What We're Gonna Have in 2023 is a Democrat Recession

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Households and small businesses are sitting on $17 trillion in cash. Not stocks, bonds or Bitcoin ---- cash. They are quite prepared for government fuckery.

Large businesses, states and municipalities, as well as welfare Ho's, are massively in debt or reliant upon "free" money. "Free" money is going to drop a lot. There will be no capital gains and therefore no capital gains taxes. The democrat states rely heavily on income taxes, especially income taxes from the very wealthy, whose incomes are made up primarily from "Free" money in terms of capital gains. Interest rate are gonna be much higher than what large corporations are used to. They will have to roll over their outstanding debts at a much higher interest rate. Using debt for expansion is gonna have to be actually thought out. A bunch of Zombie corporations might not make it.

Inflation is gonna hit the welfare Ho's as Biden's ability to just send them more "free" money comes to an end with a Republican House.

The Fed wants to increase the unemployment rate to curb inflation. Well, people are leaving the labor market and retiring, going on disability, or turning to crime. Quiet quitting aint gonna go away if businesses don't increase pay to keep up with inflation. Pretty much the opposite of what the Fed wants.

The Democrats get what they get.
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