Vaccine Truth-Teller Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Announces 2024 Democratic Presidential Campaign

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a vaccine skeptic, sharp critic of the Covid-19 vaccines, and the nephew of 35th President John F. Kennedy, has launched a campaign for the Democratic Party’s nomination for president, challenging incumbent Joe Biden.


Try to imagine RFK Jr. debating the utterly corrupt, brain dead moron Joe Biden!

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303   Patrick   2023 Oct 17, 7:47pm  

RayAmerica says

Deep State Assassination Plot Thwarted? Heavily Armed Man With U.S. Marshals Badge Tried to Infiltrate RFK Jr’s Detail


"If I Don't Make it Back Alive..."

A closer look at the armed man (disguised as a U.S. Marshal) who demanded a meeting with RFK, Jr. ...

A darker interpretation of the refusal to provide Kennedy with Secret Service protection is that the Biden administration isn’t concerned about the possibility that he may, on the campaign trail, suffer the same fate that befell his uncle and father.

The darkest interpretation is that the Biden administration welcomes the possibility of Kennedy being assassinated on the campaign trail, and therefore does not wish to prevent it.
304   Bd6r   2023 Oct 18, 4:43pm  


Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. supports issuing reparations to the black community, making him the most prominent 2024 candidate to favor the controversial policy meant to atone for slavery and legal segregation.

Nice candidate we have there.
305   UkraineIsFucked   2023 Oct 18, 4:48pm  

Bd6r says

Nice candidate we have there.

As long as he siphons off votes for Biden, who cares?
306   Bd6r   2023 Oct 18, 4:54pm  

GasTheYoungTurks says

As long as he siphons off votes for Biden, who cares?

Will he siphon off also Trump votes due to being anti-vaxx? if not then it is OK jus he should not be portrayed as some Savior and fighter against the System (TM)
307   Tenpoundbass   2023 Oct 18, 5:09pm  

The Conservative Treehouse is trying to claim it will siphon black voters away from Trump.
It's in their blog posts today. I lost a lot of respect for their opinion, I don't think they really truly understand the Trump MAGA movement.
Nor what the people expect from Trump when they flip over to the other side. They damn sure don't understand the Walkaway voters, if they think they are after "Reparation'" at this point. The Black people that has been with Trump since the beginning, never were the type of people who are asking or want reparations. They have always been self efficient self reliant, self providing people who don't want taxes going to crap they don't beive in, and don't support Democrat policies. I'm sure none of them support GOP RINO polices, they aren't in it for them.
Then there's those that walked away after Trump got elected. They got turned off by the Reparation push, that was building up to the 2018 and 2020 elections. They thought they were Democrats, which meant the Democrats are the good guys, that stood for equality. But they saw more and more than it's not about equality with the new Democrats. Now there are those in the Hood in America. They have seen they have been used as patsies, pawns and stooges. They are repulsed by not only the actions of the Democrats and the factions they support and egg on to hinder and upend Society. They are repulsed at themselves for falling for it and believing it. They finally see the writing on the wall.

Those black people aren't going to go running to the next person who offers them reparations. Especially one that would be running as a Democrat if Democrats were honest enough to let him. They are crooked, and anyone who offers you a free ride if you give him power over you, is being more than dissentious.

This will siphon Black voters who are still waiting for their payday from the Democrats, from Biden. But it wont siphon Black folks who sees Trump for what he is, what he stands for and what is at stake. Trump black base that he has won over, trust him to not only be the right man, but the only man that can right this ship. They are just as concerned about the State of America as we are.

This will only take more black votes from Biden. Especially if the Democrats act like they own them and start calling him out like Rob Riener is doing there.
I sure hope Trump doesn't get involved in those kind of petty race ownership squabbles. It's not a bad look. Let he Democrats bemoan RFK Jr.'s efforts to court the black vote. Trump never had and never needed to. He just let's them step in when their ready, when they realize he's the man.

The Conservative Treehouse has lost ground with me.

