Trump to be indicted on Fed Charges as early as this week

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2023 Jun 6, 10:12am   7,648 views  108 comments

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A federal grand jury is expected to meet in Florida to hear testimony about former President Donald Trump's alleged mishandling of classified documents.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the grand jury is part of the investigation conducted by special counsel Jack Smith. It's separate from a Washington, D.C. grand jury that's been hearing testimony in the documents case.

People close to the investigation said Smith was trying to tie up loose ends before a possible indictment.

NBC News confirmed that a grand jury was meeting in Florida.

"Why prosecutors are using multiple grand juries, and whether they are ready to seek an indictment in either jurisdiction is unknown," the NBC News report noted. "The Justice Department declined to comment on the investigation."

On Monday, attorneys for Trump met with officials at the Department of Justice to argue he should not be indicted.

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64   richwicks   2023 Jun 17, 2:18am  

socal2 says

What I won't accept is that Trump was perfect and he is the ONLY candidate that can win in 24 and get things done.

Haha, his imperfection is his gift.

Biden is perfect, Obama was perfect, George W. Bush was perfect, in their complete dishonesty and corruption. Hillary Clinton would have been, as would Mitt Romney, John McCain, John Kerry, and Al Gore.

Stop looking for perfection, and look for absolute corruption. Joe Biden is OPENLY selling access to his office. He's just a moron because it's so obvious, I'm certain Obama did the same and George W. Bush did as well. Clinton did.

How did Obama make 12 million dollars to buy a beach house on Martha's Vineyard? Well, he accepted a bribe to change the national curriculum for common core math. This made Random House 1/2 billion dollars with new books, and he got 60 million out of the deal for a memoir you've never seen or read - so what if our entire nation's kid's don't learn fundamental math?

He seriously got a 60 million dollar book deal for his memoirs. What's the book? Nobody knows, because nobody cares. You've never read it, and you've never heard of it. It was a bribe.

Don't believe it?


Until you recognize the corruption, it will continue.
65   GNL   2023 Jun 17, 2:42am  

Books, art, jobs, speaking fees etc are bribes.
66   WookieMan   2023 Jun 17, 6:31am  

socal2 says

It is becoming next to impossible to make a Conservative case for Trump's ability to win, let alone his ability to govern - so we are back to dopey attacks on DeSantis. At least you are not making Leftist attacks against DeSantis record like Trump and his surrogates have made in recent weeks.

I haven't bashed Desantis too much. Trump has owned his looks for decades. And yes, females vote based on looks. His voice is whiney and Trump's direct and at a 5th grade level so pretty much EVERYONE can understand what he's saying. And he's funny. Desantis lacks charisma and impromptu speaking. I don't think he's "bad" though.

No one can really say for sure that his policy will be that much different than most of the current GOP. We simply don't know. Saying and doing are different on the national level. Trump has a track record with flaws and all.

And again, the 800 pound gorilla in the room. The lower educated Trump voters just won't show on election day in November. That could easily be 5% of republican aligned voter/MAGA voters AND result in massive losses in Congress. In certain House districts Trump lost because of cheating but the Republican won the House seat. AmericanKulak I think has posted on this before.

Assuming republicans don't cheat, he got the most popular votes in history besides Biden's phantom votes. And again, if Trump and Desantis can unite at some point and he's VP, you have a backstop if there's more impeachment shit and we'll likely keep the House and that makes the current GOP happy probably.

Desantis is young enough to have his chance in '28. Trump is going to make him look bad is all I'll say if he goes too far along the primary process. He's getting rocked in polling even after Trump's NY charge and the Federal indictment.

This is more about strategy of actually winning and Desantis could get on the job training so to speak. Desantis won't win against Biden as sad as that sounds. He loses a good chunk of the MAGA voters if he's the nominee. This is literally what did Hillary in. She lost the Bernie voters. Same will happen in reverse. Deasantis is polling lower than Bernie as well when comparing 2015.

