Has Ukraine’s Army Been Reduced by Almost 50%?

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2022 Dec 1, 2:44pm   6,550 views  55 comments

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Perhaps this is why the Corporate media, representing the Military Industrial Complex, is no longer obsessed with the Ukraine/Russian War? Have we been spending $BILLONS in support of a lost cause? (Personally, I knew it was a lost cause from day 1)

If Russia wins, that would be an enormous blow to the elites that want to construct a despotic, totalitarian, One World Government.

From the article:

Ursula von Der Leyen’s did the unthinkable today — she told the truth. During a speech condemning Russia for committing war crimes, she noted in passing that 100,000 Ukrainian “officers” (sic) have been killed since the start of the SMO.

If the 100,000 dead number is true, then that means Ukraine’s total casualties — i.e., killed and wounded — is approximately 400,000. In other words, Ukraine has suffered almost 40% casualties since the start of the fighting. During the 20th Century, this type of modern warfare normally saw 3 wounded soldiers for every man killed. Using that ratio we get the 400,000 number for total casualties.

It appears that some Western analysts who previously pooh-poohed the Russian tactics, are finally beginning to realize that Russia is serious about de-militarizing Ukraine via methodical, grinding tactics. There will come a point when Ukraine runs out of men and cannot field a combat effective force. It appears that day is approaching.


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51   RayAmerica   2022 Dec 7, 7:43am  

Putin: Risk Of Nuclear War "Rising", Will Defend Russia "By All Available Means"

52   WookieMan   2022 Dec 13, 6:06am  

cisTits says

Euroweenies who will not send their little under-population-replacement darlings to die in Ukraine don't count in the numbers. Only those that have a realistic probability of being drafted, trained and deployed to actually fight, like Russian reservists, for example.

It's not the 1940's. Throw humans at this all you want. Russia is in the stone age militarily. This is fact. This whole deal should have been over by now. If you're so dominant Russia should have just rolled in with the tanks and taken over.

Maybe they're playing a long game, but any rational observer would say Russia is getting their asses handed to them. Frankly it's embarrassing for a land invasion of a neighbor. This isn't like Joe Dirt from America going to Afghanistan. The Russian troops have likely visited or been to parts of Ukraine they're attacking. And they still aren't winning. No Navy needed. Air superiority is null.

Face it, their brut force didn't work against Western weapons. Maybe long term Russia gets something out of this, but currently they're looking like the losers. What is the point of blowing up all the Ukrainian infrastructure and still seemingly losing the war? Even if you win, you destroyed everything and have a populous that is likely to have animosity towards you for generations.

We did it in the ME. That's why we'll have terrorism for generations. Russia is always going to have problems with its neighbors. This isn't a new situation. They're making it worse and look like shit on a global scale.
53   RayAmerica   2022 Dec 13, 6:47am  

Do you support Ukraine? If YOU do, it's time for YOU to pony up! Zelensky wants YOU to donate to the cause. Remember, give until it hurts!

Zelensky Names Price for Ukraine’s Winter Survival: Seeks $840+ Million in Donations

54   WookieMan   2022 Dec 13, 7:30am  

cisTits says

The Russians have been doing thus shit for centuries.

And where has that gotten them? They have resources in the ground and that's it. Russia does and makes nothing. Make all the artillery you want. We're talking Ukraine, one of the most corrupt nations on the planet run by drunks. Just because Russia decides to kill off its young men every generation doesn't mean it's logical or winning at anything. They look like fucking idiots, no different than we did dicking around in the ME, but we lost a fraction of our troops compared to Russia over the centuries.

Every party involved in this dumb ass shit is a dumb ass. Europe, US, Russia, whoever. Europe and Russia is a shit hole of morons. We shouldn't be involved in anything over there beside exporting anything that is still American made. Let the dumb assess over there start a 3rd European war. Let them just kill each other.
55   Bd6r   2022 Dec 13, 7:51am  


Russia is all hat and no cattle. They have already failed multiple shittests. Remember "Armageddon is inevitable if a single shell lands in Crimea"? How about "Kherson oblast is Russia now and will be forever and if Russian soil is attacked it will be defended by all means available, including nukes, THIS IS NOT A BLUFF"? Yeah, me too.

PS. The wundervaffe that hit strategic bomber bases was provided by country named USSR - these are old Soviet recon drones Tu-141 refit to carry explosive charge. I guess Russia will have to nuke itself now.

Don't forget Ukraine will cease to exist in 3 days, then all will be over in a few months, etc. Before that it was Putler is so smart he will never attack Ukraine, he had no troops in Ukraine in 2014, etc.

No different from covid jabber aficionado prediction track record.

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