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What else?

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268   GNL   2024 Jan 4, 11:42am  

HeadSet says

Patrick says

Yes, just like home printed money, one cannot but anything with home grown food. What is the point with this cartoon? Fruits and veggies are cheap, so growing at home is more for freshness and taste than making money. In fact, the costs including time of one's radish patch may be more expensive than just picking up a bag of radishes at the Safeway.

You're missing the point of FREEDOM and not being reliant.
282   Onvacation   2024 Jan 7, 3:23pm  

Patrick says

Make your car a rolling billboard

What would you write on your moving target vehicle?
288   Patrick   2024 Jan 10, 9:02am  


BOOM: National Park Service scraps plan to remove William Penn statue after public outcry ✊

Yeah, the Biden admin's park service was gonna "rehabilitate" Welcome Park in Philadelphia by removing the statue of William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania and Philadelphia.

Then everyone got angry at them and they decided they couldn't get away with this level of erasure... yet. ...

Y'all were gonna replace William Penn's statue with a Native American. A Native American who, if we're being honest, was likely treated 100% fairly by the Quaker Penn. See, unlike in your fantasies, Penn was actually quite friendly to the natives. Penn believed in religious tolerance and pacifism, signed a peace treaty with the natives, and paid them good money for their land. But either you ignored that because you wanted to tear down another statue of a white dude or you just plain didn't know history (and you wanted to tear down a statue of a white dude).
292   Patrick   2024 Jan 11, 5:29pm  


Before it was deleted a few years ago, a naughty website called “Tag The Sponsor” exposed many Instagram “influencers”. Posing as Middle Eastern sheik “sponsors”, TTS posted DM conversations in which they negotiated pay for play with the lovely Instagrammer “sponsorettes”. It answered a basic question: How are so many unemployed young women able to fly first class around the world, go on luxury shopping sprees, and lounge around yachts and luxury hotels all the time?

293   Patrick   2024 Jan 12, 9:32am  


The fear of many on the left is theocracy, they think conservatives want to install a repressive regime based on Christianity, putting everything “gay” back in the closet, teaching nothing in the schools but the bible, abortions for the daughters and concubines of the rich but not for the poors and professional class. That is fever dream stuff mostly, most conservatives would simply rather we teach reading, writing and arithmetic in schools, rather than what seems like the current goal of creating functionally illiterate, quasi-Marxist, social justice/gender zealots; they would like for every vote to be actually accounted for; they would like to reduce the scope of a federal government and really an every-government-level technocratic managerial State that has become like a colonizing occupier. ...

The Existential threat is a quasi-religious cult that is at once Marxist but also like the priesthood of late, in-decline jungle and fertile crescent empires of antiquity, sacrificing children to their god of Progress, eugenically genociding people with The Science of gender, race, climate and pharmaceutical superstition, using the law like a flame thrower, chaos manifest, destroyer of worlds, the insatiable goddess of death emergent, killing indiscriminately to save the world. ...

Liberal professional women are merely fulfilling the mission of neoliberalism without understanding, believing themselves to be at the leading edge of evolution but merely being functionaries in a system designed for total global domination. That system was never going to dominate the entire world, the only result could be the descent into some all-pervading authoritarian dystopia, hubris and doom.

Here is a little reminder of who these people are, the kind of message that reverberated throughout the “liberal” world, HR departments and the managerial technocracy. This was not about a virus. There has been ZERO accountability. And millions are dying even now, because they fell prey to this authoritarian coercion.


A good reminder to become stronger, because all of these people are still in power.

As the saying goes, you can’t fight fire with fire. You can, when it is appropriate, but most of the time it isn’t, as a constant unending fire-fight turns the whole world to ash, as it did to most of Westeros in The Game of Thrones. To extend the metaphor, the way to extinguish such a fire is with water, to deprive it of air, and to smother it with earth. ...

We can’t fight evil by becoming evil; we fight evil by convincing more and more people to embrace and support what is good, supporting all who do, strengthening the self with everything we do.

With enough of us violent revolution would not be necessary. One of the reasons the woke have overrun our institutions is so few were ready, willing and able to stand up against what is false. To stand up has been to receive little or no support and be easily overrun. Our Institutions public and private are now quasi-communist, the tyranny of DEI and Human Resources acting essentially like Stasi or KGB silencing dissent. That may be shifting, but it is deeply entrenched and in some cases such as Harvard and much of higher education, the institutions might not be worth saving. I’m with Helen Dale in that regard, go full Henry the VIII on the Universities, disband them like he did the monasteries and re-appropriate the endowments and property. I would argue the same for most and maybe all of the Federal agencies, and at the State level.

