and making this a friendly place," Zuckerberg said on Wednesday.

In practice, that’s meant creating secret blacklists to censor disfavored users and selling your personal “Health & Fitness," "Financial," and "Sensitive" data to the world’s largest corporations and, perhaps, the military-industrial complex.

3   Ceffer   2023 Jul 8, 10:40am  

"A better way to fool you into spying on yourself!"

DARPA doesn't want its multi billion dollar spy program gifted to ZuckFuck Dynastic to diminish in power. Finger your associates, show pictures of your guns, receive honeytraps who will blackmail you, enable pedophile networks sanctioned and protected by the elites aka non-suicided Epstein and non-imprisoned Jizzlaine, watch your social credit score go up and down. Become agog at the great propaganda movie fictions provided for your brainwashing consumption.

When everybody is indexed and blackmailed, their job is done.
4   richwicks   2023 Jul 8, 2:59pm  

Trollhole says


I live and work here. I'm an telling you you have to abandon these platforms.

If you don't, you deserve what you get.
6   Ceffer   2023 Jul 14, 11:15am  

"You've been DARPA'd. An FBI speech conformity team will be in contact shortly. If you do not open your door for them, a battering ram will be provided at no charge to open your door for you."
7   apex   2023 Jul 14, 1:48pm  

richwicks says

I live and work here. I'm an telling you you have to abandon these platforms.

Me too -- I have been working in this industry for 30 years, since before the Netscape IPO. Never created a Facebook account, never created an instagram account, never got on Whatsapp. That's not to say I am perfect - I hopped on to linkedIn and gmail before I realized they were evil too.

You cannot avoid everything but at least try to avoid what you can. Abandon Facebook, it has absolutely nothing useful to give you.

And while you are at it, stop doing business with "cashless" businesses. I was a huge Philz junkie, but I walked out the day they went cashless and haven't gone back in there since. I just wanted coffee, I don't want to participate in their stupid cashless game.

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