Doctors WILL kill you if it's profitable for them

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I found this first hand account from BangkokTruthSeeker compelling. How are the hospitals now in Thailand or elsewhere? I’m curious about everyone’s experiences.



First a bit of background: I lived in Bangkok from 1995-2015. In 2015, I moved to Vietnam for a wonderful job opportunity – the best job of my life – by far. I was enjoying my life in Vietnam – until late in the second year of COVID. At one point in late 2021, the lockdowns there were so strict that we were not even allowed to go out to buy food. That was manageable for the Vietnamese, who were able to get food through their personal connections. But for me as a foreigner, it was a traumatic experience that I hope I never have to go through again.

One day during the total lockdown, in a conversation with my boss, he mentioned to me that he was not satisfied with the performance of one of my junior colleagues. I told my boss that I would go to the office when the lockdown ended and train this colleague myself. My boss replied that “Unless you have been vaccinated since we last spoke, you’re going to have to find another solution, as you won’t be allowed to enter the office building without being vaccinated.” (I realized very early in the “pandemic” that the people pushing these “vaccines” had ulterior motives – motives that had nothing to do with public health – so I refuse(d) to get “vaccinated” for COVID, and to this day I remain unvaccinated. Surprisingly though, I was the only person in my company of around 200 employees who refused to get “vaccinated”.)

When my boss told me that I could not go to the office again without being vaccinated, I realized that I had no choice but to leave Vietnam. The obvious destination for me was Thailand, which was not far away, and where I knew my way around based on having lived there for 20 years prior to relocating to Vietnam. But there were many obstacles to getting myself back to Thailand. For one, I am a citizen of a country that does not have visa-free entry to Thailand, so I needed a visa to enter the country. But the Thai consulate in Ho Chi Minh City, where I was living, was closed – for weeks – without any indication of when it would open again. So there was no way for me to get a visa. I was feeling really trapped.

Eventually I retained the services of an “agent” – who was able to get me a Thai tourist visa (and arrange my Thailand Pass), despite the consulate being closed. It was the best $200 I ever spent.

After essentially abandoning all my life’s possessions that I could not carry with me on the plane, I flew to Thailand on 1 December 2021. (My employer had paid to ship all my belongings to Vietnam when I moved there from Bangkok, but they would not pay to ship my things back to Thailand – since it was my decision to leave Vietnam.) And when somebody else is paying to ship your things, it makes sense to ship EVERYTHING – whether it makes economic sense or not. But when you have to pay for the shipping yourself, you have to ask yourself if it makes sense to pay $5,000 to ship $3,000 worth of stuff. Obviously, it doesn’t. So I made some of my dear Vietnamese friends and colleagues happy by leaving many of my things with them. I also lost the $1,600 deposit on my apartment due to breaking my 3-year lease after 2½ years.

Two days before flying, I did a PCR test, which was negative, and upon arrival in Bangkok I did another PCR test, which was also negative. I was looking forward to spending the next 10 nights in my lovely quarantine hotel. (At the time, as you might recall, unvaccinated people were required to quarantine for 10 nights, at an approved quarantine hotel, paid for in full in advance.) On the fifth night of my quarantine, I developed a fever right before going to bed. I was at first reluctant to think that I might have COVID because of all the testing I had already done, not to mention the wrench that it would throw into my plans. I also couldn’t imagine how I could have caught COVID in a place where everyone was supposed to be COVID-free. I sweated and froze all that night, but by morning I was feeling a little better. At first, I wasn’t going to say anything to the hotel about this, but then I realized that if I had COVID, it would be better to deal with it as soon as possible, so I took the self-test that I had brought with me from Ho Chi Minh City. It was VERY positive.

At this point I started my self-treatment regimen with the arsenal of medicines that I had brought with me from Vietnam, all of which are available over the counter for very cheap. (Ivermectin, fluvoxamine, vitamins D and C, zinc, colchicine, aspirin, etc.) I notified the hotel of my situation and the next day they arranged another PCR test for me. That test was also positive. Within two hours of getting that positive test result, I was whisked away in an ambulance to the hotel’s partner hospital. They threw me out of the hotel as if I were a leper, but not without keeping the remaining $300 of my payment for services not rendered. (There were no refunds from quarantine hotels if you test positive during your stay.) And as if that wasn’t bad enough, they even charged me $1.25 extra for some bread I had eaten one day beyond my normal daily allotment - and despite the fact that they kept $300 of my paid-for-but-not-used services. (I suggested to them that they could deduct that $1.25 from the $300 of my money they had kept, but they said that that was a different department. Ha.) I thought that was very small minded of them.

One very good thing about the quarantine hotel was that the other long-stayers there, like me, were all anti-vaxxers, by definition. And I met some very interesting people who are on the same page as I am on all of this, one in particular, a lovely, decent and brilliant 72-year-old American guy. People like that gave me the strength to stick to what I knew was the truth about the “vaccines”.