Remember if Trump wins he's gone if 4 years. It would take a Constitutional amendment to get a 3rd term. Not happening. He also won't be in 24/7 "campaign" mode from the office in a 2nd term. He'll just leave. Could promote Desantis IF he's VP and running in 2028. My argument is for strategy in the future, nothing against Desantis besides the voice and face for now. It's possible to lock up the executive branch for 12 years and SCOTUS for maybe 40-50 years. It's important to get this right and I just don't think it's Desantis' time.
67   Onvacation   2023 Jun 17, 8:10am  

socal2 says

FFS - this is why we can't have nice things and why we are governed by Liberal retards.

No. It's because the criminal syndicate that runs this country wants all the nice things for themselves.

Troll harder.
68   Onvacation   2023 Jun 17, 8:17am  

socal2 says

We are to believe DeSantis' entire life's accomplishments and record over the past 20 years (which are substantial if you claim to be against Leftism) has all been a sUpeR sEcret head-fake to usher in Communism for this moment in 2024?

Sounds right. The Yale educated Guantanamo lawyer should finish his term as governor.
71   Patrick   2023 Aug 4, 8:32am  


Joe Rogan is 100% correct, on this, I give him high marks "Joe Rogan: Biden DOJ’s Trump Indictments Are the ‘Actions of a Banana Republic’"; Rogan then mentioned how President Joe Biden mishandled

classified documents but is not facing the same persecution as Trump. “You take your political rival and you arrest him and specifically, you charge him with things that you’re fucking guilty of..."

72   clambo   2023 Aug 4, 8:37am  

The most absurd thing about his persecution by the assholes in the Biden DOJ is the press reports it like it's actually a crime to complain about election fraud.

The second most absurd thing is that the indictment claims that 1. Trump complained about the election AND 2. Trump knew that the election was not a fraud but said so anyway.

I guess the millions of us who think it was a fraud and the thousands to went to DC to complain about the election fraud were also actually aware that there was no fraud but we just were fucking with everyone's mind?
73   RWSGFY   2023 Aug 4, 9:01am  

Biden wants to run against Trump - many demon rats said so. This is their way to ensure Trump's nomination. No way court proceedings are done by election day, so it's not a way to stop him
from participating in the election.
76   Patrick   2023 Aug 5, 4:45pm  


Former President Donald Trump joked Friday that he would win the 2024 election if he was hit with “one more indictment” during a speech before a dinner held by the Alabama Republican Party.
78   Patrick   2023 Aug 8, 9:12am  


U.S. — Former President Trump is facing yet another indictment, this time for mocking U.S. Women's soccer after their embarrassing loss to Sweden over the weekend.

"The sanctity of U.S. Women's soccer is never to be made fun of," said Special Council Jack Smith after reading the charges. "Every one of those highly attractive and beautiful women is both stunning and brave. We believe Trump violated the constitution somehow by making fun of them on Truth Social, and we will prove it as soon as we can figure out which law he broke."

According to sources, Trump posted the words "Nice shot Megan" shortly after Megan Rapinoe's terrible shot in which she kicked the ball like a girl and missed a penalty kick by a mile. "Such cruel, calloused, sexist behavior from Trump must be an obstruction of justice somehow. Or maybe a violation of some obscure 18th-century federal law governing sporting events. We'll get back to you," said Smith to reporters.

Sources within the U.S. Women's team confirmed all the players were distraught by Trump's mockery and are begging authorities to arrest him before it can happen again. "Please," said one anonymous source. "Our democracy depends on it."

At publishing time, the U.S. Women's Team had demanded higher pay to compensate for their emotional suffering following Trump's social media post.
87   Patrick   2023 Aug 18, 11:02am  


Draw back from the scene and understand that the sheer heaping-up of procedural legal bullshit in the various sham court cases against candidate Donald Trump is largely an attempt to confound, mystify, and preoccupy the public while the great scaffold of our national life collapses. The news — both legacy and alt — will be dominated day after day by analyses of every move and counter-move through endless thickets of courtroom minutiae while the US economy crashes and burns, residual wealth is confiscated, and the American social order turns into something like fiery goo.