308   Patrick   2023 Oct 19, 11:44am  


Conservatives are discovering RFK’s less well-known policies now that he’s running as an independent. For example, the New York Post ran a story yesterday headlined, “RFK Jr. comes out in favor of reparations, carving out lane to Biden’s left.”

According to the Post, RFK’s campaign website pretty clearly advocates for reparations, which are deeply unpopular with Republicans and sane people. RFK’s website explained:

“During Jim Crow, Black banks, businesses, hospitals, schools, and farms were targeted for destruction. Racists knew that without these, the Black community had no chance of building wealth. We must set federal dollars aside to rebuild Black infrastructure. These programs complement direct redress payments or tax credits to the descendants of the victims of Jim Crow and other victims of persecution. RFK Jr. will find ways to offer this redress that are legal, fair, and win the approval of Americans of all races.”

RFK is amazing on vaccines and medical freedom. Can conservatives can overlook his far-left policy positions? For me, I’m just glad RFK is in the race so the vaccine issue stays on the table.
309   Patrick   2023 Oct 19, 2:40pm  

But on the other hand, this he says this:

“During Jim Crow, Black banks, businesses, hospitals, schools, and farms were targeted for destruction. Racists knew that without these, the Black community had no chance of building wealth. We must set federal dollars aside to rebuild Black infrastructure.”
310   stereotomy   2023 Oct 19, 2:58pm  

It is true that during the great depression, federal programs to help farmers were nearly 100% racist. Many black freeholders lost their multigenerational farms.

The thing I like about RFK junior is that, if you ask him about something, he can go as deep as you need him to go in order to first understand, and then possibly approve his position. He's not an NPC soundbite at a time candidate.
311   PeopleUnited   2023 Oct 19, 6:20pm  

Patrick says

We must set federal dollars aside to rebuild Black infrastructure.

“Black infrastructure”?

Sounds racist.

The majority of the worlds population is what liberals (aka racists) call minorities. https://infogram.com/world-by-race-1h7k2305rdmlg2x
312   NuttBoxer   2023 Oct 19, 8:01pm  

Kennedy supports war-mongering in the Middle East. Stop looking for saviors in man's government.
313   Patrick   2023 Oct 26, 12:40pm  


About ten days ago I wrote about the Los Angeles DA’s office indifference to a heavily armed man, disguised as a U.S. Marshall, who attended an event for presidential candidate RFK, Jr. and—with the authority conveyed by his disguise—demanded a personal meeting with the candidate. In spite of the man’s violation of two state gun laws and one federal law (against impersonating a federal agent), the DA’s office showed no interest in the case, downgraded it to a misdemeanor and referred it the the LA City attorney’s office. The armed man posted $10,000 bail, was released, and the criminal proceedings were suspended when his attorney raised doubts about his mental capacity.

Now comes the news that an intruder was arrested at the Kennedy’s home yesterday not once, but twice. After his initial detainment, he was released from custody and returned to the Kennedy residence, where he was arrested a second time in the same day.
314   RWSGFY   2023 Oct 26, 1:09pm  

Staged by RFK to get attention back to his campaign which has been fading out of spotlight recently?
315   Tenpoundbass   2023 Oct 26, 4:23pm  

Now RFK is claiming his Independent Environmental policy will unite America.
He's lost it and is out of touch with the fed up Americans that is sick of the pathological grifting at our expense.
How dare him talk about environmental issues, without rebuking this administration's polluting the Colorado River with toxic mining fluid, nor a nary mention of the toxic railroad scuttle the destruction of food processing plants, the list is exhaustive. He's going on about tired environmental issues that were issues in the 80's. Your average business and citizen on the street isn't capable of being a major polluter at the level that he's harping about.


He should have stuck with Dennis Kusinich. It seems his appeal in the first place was Dennis' coaching. After he ditched him, he's on track to skim voters from Biden and nothing else. I withdraw my consideration to vote for him as a plan B.
316   UkraineIsFucked   2023 Oct 26, 4:48pm  

Young voters - which this meant to appeal to - don't know anything you are talking about.