In the end I spent a total of 12 nights (and $14,000 – all covered by my wonderful company insurance, thankfully), in the hospital recovering. Strangely, I never had any actual symptoms: none of the usual coughing, difficulty breathing, etc. All of my issues were detectable only by (mostly expensive) testing: COVID pneumonia, blood clotting and low blood oxygen level.

During my first few days in the hospital, my condition was going downhill pretty fast (at least according to the tests – again, I never felt ANYTHING). I eventually realized what was going on when I asked the doctor what the solution to my deterioration was: “REMDESIVIR”, she said! I thought that everybody in the world knew by then that Remdesivir is a poison, and my greatest fear was being forced to take it. So you can imagine my shock when this was the FIRST AND ONLY “solution” that my doctor proposed!

Here is a good video describing the lethality of Remdesivir:

original link

I spent the next three days fending off their attempts to “save” me with Remdesivir – while they neglected all other treatments! It was really my low point, as I felt that they were quite willing to kill me – for the additional income Remdesivir would generate for the hospital. But I knew enough about it to refuse it. Every day the nurses would come into my room and tell me, “Just take the Remdesivir. It will help you. We give it to all the farangs.” And one of the only two times the doctor actually visited me in person in my hospital room was to try to convince me to take Remdesivir. I showed her an article by even the corrupt WHO, sent to me by a friend, which said that Remdesivir is NOT a helpful treatment for COVID:


The doctor replied, “The reason the WHO does not recommend Remdesivir is not because it doesn’t work. They don’t recommend it because it doesn’t reduce mortality.” Can you believe she said that? Actually, not only does Remdesivir not REDUCE mortality, it practically GUARANTEES it!

On her final attempt to convince me to accept this poison, I mentioned to the nurse that in addition to not working and being dangerous, it’s also expensive. She replied, “Don’t worry. Your insurance will cover the cost.” Aha, so the hospital had already checked! I knew that my insurance would cover it, but they had checked on it – because it’s so lucrative for hospitals to use it. (I have since learned that in the US, the government adds a 20% bonus to the TOTAL bill of COVID patients who are “treated” with Remdesivir instead of ivermectin, etc.) Now what could be the point of that – other than to steer “treatment” in a certain (fatal) direction – to make COVID appear to be more deadly than it really was?

Anyway, after three days of my steadfast refusal to take Remdesivir, they finally more or less gave up on trying to force it on me. But not before they made me sign a form saying that I refused the "proper" treatment and that they could therefore not take responsibility for the outcome of my stay in the hospital. Is that any way to treat a patient? To try to kill him with a known poison – and then to tell him that if he doesn’t take the poison, the hospital will not be responsible for his survival? What a scary thing for a patient to have to go through!

So, after all that, when they saw that I would not accept the Remdesivir, they FINALLY started treating me with an acceptable anti-viral – favipiravir – and steroids (dexamethasone). This seemed to stabilize my condition a bit, if not improve it. This continued for about three days – with constant monitoring of my blood clotting and blood oxygen level – with no discernible improvement.

Then a miracle happened: I got my daily health newsletter by email from Dr. Mercola, in which he conducted an interview with Dr. Robert Malone. In this interview, Dr. Malone had mentioned some trials using a cheap, over-the-counter heartburn medication that seemed to work very well in the treatment of COVID: Famotidine. By sheer coincidence, I had briefly read about this medicine while I was still in Vietnam, so I bought a box of it before coming to Thailand. (I am a bit of a prepper, and I would rather have ten medicines that I don’t need than not have the one that I do need. I also had a few other medicines that I never used, but I had them just in case - because they were so cheap - and readily available over the counter in Vietnam.)

Anyway, I tried to convince the doctor to let me at least try this medicine Famotidine, as I didn’t see much downside in it. Actually, the medicine is meant to be taken with another medicine, but the doctor talked me out of taking that other medicine with it because I was already on blood thinners for my blood clots. In the end I think that was the right call by the doctor, and I think it was the ONLY useful thing she did for me. During my discussions with the doctor, she told me that this study by Dr. Malone was just a small one and it was not peer reviewed. But actually, that was the point of the article by Dr. Mercola: Dr. Malone’s paper about his study had passed peer review THREE TIMES, but the medical journals STILL refused to publish it, as they didn’t want to spread any information about cheap treatments that might reduce the willingness of people to take the killer vaccines.

Perhaps you can guess what happened next: Just TWO HOURS after my very first dose of this Famotidine, my condition started improving. My blood oxygen level finally started rising a bit – for the first time. And within 48 hours, my blood clotting had largely resolved itself, as did my COVID pneumonia. (A CAT scan was done the next day, and there was already no longer any sign of blood clotting.) Of course, the doctors assumed that it was their “treatment” that helped/saved me, but I know what I experienced – and this Famotidone is what saved me. And fast! From that point my condition improved so rapidly that I was able to be released from the hospital just a couple of days after starting that medication. Make of that what you will.