By November of 2024, somebody will be elected president, or no one will be. At this point, it is probably down to an election that more than half the country won’t believe in, or no election at all due to civil chaos so extreme it will make the 1861 weeks of secession look as tame as a middle school fire drill. Beyond the hamstringing and hog-tying of their chief adversary, the Democratic Party lawfare necromancers have set up the gameboard with surpassing precision so that their opponents will never be able to win another election. Yet, they are so self-satisfied as to apparently think no one noticed. (We’ll be coming for you, eventually, Marc Elias.)
95   Patrick   2023 Sep 5, 1:18pm  


Those who dominate culture now seem to believe they are still the most interesting people in the world with the most interesting things to say. But because they’re so disconnected from the desperate cries of the working class, they can’t possibly tell stories that resonate with the majority.

A counterculture revolution, and maybe even a political one, is coming because the people “out there” will demand it. We’re already seeing signs of it everywhere, but recognizing it requires stepping out of the protective bubble the Left has built for itself.

Do they really believe on the Left that they can end the Trump movement by convicting him and throwing him in jail? Do they think that’s the best approach to deal with a populist revolution, culturally and politically? Do they think that censorship on sites like YouTube and GoFundMe is the way to quiet the rising discontent of the people they have abandoned?

Yes, they do because no one has told them otherwise. But you can’t stop what’s coming.
97   Patrick   2023 Sep 27, 12:34pm  


Yesterday, the Associated Press breathlessly reported on the first court decision against President Trump, in a story headlined “Judge rules Donald Trump defrauded banks, insurers while building real estate empire.”

Ruling in a civil lawsuit brought by woke, Soros-funded New York Attorney General Letitia James, New York state judge Arthur Engoron found that Trump and his company had “deceived” banks, insurers and others by “massively overvaluing” his assets and “exaggerating his net worth” on applications and financial statements used while making real-estate deals and securing bank loans.

The first thing to understand about the decision is that no one was harmed. Trump paid all his loans back in full, on time. Letitia’s case is only about what Trump put down on the financial statements that were provided to extremely sophisticated financial professionals who didn’t rely on them. Letitia and Judge Engoran relied on a goofy New York law criminalizing “falsifying” financial documents — a unique law that doesn’t require even one single victim.

That’s bad enough. But it gets a LOT worse.

This case is right in my wheelhouse; I’ll explain the whole thing. It’s not complicated. The judge’s 35-page decision is, at bottom, only about how President Trump valued his real estate holdings when he was providing his personal financial statement to various people. ...

Principle number one: Real estate valuation is not a science because values are subjective. Every effort to value real estate is just a guess at what someone will eventually be willing to pay for the land. Your dilapidated barn might be someone else’s castle.

Real estate — buildings and land — is worth different amounts to different people. A thousand acres of inexpensive pine forest zoned only for agricultural use could be worth a whole lot more to a developer who’s confident he can get a zoning change. It’s not nefarious. Maybe that developer also owns a half-acre parcel downtown somewhere that the County has long wanted for a park, so he knows he has something to trade the commissioners for rezoning the pine forest to residential.

That hypothetical developer would pay a lot more for the thousand acres than anyone else. So what’s the property worth? The price to everyone else or the “highest and best use?”

But legal disputes must be resolved and you have to start somewhere. Lawyers think about real estate values in three general categories, depending on who is doing the valuing. From lowest value to highest, the normal categories are: the tax appraised value (the lowest, and least likely to be accurate), the “forced liquidation” value (think foreclosure sale), and then the highest, the “market” value (determined by professional appraisers who assume that the seller can market the property without pressure or time constraints).

Even professional appraisers disagree on land value. Every single one of my cases involves competing appraisals, and the appraisers’ numbers are often wildly different. Lawyers and judges all know that appraisals are just guesses. When I negotiate with bank lawyers, I often offer to bet them a month’s salary that when the appraised property finally sells, it will bring a price at least 15% different than the bank’s appraisal. In all these years, no opposing lawyer has ever taken that bet.

A fourth category of valuation is the owner’s opinion of his property’s value. Even though an owner might not be a real estate expert, the law considers the owner well positioned to know the value of their own property. They probably think about it a lot. They know all the pro’s and con’s.