It is not merely the universities who have descended into the evil of authoritarianism and a total lack of accountability. Most of what passes for science these days amounts to propaganda, marketing, superstition and power. We decide the policy we want - men can have babies! - and then simply make up the science to “prove” we are right. Health Care increasingly acting like a cartel makes us chronically ill to keep us addicted to treatment - during Covid it actively killed for money, the government incentivizing murder. Every Federal institution generates the opposite of what it is supposed to do, the opposite of their mandate to improve the common good. The law schools are captured, the future of law in America is the total inversion of the law, the law will at some point in this trajectory declare the feelings of the pederast more important than the rights of your child. There is no bottom to this, the hole leads straight to “hell”.

Let them dig and bury them with water and earth. In doing so you will deprive them of air. To do that you have to keep your feet planted firmly on the earth. The more evil they become, the more good you embrace. ...

It seems clear chaos is going to reign in 2024. The only thing to be done about that is to get one’s own house in order, to find one’s own center and maintain balance and equilibrium. There will be no shortage of things to throw us off kilter, the task is to be imperturbable.
294   NuttBoxer   2024 Jan 12, 9:34am  

Patrick says

De Niro's an odd one. He's put big money and support into anti-pois.. err vax movement.
295   Patrick   2024 Jan 16, 11:38am  


Stephen from Perth Curses the Lord Mayor
Unbekoming, October 7, 2023

This video embedded in Unbekoming's Substack of October 7, 2023 has live captions which are largely accurate but do not indicate the speaker and contain some minor errors. The handle ( at ) MaxFreedomMedia is stamped on it, and I did find a Twitter account for that, but I was unable to access it. Unfortunately the loud "scary music" soundtrack that's been added make it nigh impossible to make out the Lord Mayor's several responses to Stephen, but from his body language and tone, it seems that he is responding briefly, politely, and with exaggerated calm. Stephen stands on a side street; the Lord Mayor and others at higher elevation, behind a chainrope, on a broad green lawn in front of Perth's Council House. Near the end of the video we see the front of Stephen's T-shirt which says, "McGowan lied people died."

STEPHEN: [clapping] Don't worry, mate, don't worry, you're going to jail, OK? You and Cook and McGowan [1] and everybody that got people to inject their children with poison!

Everybody that's now suffering from myocarditis, right?

And you'll do this again! And you think this is just my imagination do you? You think this is my imagination that children are dead? That's why you're smirking?

WOMAN STANDING ON LAWN NEXT TO LORD MAYOR: [inaudible] Calm it down, mate. Calm it down. You don't need to do—

[from the building, a man who appears to be a security officer walks briskly towards them]

STEPHEN: Don't tell me what to do, lady. I don't work for you!

WOMAN: No you don't.


WOMAN: [inaudible]

STEPHEN: I have one weapon and you're listening to it! I don't have guns and tasers like all your other bullsh#t artists who work for you, OK?

LORD MAYOR BASIL ZEMPILAS: [watching with hands in pockets]: [inaudible]

STEPHEN: One weapon! And you're going to listen to it!

[the woman up on the lawn turns her back to Stephen and, consulting with Lord Mayor, appears to text on her phone]

And you will understand eventually what you've done! The murders you've committed! And the children that you've fu#king maimed for the rest of their lives! Because of ignorant pricks like you! Right?

[woman walks away, Lord Mayor comes to ledge, facing Stephen, hands still in pockets]

STEPHEN [to Lord Mayor]: You thought you could get out and tell people what to have and what not to have! You thought you could get involved in peoples' health!

[security officer climbs over chain-rope fence towards Stephen]

Well, you got involved in fascism that's for sure! Haven't you?

LORD MAYOR BASIL ZEMPILAS [speaking calmly, briefly]: [inaudible]

STEPHEN: [inaudible] in fascism now!

LORD MAYOR BASIL ZEMPILAS [speaking calmly, briefly]: [inaudible]

STEPHEN: What's the suit for, mate?

LORD MAYOR BASIL ZEMPILAS [speaking calmly, briefly]: [inaudible]

STEPHEN: What's the suit for? Are you trying to be respectable after you've made sure that people got killed and injured? Is that what you're trying to do?

[camera pans to show a trio of men who appear to be security staff, now gathered in the street behind Stephen]

LORD MAYOR BASIL ZEMPILAS [speaking calmly, briefly]: [inaudible] responsible [inaudible]

STEPHEN: You're trying to be respectable?

LORD MAYOR [speaking calmly, briefly]: [inaudible]

STEPHEN: Are you trying to be respectable now? You're asking a stupid question!