I left that hospital shortly before Christmas of 2021. It took another month or so for my health to return to normal. I have no long-term effects from COVID. This I attribute to my vitamin D level having been very high (I tested it just before I caught COVID and it was 91ng/ml, a VERY healthy level), as well as all of the good medications that I treated myself with while in the hospital, as well as the fact that I managed to avoid the Remdesivir.

This experience has caused me to lose all trust in not only the Thai but the worldwide medical system. I would have never imagined that a hospital would be so willing to risk my life for a few thousand extra dollars. (At one point I thought of offering the doctor the $3,000 cash that I happened to have with me to start my new life in Thailand – if she would cure me without Remdesivir. But that would have made my knowledge of her plan too obvious to her.)

I don’t want to say that my quarantine hotel somehow deliberately infected me with COVID (although I don’t know how I was able to catch it while in quarantine), and I don’t want to say that the hospital that I was forced into just tried to extract as much money from me as possible while not caring about my health. But I will say that both the hotel and the hospital benefited greatly from my misfortune.

Anyway, I am happy to have this ordeal behind me – and I am happy to be living in Thailand, where I have at least some freedom – as much as exists anywhere in the world these days, I suppose. Meanwhile, sad to say, tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of people have already died from these “vaccines” – and many more will die from them in the coming years. I just hope that the criminals who foisted these vaccines on the world will someday be held to account.

Finally, I would be very interested to know if anybody else managed to catch COVID during their stay in a quarantine hotel in Thailand. As I said, the quarantine hotels and the hospitals had every incentive to see to it that their guests/patients caught COVID during their forced quarantine.

Thanks for reading, and stay un”vaccinated”!”

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50   Patrick   2023 Oct 1, 8:11pm  

Booger says

stereotomy says

They're money grubbing grifters,

Well most of them are Jews.....

An outsized portion of doctors are Jewish, but not most:

Michael Nevins, a New Jersey cardiologist, estimates that at the tail end of the 20th century, there were between 80,000 and 100,000 Jewish physicians in the US, comprising between 12 percent and 15 percent of the nation’s 684,414 medical doctors. Jews make up 2% of the total US population. A survey showed that physicians are seven times more likely to be Jewish (14.1 percent vs. 1.9 percent) than their fraction of the population, six times more likely to be Buddhist (1.2 percent vs. 0.2 percent), and five times more likely to be Muslim (2.7 percent vs. 0.5 percent).
51   GNL   2023 Oct 2, 4:50am  

I will say the best Dr. I ever had was a Jew. Chiropractor. 3 other doctors told me I needed surgery. He saved me from those sharks.
52   Patrick   2023 Oct 2, 9:22am  


The company that manufactures remdesivir, used across the United States to treat COVID-19, has been hit with a class-action lawsuit over allegations it deceptively promoted the drug without disclosing possible side effects.

Two California residents, one of whom is a relative of a person who died after receiving remdesivir, lodged the suit against Gilead Sciences in Shasta County on Sept. 26.

Deborah Fust, the surviving spouse of Michael Fust, and Edward Pimentel, who says he was injured after receiving remdesivir, are accusing California-based Gilead of failing to mention documented side effects in its promotion of remdesivir.

"It's a terrible drug. The nonprofit has thousands of members who have the hospital records, and you can see there's a big difference in the creatinine levels and the blood levels, kidney readings after they get the remdesivir," Bradford Geyer, an attorney with Former Feds Group who is representing the plaintiffs, told The Epoch Times. ...

"Defendant's advertising that remdesivir is a safe and effective treatment for COVID-19 is false and misleading to a reasonable consumer, including plaintiffs, because defendant in fact knew or should have known, based upon prior studies and data on remdesivir, that it was unsafe and posed a high risk of severe adverse effects and death to plaintiffs and the class," the suit states.

The advertising "misrepresented and/or omitted the true content and nature of the drug," it also says.

Gilead did not respond to a request for comment.
54   Patrick   2023 Oct 5, 6:48am  


1. Inexperienced Clinicians

2. Ventilators

3. Lockdowns
55   Patrick   2023 Oct 19, 8:55am  


Dr. Wolf interviews Scott Schara, who is also known as “Grace’s Dad.” He and his family lost their lovely, ebullient, formerly perfectly healthy 19-year-old daughter Grace at Ascension Hospital after she was admitted with COVID and an unlawful “Do Not Resuscitate” notification was placed, against her family’s will, in her records.

Grace’s family was told that she had 85% blood oxygen saturation — Scott Schara brought his own pulse oximeter into the hospital room and found that it was actually 95%, or almost normal. Her father was escorted from Grace’s hotel room by an armed guard when he continued to question what he recognized as dangerous if not deadly, hospital protocols.