In fact, they don't know shit reallly.
317   Tenpoundbass   2023 Oct 26, 9:01pm  

I liked Denis Kucinich for Presidennt in 2008, I'm convinced that RFK Jr. got on the radar because of his coaching. I think RKF Jr. threw him to the curb because the DNC out maneuvered him. That or Denis said I'm out when RFK's Wokey Doke staffers started ear fucking him to take on these nonsense issues.
318   RayAmerica   2023 Oct 27, 8:54am  

Yet, the low life Biden refuses to give RFK Jr. Secret Service protection:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: “Intruder Climbed The Fence At My Home”

“Yesterday an intruder climbed the fence at my home and was arrested. After being released from police custody later in the day, he immediately returned to my home and was arrested again,” RFK Jr. said.

“DHS Secretary Mayorkas has twice refused to grant Secret Service protection for our campaign. For full transparency, here are all the details, including the 3rd formal submission letter to Sec. Mayorkas,” he added.

319   Patrick   2023 Nov 1, 8:50am  

Me too.
320   stereotomy   2023 Nov 1, 9:05am  

Patrick says

Me too.

Me three.
321   RayAmerica   2023 Nov 2, 7:44am  

I'm beginning to think we're being played ...

U.S. NEWSPoll: Kennedy Takes Almost A Quarter Of Votes In 3-Way Matchup Against Biden And Trump

Finds that Biden is more likely to beat Trump with RFK Jr. in the mix

A new Quinnipac poll has found that in a hypothetical three way matchup between Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Joe Biden and Donald Trump the independent comes out with around a quarter of the votes.

The findings, one year out from the election, reveal that Kennedy gets 22% support among registered voters, Biden gets 39% and Trump gets 36%.

RFK Jr. received the largest share of independent voters with 36% support, with Trump on 31% and Biden on 30%.

In addition, more than a third of younger voters under the age of 35, 38%, favour Kennedy. Biden scored 32% and Trump just 27%.

The independent candidate also registers double-digit support among minority groups, including almost third of Hispanic voters.

Quinnipiac University polling analyst Tim Malloy noted “With minority and younger voters seeming intrigued, Kennedy, for now, enjoys the kind of demographic support his charismatic father and uncles generated decades ago.”

More here: https://summit.news/2023/11/02/poll-kennedy-takes-almost-a-quarter-of-votes-in-3-way-matchup-against-biden-and-trump/
322   RayAmerica   2023 Nov 6, 11:41am  

Billionaire Bill Ackman ... originally thought Kennedy was a 'wacko,' but then started doing research...

Inspired by RFK Jr: Bill Ackman Announces Funding of Research Into Safety of Child "Vaccines"

323   Tenpoundbass   2023 Nov 6, 11:47am  

RayAmerica says

U.S. NEWSPoll: Kennedy Takes Almost A Quarter Of Votes In 3-Way Matchup Against Biden And Trump

Finds that Biden is more likely to beat Trump with RFK Jr. in the mix

A new Quinnipac poll has found that in a hypothetical three way matchup between Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Joe Biden and Donald Trump the independent comes out with around a quarter of the votes.

The media is priming the pump, for people's psyche to accept the outcome of how they steal the election. So that Trump supporters will blame RFK rather than looking at the election with an untrusting eye. RKF Jr. is not a palatable replacement for Trump at this point. Especially any critical thinker should realize by now voting for an independent is just as good as staying home and not voting at all. The Independent candidate will never win a Presidential election. Even the GOP RINO controlled districts will toss those votes if they are a threat.
324   RayAmerica   2023 Nov 13, 9:13am  

Biden's granddaughter has Secret Service protection, but Presidential candidate RFK Jr., who has had several close calls with potential assassins, doesn't.

Shots Fired After 3 People Try to Break Into Secret Service SUV in Crime-Ridden D.C.

The AP observed, “Police have reported more than 750 carjackings this year and more than 6,000 reports of stolen vehicles in the district.”

Violent crime is up over 40 percent, compared to where it was last year.The granddaughter was not in the SUV ... he life was never in any danger. This was a simple smash and grab in the nation's capitol, where crime is rampant.