STEPHEN: Listen, mate. It doesn't matter what you do now. You are going to jail. That is not going to stop} That can't be changed now. What you could do, is you could come out and say I made a mistake, whatever you do, don't take your children to get them injected anymore. That's what you could do! But you're not going to do it, are you? No! You're not! Because you're a fascist criminal on the payroll, aren't you, of the World Economic Forum. I know and all that bullsh#t. You'll do whatever they say! I'm not owned by the WHO and I'm not owned by you!

MALE VOICE: Police are on the way.

DIFFERENT MALE VOICE: That's OK, I'm just videoing it.


STEPHEN [pointing at Lord Mayor, addressing security officers on lawn]: All you people are going to see it, guys, all these jerks are going to jail! You stay, you watch, right?

And it's important that we do put them in jail for their own protection because we don't want anything to happen to them, so they can rot in jail for the rest of their lives! For what they've done to West Australians!

And look, he's standing there like he doesn't know what he's talking, I'm talking about! Oh, why don't you calm down, Stephen?

Children are dead! They're dead! And they're not coming back alive! And you're all pretending like it's just going to go on! Hey! You're just going to go back to life as normal?

LORD MAYOR BASIL ZEMPILAS: I'm just listening to you because I know you want someone to listen to you.

STEPHEN: Ah, OK, you're not that someone, right?

MALE VOICE [possibly the person filming, voice is loud]: He's speaking the truth!

STEPHEN [to Lord Mayor]: You're not that someone because you're closed off, aren't you?

LORD MAYOR BASIL ZEMPILAS: I'm listening to you.

STEPHEN: You don't know what I'm talking about, do you? Vaccine injury.


STEPHEN: No one's been injured by the vaccine, have they? According to you! Put it in your little column.[2]


STEPHEN: Go inject the children with vaccines! So no one's been vaccine injured, have they? According to you?


STEPHEN: Hang on, I'll tell you if you answer that question, I'll tell you the stick question. Has anyone been injured according to you?

LORD MAYOR BASIL ZEMPILAS: Not in my family though.

STEPHEN: Not in your family! So that is alright! The dead kids and the dead people, they're in other people's families, aren't they? Not in Basil's family! That's why he's not on the mainstream media right now telling, warning people, do not inject your children with any more of this stuff! Don't get your family injected. Nothing! Are you going to put it in this week's paper? I had a talk with Stephen, and Stephen yelled at me, but he's got a point, if you look at the data around the world, OK? Around the world. Have you looked at the data, Bas?


STEPHEN: You're listening, OK. In Western Australia, right? The miscarriage rate is over 60%, higher than it was before the jabs. Have you seen that statistic, Bas? Is no one telling you these things? Huh! What about the unexplained excess deaths! Nearly 20% in this country! That's for all age groups! Are you listening? But if you come down in age ranges, that, that, that figure gets a lot higher. Children don't normally die in their sleep, OK? But nobody is doing anything about it! Nobody.

You could come out right now and save lives. But you won't, because you are corrupt! You're getting paid by the same people that paid McGowan. Where is McGowan now? Gone. Gone. Ah! Nobody knows where he is.

And you think you're all going back to normal.

Take this advice, people. [addressing security guards, as points to the Lord Mayor] Keep very close watch to people like this, right? And anyone else, like Cook, who's going to jail. MacGowan, Ellery,[3] they shipped all these children off to get injected. Sue Ellery the Education Minister put all these kids on buses to go get injected, in some cases without the knowledge of their parents. That's what's going on in this state. And you can't— and Chris Dawson,[4] your mate Chris Dawson? Good mates with him, eh? He made sure all the kids were injected before they could go to the leavers parties.[5] He threatened them with criminal records if they went, if those children went to leavers parties without being injected. Some of those kids are now dead, Bas!

Are you going to go talk to your mate? Huh? Go talk to him! No, because you're a shill. You're paid by people who are making a whole lot of money out of this, aren't you? You're all paid, right? To, to spread misinformation about the jab, right?

Go get your booster! Your booster! There's still— The Australian government is completely corrupt, it's not just you, bullsh#t artist, OK? The Health Department's still saying your six months are over, you should go get jabbed.

Really?! Has not one of them read, read the outcome to the trial from 2021? I've been saying don't take this injection since 2021. You know why? Because I read the Pfizer documents in 2021.[6] You've read it as well, haven't you?

You've read it, haven't you, Bas? In 2021, this guy and the West Australian government [two uniformed police officers coming into the screen, approaching Stephen] knew that the jabs were going to kill you.