The Schara family faced relentless pressure to have Grace sedated, put on a ventilator — which they refused — and fed via a tube. At last, in spite of their daughter being stable and on the way to recovery, says Mr. Schara, Grace was placed on Morphine, Lorazepam, and other powerful opiates and sedatives. She eventually lost consciousness, which was predictable, given the inappropriate cocktail of end-of-life treatments.

As her sister Jessica felt Grace’s body growing cold, Jessica, and the Schara family on FaceTime, were screaming for a group of nurses outside the hospital room to come in and help — they replied that they could not because “Grace is DNR.” Mr. Schara, in his quest to warn other families about murderous protocols threatening the disabled in hospitals, says that he is hearing countless stories of other disabled people harmed; or of families of people with Down’s Syndrome, being pressured to put the disabled hospice care when they are well, or being done away with as “useless eaters,” in the Nazi term, in other ways, via what he calls medical murder.
57   Ceffer   2023 Oct 21, 12:57pm  

"Succumbing to the allure of additional money or the slavery of unquestioning obedience was not the life Trozzi envisioned for himself. Instead, he made the decision to sacrifice his successful career and walk away from his practice.

“Now, I’m not trying to demonize the doctors,” Trozzi explains. “They were herded like cattle. Because, you know, as we realize, we’ve had many dead doctors in this country. The doctors were lied to. They were also injected, and then coerced, deceived into participating in the injection program.”

The COVID-19 jab was completely unsafe and medically unnecessary, says Trozzi, who was one of the early examiners of the serum’s ingredients.

“Sometimes things are too off course to take them at face value,” Trozzi remarked. “People were told they’re getting a safe and effective vaccine, [but] it’s not a vaccine.”

“Vaccines stop infection and stop transmission. It doesn’t do that, so it doesn’t work as a vaccine. And now [we] find out that people are being genetically invaded beyond the messenger RNA and actually have DNA, foreign DNA, injected in their body that could permanently disrupt their genetic code.”

“And the survivability of this is not high. I mean, you know, we already have a rate of death in the world that has never been seen in our history, and that didn’t happen in 2020 with COVID. That happened as soon as the shots were rolled out.

These shocking observations inspired Trozzi and others at the World Council for Health to research and create detoxification protocols for those who have taken one or more COVID-19 shots.

“The World Council for Health—we have a spike protein detox guide. On drtrozzi.org, you can look, if you just look at detox, you’ll see I’ve made some short videos as well as presented some exhaustive documents.”

The campaign to foist the so-called COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ upon the global population also carried with it a monetary payoff.

“As I understand it, those injections paid very well everywhere,” said Trozzi. “One case in point is one of my colleagues has a contact who’s an ear, nose, and throat surgeon in Germany, and he stopped doing surgery. He said, ‘I only do the minimum amount of V.A. specialty work to keep my license because I’m making way more money just giving shots during that peak.’”

58   gabbar   2023 Oct 25, 8:23am  

Lane Building at Stanford Medical School houses several medical school departments

59   Ceffer   2023 Oct 25, 9:04am  

Maybe you should begin all your doctor's appointments by telling them you will see the Deep State Rockefeller democides and raise them if they don't kill or hurt you.
Life is a gamble.
60   Ceffer   2023 Oct 25, 9:05am  

gabbar says

Lane Building at Stanford Medical School houses several medical school departments

This is an abomination. No cigarette machine.
61   Patrick   2023 Oct 27, 2:28pm  


The Incentivized Mass Murder of Children

Forty thousand dollars per every hundred babies injected with deadly poisons

For many years doctors have received bonuses for adherence to the latest drug therapy protocol. Drugs that are known to be dangerous such as statins and anti-depressants. And now we know that insurance companies are paying doctors to fully vaccinate your children.

This incentive program for vaccinating babies can be found in the Blue Cross Blue Shield doctor incentives booklet. And specifies that every patient under the age of two that receives the currently prescribed twenty-four inoculations is worth a four-hundred dollar payout to that doctor.

For further motivation, they get paid by the hundred and they have to vaccinate a certain percentage of their total patients or they don’t get anything. Blue Cross Blue Shield rules say that a doctor needs to vaccinate sixty-three percent of their patients in order to qualify.

The average American pediatrician has about fifteen hundred patients and would have to have nine hundred and forty-five of them fully vaccinated in order to get paid. At forty-thousand for every hundred this works out to three-hundred and sixty thousand dollars.

This is why most pediatricians won’t provide care for families who don’t completely submit to the latest childhood vaccine schedule protocol. We are talking over a quarter million dollars which is more than the average pediatrician’s yearly salary.

Research shows that an unvaccinated child’s risk of death increases by over five thousand percent when they receive the current vaccine schedule.