Why is it that virtually all of America's cities that are run by Democrats are havens for criminals?

325   Patrick   2023 Nov 14, 7:38pm  


How I Will Free America From Corporate Capture

NOV 14, 2023

Last month in Philadelphia, the home of American Independence, I announced myself as an independent candidate for president. My candidacy is not only about being independent from the two political parties. My goal is to make the federal government independent too — independent of the corporate and financial interests that have a merciless grip on our democracy.

For decades Republicans have railed against Big Government and Democrats have complained about Big Business. Behind the scenes though, they have capitulated to both. The result is that we now face something much more dangerous: the combination of Big Government and Big Business.

As an Independent candidate for president beholden to neither major party, my mission is to dissolve this corrupt merger of state and corporate power.

A key feature of the state-corporate merger is the capture of federal agencies by industries they are supposed to regulate. This is why our nation’s most serious problems are never solved, but only seem to get worse.

Is it any wonder that our food is unwholesome, when pesticide companies and food conglomerates control the U.S. Department of Agriculture?

Is it any wonder that we wage endless wars when the defense contractors control the intelligence agencies, the Department of Defense, and the State Department?

How can we expect our environment to be anything but a toxic mess, when polluters and extractive industries dominate the EPA, Bureau of Land Management, and Department of the Interior? (In a lawsuit I helped file and win against the chemical-agriculture giant Monsanto, I learned that the head of the pesticide division of the EPA had been secretly colluding with Monsanto for years.)

The health of our nation has succumbed over the last two generations to an epidemic of chronic illness. Could that have anything to do with the fact that Big Pharma runs the CDC, NIH, and NIAID (the agency Anthony Fauci controlled for four decades)?

We are losing our First Amendment right to free speech because Big Tech is in cahoots with the intelligence agencies, the FCC, and CISA (the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency).

The American middle class has been decimated and its wealth siphoned to the top, in large part because of the influence that Wall Street and the big investment firms — JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street — have over the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Federal Reserve, and Department of the Treasury.

Many politicians, when they come into office, sincerely want to fix the government. Donald Trump famously vowed to drain the swamp. But when new presidents get in office they are helpless against the institutional inertia of the sprawling federal bureaucracy. So they make “safe” appointments at the various agencies, meaning people who are in the tank with industry. The result is business as usual.

President Trump’s inaugural committee got a million dollars from Pfizer and he then appointed a business associate of Pfizer to run the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), who then left through the revolving door to join Pfizer’s board. That’s not draining the swamp. That IS the swamp.

President Biden does the same thing. He has appointed executives of BlackRock to top economic posts, confirming BlackRock’s moniker as “The Fourth Branch of Government.”

I am not interested in business as usual. I’ve spent 40 years suing federal agencies. Now I’m going to turn that experience toward reclaiming them. The first step is to replace their top-level management with people who are not beholden to a corporate agenda.

I will recruit these people from among activists who have been fighting to do what the agencies should have been doing all along — protect the public interest. I will also draw from the ranks of reformers and whistleblowers inside the agencies themselves, and I will promote officials who have earned a reputation for resisting the corporate agenda.

I will go through the federal bureaucracy agency by agency to install honest, competent leadership. They will change the organizational culture of those agencies so that their employees — the majority of whom are decent civil servants who really do want to serve the public interest — can do their jobs.

I will also usher in a new era of transparency. It is commonplace today to receive page after page of heavy redactions from Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. It is as if our federal agencies have forgotten who their real bosses are — the people of the United States.

Change won’t come overnight, but with the cooperation of the many honest people inside these agencies, it may come sooner than most would expect. The American people can help the process by raising their expectations. For too long, we have simply accepted as normal an oppositional relationship to our government.

People have lost trust in their government — for good reason. Cleaning up the agencies and making them transparent servants of the public interest is an important step to earn that trust back.
326   UkraineIsFucked   2023 Nov 14, 7:42pm  

Sure he will, sure he will.

He won't be able to do jack shit unless he does to the Civil Service what Trump planned to do in his second term. And he won't do that.
327   just_passing_through   2023 Nov 14, 7:56pm  

Patrick says

those agencies so that their employees — the majority of whom are decent civil servants who really do want to serve the public interest — can do their jobs.