POLICE OFFICER: [inaudible]

STEPHEN [to police officers]: Don't touch me. Sure, sure, don't surround me. Don't touch me. [inaudible] [to Lord Mayor] I just hope, you did, OK? [now walking away backwards, continuing to shout at the Lord Mayor] The West Australian government knew in 2021 the jabs killed children in the the trials, but they still mandated it for everyone in 2022! They are murderers! They are murderers! They knew! [now walking away on sidewalk, slowly, several police officers following; shouting at camera]: They knew in 2021! The Pfizer document was in 2021! And they mandated it in 2022!

[camera now shows police officers walking briskly behind Stephen as he continues walking on sidewalk]

And I will not let you forget it!

[camera, ahead of Stephen, now shows Stephen walking, and police officers walking behind him on sidewalk]

And the stain on the West Australian Police Force, making sure children were injected before they could go to their leavers, will never be washed off! The stain on these people will never come off!

# # #


[1] Robert Hugh Cook is premier of Western Australia. Previously he was Deputy Premier under Premier Mark McGowan. McGowan resigned in May 2023.

[2] I believe Stephen refers to Basil Zempilas' writing for The Western Australian,
see: https://thewest.com.au/opinion/basil-zempilas

[3] Sue Ellery was Minister of Education and Training for West Australia 2017-2022.

[4] Chris Dawson is currently serving as Governor of Western Australia. "He was appointed Commissioner of the Western Australia Police Force in August 2017, serving until July 2022. During the period of the COVID-19 global pandemic, Commissioner Dawson coordinated the State of Emergency and the Vaccine program." See https://govhouse.wa.gov.au/the-governor/his-excellency-the-honourable-chris-dawson-apm/

[5] Week-long holiday for high-school graduates following their exams.

[6] Pfizer documents. This refers to the set of documents that Pfizer wanted to withhold from the public for 75 years. A US judge ordered their release under a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. More information about this lawsuit, and the Pfizer documents themselves, are at:
Of note is the Pfizer 5.3.6 document which title is: Cumulative Analysis of Post-Authorization Adverse Event Reports of PF-07302048 (BNT162B2) Received Through 28-Feb-2021
See especially p. 7, table 1, the report of 1,223 deaths.
See also p. 30 Adverse Events of Special Interest.
298   Patrick   2024 Jan 29, 10:30am  


In stark contrast with Maine’s stalled, ugly trans sanctuary bill, Utah’s legislature passed beautiful bathroom and DEI-abolishing bills late last week, by wide, veto-proof margins. The bathroom bill passed 28-7 in Utah’s Senate, for example. ...

On Friday the legislature passed its “bathroom bill,” HB257, which makes the state’s legal definitions of “female” and “male” very simple: it’s birth sex. That’s it. It also criminalizes intentional adult use of the wrong sex bathroom — including any changing room — as lewdness, voyeurism or trespassing.
299   Patrick   2024 Jan 29, 10:36am  


Most particularly, the people who have not surrendered their reason to the Woke-Marxist mind-fuck that calls itself “progressivism” have had enough of the purposeful inflow of something like ten-thousand fake asylum-seekers a day across the border, mostly men, a lot of them from China, and many more of them mutts from faraway lands where Jihad is the order of the day — meaning the crusade to exterminate the people of Western Civ. We’re supposed to be okay with that.

This deliberate, treasonous policy was rightfully declared an “invasion” last week by the Governor of Texas, requiring the human wave to be met with real force, not the welcome wagon that the federal border patrol has been turned into. The result so far is a real-live Mexican stand-off between the regime in Washington and the state of Texas, joined by twenty-five other sympathetic US states willing to send men and matériel to seal the border.

None of this is reported in Monday morning’s New York Times, by the way, though you can read Is Dying Your Hair Bad for Your Health there. Nor will you read about the caravan of American truckers striking out from all points around the country to “peacefully protest and pray” at the border while Texas attempts to settle its hash with “Joe Biden.” Nor will you read about the uprising of European farmers blocking highways to protest ruinous EU rules on food imports, diesel fuel prices, carbon emissions inanity, and, of course, the officially-enabled tide of Africans and jihadists flooding into EU member states. ...

So, now I will tell you where all this is actually going: “Joe Biden” will seize an excuse to declare a national emergency and subject the US to some manner of martial law.