And Doctors are now beginning to use virtual reality to help them administer these poisons to children who instinctively know better.
62   Patrick   2023 Oct 27, 2:39pm  


The other side is not giving up. They have their agenda and are sticking to it. It is our job to stick it to them. Give them a taste of their own medicine. They want your life and are happy to spend a few pieces of silver for it. This is only 2 months old.

65   Patrick   2023 Nov 9, 3:29pm  


A terrible case has stayed with me of a young woman, married, a mother of small children, otherwise healthy, who out of nowhere developed overwhelming sepsis. As a medical student in Washington D.C., early each morning I would incorporate my hand-written notes into her medical record, kept in a red three-ringed binder at her community hospital ICU.

She was intubated, persistently hypotensive despite vasopressor medications, and her hands and feet were purple. Her left hand was particularly shocking: The small, ring and long fingers were completely black and necrotic. It looked like she’d suffered a terrible burn.

Medical students were discreetly shepherded through her room to see the discolored extremities of profound septic shock. As to the blackened fingers of her left hand — these were held up as a cautionary tale. Rumor had it this was the result of an arterial blood gas (ABG) drawn from the wrist’s radial artery that had gone terribly wrong. ...

But there was one unusually brief note. A wise old vascular surgeon had been consulted about her purple extremities. He wrote, in huge, clear letters: “Assuming she lives, I will have to cut off both of her arms and both of her legs.”

It was a watershed moment. The ICU and the family conferred. She was transitioned to comfort care goals, and quickly passed away. ...

Another was a career-long wariness of the ABG. Which is why it distresses me that ABGs seem to be coming back into vogue. We’ve needed them less and less in recent years, thanks to improvements in medical knowledge and also to the availability of non-invasive alternatives. The ABG had seemed to be relegated only to select ICU cases. But suddenly, we in the ERs are being asked to perform them more. Only now, it’s not always about providing better patient care; sometimes, it’s about helping the hospital bill more. ...

When a patient is admitted for asthma or heart failure, it turns out that tacking on the three-word additional diagnosis of “acute respiratory failure” can almost double the reimbursement. Wow! But by the insurance rules, that diagnosis requires at least two of the following three criteria: low oxygen levels, high CO2 levels, and / or “signs and symptoms of acute respiratory distress.”

The ABG alone often gets you two out of three, and then you don’t need the doctor’s help to double the hospital’s bill. But without the ABG, one needs a low oxygen level on a pulse oximeter and a well-written physician chart. Good billing documentation calls for a lot of prose — the doctor has to vividly describe a patient with rapid breathing, difficulty speaking, wheezing, etc. — and if patients don’t have that, or physicians don’t document it, billing is out of luck.

From the hospital’s point of view, this is easy: Just get an ABG. That’s how you make the billable diagnosis! There’s a lot of money at stake! The doctor may not need the ABG to guide her care. But the doctor also can’t be trusted to provide 100% compelling word pictures of every admitted dyspnea patient. In the upside-down world of modern American medicine, it thus makes perfect sense to subject the patient to a medically unnecessary, painful and occasionally dangerous procedure, so we can incrementally increase our chances of successfully charging them more.
66   Patrick   2023 Nov 15, 12:05pm  


Add UFC owner and multimillionaire Dana White to the list of people skeptical of modern medicine, who lost trust in doctors because of their pandemic performance. During an interview this week, Dana vowed that he would never, EVER, talk to a doctor about his non-urgent general healthcare needs, because doctors only know how to push pills:


Specifically, Dana passionately said:

“I will never talk to a doctor about my general health ever again. If I break my arm, I’ll go see a doctor. If I need surgery, I’m gonna go see a doctor. But my general health? Never again. None of them know what they're talking about. They are all full of sh—. All they know is to put you on pills and put you on medicine."

Strong words about doctors! He said “none of them know what they’re talking about” — NONE of them — and “they are all full of stuff” — ALL of them. That right there is the harvest of mistrust that many doctors sowed during the pandemic with all their lies. When the bill comes due, they’ll whine that they had no choice, because they were pressured by the government’s public health officials, but that argument won’t work. It won’t work because they were also the very first ones to claim that we had a choice not to take the shots (we could choose to get fired).

I know exactly how Dana feels. While there are still some good doctors around, especially outside the hospital context, they are pretty hard to find. And, we can research our own non-emergent health issues — just as well, if not better, than busy hospitalists can. From my experience, most doctors don’t even read the studies, they just bark up whatever the CDC says.

Dana White is just the latest significant influencer who is questioning the establishment narrative. There’s a tipping point around here somewhere, a point of no return when things start happening fast, and we are getting closer and closer to that point.
67   Patrick   2023 Nov 16, 8:02pm  


Premeditated Murder: They Knew Remdesivir Would KiII, and They Did It Anyway

Prior to COVID, Ralph Baric's and Tony Fauci's pet drug, Remdesivir, had a 53% mortality rate in clinical trials done in Africa.