328   PeopleUnited   2023 Nov 14, 8:03pm  

Patrick says

As an Independent candidate for president beholden to neither major party, my mission is to prevent the re-election of Trump who wants to prevent the fascistic corrupt merger of state and corporate power.

Fixed it for you
329   HeadSet   2023 Nov 15, 6:18am  

PeopleUnited says

Patrick says

As an Independent candidate for president beholden to neither major party, my mission is to prevent the re-election of Trump who wants to undo the fascistic corrupt merger of state and corporate power.

Fixed it for you

Fixed it for you. too.

JFK Jr's candidacy is to be a receptacle to dump enough Trump votes so that Biden wins.
330   PeopleUnited   2023 Nov 15, 1:48pm  

HeadSet says

JFK Jr's candidacy is to be a receptacle to dump enough Trump votes so that Biden wins.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

RFK third party vote is a vote for Biden.
331   Shaman   2023 Nov 15, 3:06pm  

Idk… If Trump wants to win with a monster of a third party candidate like RFK in the race, he’s got to make some serious moves to get mass public support. And from the MIDDLE not the Right. The moderates and independents are RFKs until peeled away by either party. Biden won’t get many as he’s a walking corpse. Trump will get what he earns. If Trump doesn’t get Independents excited about a second term for him, RFK will take the center and the win.
332   RayAmerica   2023 Dec 4, 6:40pm  

RFK Jr: 'Tony Fauci Knew That Remdesivir Would Kill You!' (video)

333   RayAmerica   2023 Dec 6, 11:11am  

RFK Jr's Shocking Admission About Jeffrey Epstein, Calls for Complete Transparency

334   Patrick   2023 Dec 13, 11:26am  

Not about Kennedy, but about vaxx truth:


Finally! German TV MDR Breaks the Story, Highlighting Potential DNA Risks in COVID Vaccines for the First Time

A significant development

"Umschau," MDR's reputable investigative program, aired a segment on December 12, 2023, that cast a spotlight on the serious issue of DNA contamination in Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccines. The episode reported on findings from Professor Brigitte König's independent Magdeburg laboratory, which discovered substantial foreign DNA contamination in five batches of the BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine.

The DNA levels found exceeded the World Health Organization (WHO) limits, raising significant concerns over the safety of the vaccine used in global mass vaccination efforts.

The research highlighted that the least contaminated batch contained foreign DNA 83 times over the WHO's limit, while the most contaminated batch had DNA levels 354 times above the safety threshold. These startling results have intensified scrutiny over mRNA vaccines' production and regulatory oversight.

Dr. Jürgen Kirchner pressed for the vaccine's withdrawal under a specific clause in the Medicines Act, which mandates the removal of questionable products from the market. Kirchner presented these findings to the Bundestag's Petitions Committee in September 2023.

This development is quite substantial. It's been nine months since Kevin McKernan first identified the DNA contamination, a topic I covered in my March 2023 piece.
336   stereotomy   2023 Dec 27, 1:03pm  

Bobby Sr. was whacked for his stance against the mafia.

Bobby Jr. might be wacked for his stance against the pharma mafia.
338   Patrick   2024 Jan 8, 10:46am  


Damn, that is a blow against RFK Jr.

Mandating any vaccine or other injection is a crime which should itself be met with the death penalty every single time.

There are no exceptions. If anyone attempts to forcibly inject you with anything, you have every right to kill him, because he is threatening your life.
339   Patrick   2024 Feb 4, 8:14pm  

RayAmerica says

Patrick Bet-David Shuts Down Fredo Cuomo’s Attempt to Discredit RFK Jr.

I like this guy Patrick, and not just because he's named Patrick:


I assumed he's Jewish, but no, he's from ancient Christian minorities:

Patrick Bet-David was born on October 18, 1978, in Tehran, in the former Imperial State of Iran.[8][9] He is of Assyrian (paternal line) and Armenian (maternal line) descent.

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