Shelves empty at Christmas for you?

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2022 Dec 26, 6:47pm   310 views  3 comments

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I went to Best Buy and saw empty shelves today.

I had heard that shelves were empty often this Christmas season from others.

What is your experience? Shelves empty for you too? If so, Why?

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1   Tenpoundbass   2022 Dec 26, 7:03pm  

I noticed all of the cool stuff that was for a reasonable price was all gone. The cheap crap, or out of price range stuff was all still in stock. The same at Brands mart USA.
Though Best Buy still hasn't recovered from the pattern I noticed last year, where they took everything off the shelf, and basically you order what you want, and they ship it to you from their local warehouse. They still don't have as broad as a selection they used to have. But they have some stuff in stock now.
2   BayArea   2022 Dec 26, 7:43pm  

Nope… tons of stuff, everything available here in the tri valley
3   WookieMan   2022 Dec 26, 7:54pm  

I wouldn't know. I don't go to stores anymore generally. Grocery and that's it. Maybe a pharmacy for the nephews asthma meds. I'm fucking weird. I really don't leave my town often. No point. All my current/local friends are 2 min away and a few up to 20 min away and kids activities. Haven't been in a Target or Walmart type store in a year? Maybe more. Wave of the future Patnet friends.

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