"53% mortality if you got Remdesivir!" stressed Dr. David Martin.

"There is no such thing as a 53% lethality of anything nature does ... and that's what we chose to use in COVID."
68   Patrick   2023 Nov 17, 9:45am  


I Immediately hired an attorney Ralph Lorgio. We were successful in getting a court order which stated that the hospital must immediately give Danielle the Ivermectin.

The hospital did not follow the court order to immediately administer the Ivermectin. We had a pharmacist deliver the ivermectin to the hospital after the court order was delivered to the hospital administrator. I called all day Friday evening asking when they are giving it to Danielle, and they said the decision is still in the legal dept.

Now, I know they were delaying my daughter lifesaving treatment because they needed to make the most money! Danielle was worth more DEAD than ALIVE!
69   The_Deplorable   2023 Nov 17, 11:42am  

Patrick says
" https://deathbyhospitalprotocol.com/danielles-last-forty-days/ "

No, this is not death by hospital protocol. This is murder by hospital protocol.

And this "hospital protocol" is practicing medicine without a license.
70   Patrick   2023 Nov 22, 1:08pm  

I keep getting automated nag emails to log into my Kaiser account, and find that that once again the wasted my time to tell me that I'm overdue for various tests. My latest reply:

As I have mentioned before, the degree to which the medical establishment burned its credibility by relentlessly recommending the obviously unsafe and ineffective vaccine cannot be overstated.

It is impossible to trust anything any medical 'professional' says ever again, knowing that their flagrant lies during the pandemic were never addressed, much less apologized for.

At this point, I have to assume that even routine testing is extremely unsafe and that everyone should avoid testing because the medical industry has been so profoundly corrupted by Pfizer et al.

Each time I mention this, some kind of automated complaint form is generated, paper is printed, and absolutely nothing changes. This is comical and depressing.

I will not take any test until there have been public and sincere apologies for gross malpractice on a national scale.
74   Patrick   2023 Dec 2, 1:51pm  


Kissimmee, FL Press Conference: Your Story Counts — The Untold Atrocities of COVID-19, October 13, 2022


RACHEL: Hello everyone. I want to get my dad's picture. My daddy. [passes the photograph to another speaker.] Can you hold it for me?

My name's Rachel [inaudible]. I'm here on behalf of my father. I'm also the Florida State Co-Chair and paralegal for FormerFeds Group Freedom Foundation. https://formerfedsgroup.org/about/

On October 13 [2021] my father was admitted to Broward Health in Fort Lauderdale. He entered the hospital with strict instructions by me because I'm informed. I said no Remdesivir, no ventilation.

My father was forcefully given Remdesivir and placed on ventilation by the fourth day of admission. He was murdered by November 9th. Before ventilation my father called me twice. These were his words:

Rachel! Get me out of here! They're trying to kill me!

Do you know what that feels like? Knowing, I knew very well what they were doing in the hospitals, and my dad cried out, Rachel, get me out of here! That was the last conversation I had with my father.

My mother, sister and I were on the phone every day day, four times a day. We were pleading with the staff, we needed to see my dad because he needed our touch, he was lonely. And they always had excuses.

My father tested negative after three weeks in the hospital, from covid, yet they refused to remove him from the covid ICU, extreme isolation, behind a glass. My nephew was able to go into the hospital. He got himself certified as a chaplain, just to go see my dad. Certified. He's got a job [?] but he did whatever because he wanted to see his grandfather.

Broward Health betrayed my family. They betrayed my father. And my father, they murdered him for profit, and you need to know that. They are murdering our loved ones for a profit.

His medical records showed a list of 32 different medications including Fentanyl, Vencomycin, Vicodin, [inaudible] steroids and anti-psychotic medications after he was placed on ventilation. He was dehumanized. He was refused anything that we would ask for. Ivermectin, he was already on Ivermectin before he got into the hospital. We tried desperately to get it for him. He asked for his notebook and he asked for a Bible. We slipped it in the Bible but they never gave it to him.

His kidneys began to shut down, and he was on dialysis although we asked every day, every day we asked, how are my father's kidneys? Because I knew Remdesivir, I knew what it was doing.

My father was a victim because he was unvaccinated. He was denied his right to select a medication, or experimental drugs.

He was married 56 years and left a very large family behind. I miss my dad. He should be here today. Especially his great grandson who still runs into the house calling Papa, Papa, still looking for him.

I'm also representing another family. Thomas Leonardi, 72 year-old, married 40 years, who was murdered at Woodmont Hospital, Tamarac, Florida. He was given 49 excessive toxic doses of Remdesivir for 45 days.

Forty-five days!

He was given an injection of Haldol on the second day and because he refused a pneumonia vaccine while in ICU. We all know Haldol should never be administered to a mild-mannered 72 year old with heart stent. On day 9 an infectious disease doctor wrote, poor prognosis, yet continued to push the death protocol onto his veins every day until his death.