Therefore under the law, an owner’s opinion is admissible evidence of value.

The lowest valuation is usually the tax appraised value, which is the amount used by the state to calculate annual property taxes. There’s a good reason why it’s the lowest: tax appraisers calculations are limited in many ways under state law. For example, in Florida tax appraisers can’t increase the value of homestead property — where someone lives — more than a few percentage points at a time. Tax appraisers also can only change the assessment when certain things happen, like when a property is sold.

Judge Engoran ruled yesterday that Trump had “inflated” his property values on his financial statements. Meaning, the judge decided what the properties were worth and then found that Trump overestimated Trump’s values — on paper. Take for example Trump’s residence, Mar-a-Lago, which the judge determined was worth $18 million for the entire ten-year period between 2011 and 2021.

That determination was based only on the county tax assessor, who appraised its value between $18 and $27 million. So of course the Judge used the lowest number in that range, $18 million, comparing that to Trump’s value of between $426 million and $612 million:

Nobody would use the tax appraiser’s value to guess at Mar-a-Lago’s selling price. Nobody. ...

So Forbes estimated Mar-a-Lago’s value between $200 million and $725 million, based on broker opinions, and ultimately went with “a conservative” $350 million. Mar-a-Lago is spectacular, historic, all-stone, luxury oceanfront property that looks like a castle and is the size of a small hotel. For comparison, a 5-bedroom home recently sold in the same neighborhood for $75 million.

The $18 million value is a joke. Except nobody’s laughing.

And it gets even worse. All of Trump’s financial statements — again, provided to sophisticated financial professionals — included a prominent disclaimer saying that actual real estate values could be wildly different than what was put down.The judge even reprinted the disclaimer in full in his opinion...

But Judge Engoran breezily waved the disclaimer aside, in essence holding that Trump should have known better anyway. The judge then went through all Trump’s other LLCs and properties and applied the same logic, finding Trump’s guesses at the value of his real estate were “false.”

The practical effect, as I read the order, is that the judge has ordered Trump to stop doing business in New York, and ordered Trump’s properties to be fire-sold under a court-appointed receiver. Again — even though nobody was harmed.

I assume President Trump’s lawyers will appeal this awful decision. Stay tuned.
98   REpro   2023 Sep 27, 6:05pm  

I think judge realized that he cannot decide about value of real estate. Judge always hire professionals. This only proof that the case has political aspect.
99   richwicks   2023 Sep 27, 6:30pm  

REpro says

I think judge realized that he cannot decide about value of real estate. Judge always hire professionals. This only proof that the case has political aspect.

None of this shit matters. The result is people are becoming aware that we don't have an actual judicial system.
100   REpro   2023 Sep 27, 9:18pm  

richwicks says

REpro says

I think judge realized that he cannot decide about value of real estate. Judge always hire professionals. This only proof that the case has political aspect.

None of this shit matters. The result is people are becoming aware that we don't have an actual judicial system.

Here things get complicated. Many understand already that judicial system now is straight from communism system. However, Democratic left think that judicial system is just fine as long as working to put Trump to jail. Don't understand and don't want to understand that someday same system can bite them.
I remember times when people were arrested without a reason and have to proof that they are innocent or stay in jail/prison.
101   PumpingRedheads   2023 Sep 27, 10:24pm  

REpro says

Don't understand and don't want to understand that someday same system can bite them.

That day is definitely coming soon if Trump wins.

There are plans to revamp both the FBI and DoJ and then sick them on Democrats and their donors.
102   REpro   2023 Sep 27, 10:55pm  

iwog2 says

REpro says

Don't understand and don't want to understand that someday same system can bite them.

That day is definitely coming soon if Trump wins.

There are plans to revamp both the FBI and DoJ and then sick them on Democrats and their donors.

103   HeadSet   2023 Sep 28, 1:51pm  

iwog2 says

There are plans to revamp both the FBI and DoJ and then sick them on Democrats and their donors.

Will never happen. I would be glad just to see the crooked FBI agents prosecuted, such as those who knowingly gave that false Russia collusion documentation to the FISA court.

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