I stand here for my dad and for the countless others that have lost their loved ones. This has got to stop.

In closing, we have heard many, many stories today. And many of us have witnessed unspeakable horrors carried out by ostensibly well-intentional professionals in the name of public health. We have watched our fundamental, once inalienable rights gutted before our eyes. We have seen our elders locked away or wrapped in plastic just to have a hug. We have seen our dying depart this world via FaceTime or Zoom, deprived funerals while the ruling the class that issued these edicts, we were forced to abide rough elbows, unmasked, at lavish parties or fancy restaurants most of us could scarcely afford.

Many of us have complied with everything we have [been] asked. When we suffered as a result, we were lambasted, slandered and ridiculed. We were even censored for simply talking about the experience.

So today I'm sounding the alarm. And I'm calling everyone in Florida. It is time to rise up! I'm asking you today, will you fight with us? Will you fight for loved ones and fight for the next generation?

So it's time, Floridians, to take a stand, place boots on the ground. You can no longer sit and watch and wait for us to do it. We can't do it alone, we need you, every one of you! We need you! So it's time to join forces. There are many, many organizations that are out there, that need volunteers, that need help. Join one of them! We have a Monday night we have a support group, we have over 90 people on these calls every Monday night. A FormerFedsGroup. We have plenty, plenty of work, and we need volunteers. So join the fight people! Because we need to take America back and we need to take Florida back.

You can no longer sit back and watch. You can no longer just watch! It's time! So I even declare into 2023, over Florida, that this will be a year of divine recovery. It is going to be a year of divine recovery, we are going to take back our territory, we are taking back Florida. We are not going to allow this anymore. And I know that I'm going to keep fighting until my last dying breath! I will stand!

So God bless the great state of Florida, and God bless America. Thank you.
75   GNL   2023 Dec 2, 9:37pm  

My father inlaw texted both of his kids and told them to "Get me the hell out of here." He also said he hadn't had anything to eat or drink for 3 days. He died the day after he was put on the ventilator.
76   Patrick   2023 Dec 3, 4:09pm  

Sorry to hear that.

Sounds like he was murdered.
77   Patrick   2023 Dec 3, 4:11pm  


Kissimmee, FL Press Conference: Your Story Counts — The Untold Atrocities of COVID-19,
October 13, 2022


TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: Unfortunately when the speaker came to the microphone to introduce herself, the microphone was at some distance, so I could not catch her name nor the first words of her testimony.

NEIL'S WIDOW: [inaudible] married for about 11 1/2 years when he passed away June 29h at at Citrus Memorial Hospital, Inverness, Florida. Unfortunately he was a victim, a hospital hostage if you want to call it that. ...

My husband Neil was my soulmate and my road trip buddy. He was from New York. I'm a Florida cracker. I was born in Coral Gables, so New Yorkers was for me, oh, no, it's a Yankee! But I loved my Yankee. And he had shoulder surgery that was supposed to happen the day after he went into the hospital. Why he didn't make it was because no one would listen when we kept trying to tell them, look at his shoulder. He had a diseased shoulder from years and years of construction in New York, and he needed surgery.

Well, they kept delaying and delaying because of covid, so we were never really able to get it set up. He was due to have the surgery June 7th. Upon being admitted to the hospital, they always tested for covid. He was not in there for covid. He was in there for shortness of breath caused by bacterial pneumonia, which all of us had seen [inaudible] is the bacterial pneumonia.

They even had a test that was done of his sputum that took 8 days before the infectious disease doctor, after talking with me, and then asked me, Well, what kind of bacteria did he have? I said, I'm not the doctor, you are! The test results are right there, they've been there since the 10th of June!

Finally on the 15th is when they started him on the correct medication to take care of the situation, but by that point it was a little bit too late because the infection was so bad that he had bloody sputum and the hospital totally ignored him for that and just kept telling us, oh, he has covid pneumonia. He has crystalled lungs. That's what they it, isn't it? Dr. Guffanti? [turns around to Dr. Stephen Guffanti, who is seated behind her on the stage]

DR. STEPHEN GUFFANTI: They call it lots of things.

NEIL'S WIDOW: Yes lots of things. I fought with those doctors tooth and nail to tell them it was not covid. In fact to the point, I was sneaking in Ivermectin horse paste and giving it to my husband while he was in the hospital. That's not what he had, he didn't have covid because he had covid the year before. We were on all the protocols of vitamin D3, high vitamin C, zinc, quercetin, everything imaginable that we were following with American Front Line Doctors I had him on. And they kept telling me, it's covid, it's covid.

Well it wasn't covid because I finally ended up at the end having an autopsy done which is the the best thing I could have done because I wouldn't have had a leg to stand on. And I still don't have a correct autopsy. Why? Because the hospital keeps telling me they can't find his records! We're now three and half months to waiting for Citrus Memorial to send me the records! Because my autopsy, my forensic investigator can't finish the report. But what he does have so far is that his lungs were so degraded by the lack of the correct medication, and also the hospital leaving him in his room, making him fend for himself when he couldn't even get up because his shoulder, they wouldn't even look at it, in pain, swollen, which caused his bacteria, they didn't want to admit.

So he ends up unfortunately passing away, after the nursing home decided they didn't want him there anymore because they get tired of trying to figure out what his oxygen levels are supposed to be. He had white blood cell count as Dr. Guffani mentioned, constantly 18 and higher every single day and I was told, Oh, it's OK, that's from the steroids.

I'm not stupid by any means. But you have to be careful in these hospitals because if you raise any questions or any kind of situation that they would feel that you're coming after them, they immediately send in security because I watched it happen to an older male that was in there with his wife. He raising Cain, they didn't like it and they had security come in and they walked him all the way to his car and watched him drive away and would not let him come back in. So I didn't want that to happen to me because I wanted to be in there with my husband. Because he needed me. Just like all of our family members needed us. And I was one of the fortunate ones that was able to stay with him up until the day he died.
78   GNL   2023 Dec 3, 4:52pm  

Patrick says

Sorry to hear that.

Sounds like he was murdered.

I posted about it on pat.net when it happened about 2 years ago. Yes, we think he was murdered. As far as water is concerned, I image he was on an IV though.
79   Ceffer   2023 Dec 4, 10:47pm  

More Pharma bribery with capping kickbacks for doctors. They get a huge bonus whenever they prescribe expensive chemotherapy. Must be special poisons for the Rockefellers to reward them so profusely.:
81   gabbar   2023 Dec 4, 10:55pm  

Patrick says

“I will never talk to a doctor about my general health ever again. If I break my arm, I’ll go see a doctor. If I need surgery, I’m gonna go see a doctor. But my general health? Never again. None of them know what they're talking about. They are all full of sh—. All they know is to put you on pills and put you on medicine."

Its easy to blame the doctors. They generally are very good people. Nurses are heroes who get overworked, every day for little money. Medical assistant make very little money but work hard every day.

Blame the system that educates doctors. Blame the management of hospitals that are indifferent to this because of $. Blame government agencies that allow poisonous food to be a part of american diet. Management of most hospital system don't give a fuck about patients.
82   yawaraf   2023 Dec 4, 11:05pm  

I don't know if it should be the government's job to keep people from poisoning themselves if they are so inclined, however, the government should not be allowed to prohibit people from selling food, even if it doesn't meet certain standards. It is my understanding that those who sell animal products are subject to all sorts of regulation, effectively banning individuals from doing so.
84   Patrick   2023 Dec 5, 9:38am  

And maybe most of our problems have come from a system which evolved to make money above all else.

How can ethics compete with profit?

The only way is if the citizens really care about each other, but diversity destroys that concern entirely.


IT HAS BECOME increasingly popular to speak of racial and ethnic diversity as a civic strength. From multicultural festivals to pronouncements from political leaders, the message is the same: our differences make us stronger.

But a massive new study, based on detailed interviews of nearly 30,000 people across America, has concluded just the opposite. Harvard political scientist Robert Putnam -- famous for "Bowling Alone," his 2000 book on declining civic engagement -- has found that the greater the diversity in a community, the fewer people vote and the less they volunteer, the less they give to charity and work on community projects. In the most diverse communities, neighbors trust one another about half as much as they do in the most homogenous settings. The study, the largest ever on civic engagement in America, found that virtually all measures of civic health are lower in more diverse settings.

"The extent of the effect is shocking," says Scott Page, a University of Michigan political scientist.
87   HeadSet   2023 Dec 6, 7:05am  

The theme of this threat hits home.

My mother-in-law went into a hospital in Omaha yesterday for a high blood pressure appointment. The doctor decided to explore the heart using a probe through a vein. During the procedure, my MIL started coughing up blood. They then rushed here by helicopter to another hospital with a dedicated heart ward. They intubated her overnight and the next morning the doctor said she was responding well. When they took out the intubation, she immediately had a heart attack and died. My MIL had expected to just go in the hospital and return home that same day. She was a petite thin woman who despite being 88 had no trouble with stairs and went on daily 1-2 mile walks at a normal pace. Never smoked or drank. Still had a sharp mind. True, the high blood pressure may have led to an eventual stroke or heart attack, but had she not gone to the hospital she would still be with us.
88   GNL   2023 Dec 6, 7:14am  

I have a mother inlaw that goes to the Dr., what seems like, on a weekly basis. She has many Drs. and some specialists. Her and my wife have been getting on my case about going to see the Dr. about all kinds of things. Fuck that.

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