The excuse could be an outbreak of violence in the quarrel between the states and the feds over the border. Or it could be a widening of the war in the Middle East, a direct confrontation with Iran that would draw in Russia and Turkey and kickoff World War Three, a war we would have an excellent shot at losing, considering our DEI-ravaged, over-vaxxed army, our obsolete naval carrier groups that can be sunk by hypersonic missiles, and our depleted reserves of armaments already fobbed off by Ukraine and, lately, given to Israel in the Gaza campaign to destroy Hamas. If such a war didn’t set off a world-ending exchange of nukes, it would at least collapse the economies of Europe and America and, with that, many governments, including possibly ours. And what role might all those recently-arrived illegal aliens play in such a fiasco? Any way you cut it, we’d be in for chaos and hardship.

Or, if we somehow avert major war, “Joe Biden” can try the national emergency ploy when the much-heralded (by the WHO) “Disease X” trots onstage. (And we must ask whether that will just be a delayed side-effect of the mRNA vaccine deaths?) Ultimately, the purpose of any national emergency at this moment in history, whatever prompts it, will be to suspend the 2024 elections. The Democratic Party has gone so completely off-the-rails psychologically that it will do anything to avert losing control of the government.

The Lawfare cases aimed at knocking Donald Trump off the game-board were assigned to corrupt and stupid prosecutors who are botching their jobs in perfect sequence. They are already baking the cake for Fani Willis’s farewell office party in Georgia, and Jack Smith is being undermined daily by the emergent truth about government’s role in fomenting the J6 riot. The ridiculous judgment rendered last week in the E. Jean Carroll defamation charade, is certain to be reversed on appeal. Note the assembled tweets below attributed to Ms. Carroll’s “X” account and draw your own conclusions about her character, especially her sexual proclivities. (By the way, Judge Lewis Kaplan ruled them inadmissible as evidence for Mr. Trump’s defense.)

Now, where the next national emergency or some kind of martial law is concerned, the catch is that at least half of America will refuse to comply with diktats coming out of Blob Central. They’ve had enough trips laid on them. The government has been flirting dangerously with the loss of legitimacy as the disastrous “Joe Biden” term grinds on, but this would really ice it. Whatever other tragic consequences follow, it would be the end of our constitutional republic, and history will install “Joe Biden” in the Hall of Infamy as the man who killed it.
300   Patrick   2024 Jan 31, 11:15am  


Legal challenges that can terminate the ‘public health emergencies’ kill box programs and revoke the other ‘emergency’ powers wielded by the federal executive branch for 90+ years ...

States should nullify those federal laws, and also repeal their own state quarantine and 'public health emergency' management laws (MSEHPA).

It's important to understand that the seven statutes listed in the draft are the foundational laws for the 'public health emergency'-predicated mass murder programs that have become much more visible and better-understood since January 2020:

Quarantine and Inspection, 42 USC §264 to 272

Chemical and Biological Warfare Program, 50 USC §1511 to 1528

Licensing of Biological Products, 42 USC §262 to 263

Public health emergencies, 42 USC § 247d to 247d-12

National Vaccine Program and National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, 42 USC §300aa-1 to 300aa-34

Expanded access to unapproved therapies and diagnostics program, 21 USC §360bbb to 360bbb-8d

National All-Hazards Preparedness for Public Health Emergencies, 42 USC §300hh-1 to 300hh-37

Nullification of those seven federal statutes would terminate the PHE mass murder programs in the states that nullify them. ...

In my view, the necessary sequence is

State governments nullify (or challenge) federal acts.

President and Congress counter-attack by filing suit asking SCOTUS to void the nullification acts or rule on the state challenge.

SCOTUS rules.

From there, two possible paths open up.

If SCOTUS rules the US Constitution as supreme law of the land prohibits federal acts and programs to kill and steal from the population, then mass murder programs terminate and restoration of constitutional rule of law can begin.

If SCOTUS rules that the US Constitution as supreme law of land allows federal acts and programs to kill and steal from the population, then states understand that SCOTUS, president and Congress are at war with the people, secede and begin to properly defend their state sovereignty, state populations and territory.
303   Booger   2024 Feb 5, 3:53pm  

French farmers shit on politicians residences:

305   Patrick   2024 Feb 8, 8:28pm  


Father interrupts Drag Story Hour for children calling it “Men dressed as prostitutes reading filth to children.”

306   Patrick   2024 Feb 11, 12:50pm  


•“Preventing” pandemics is one of the most lucrative areas in medicine. Unfortunately, despite all the money this industry has received, it has only made the problem worse. This is because most pandemics are the result of lab leaks from “preventative” research, and because whenever an effective solution is discovered for a pandemic, it gets suppressed by the industry since so many business interests depend upon profiting off of an “unsolvable emergency.”

•The way COVID-19 was handled was so egregious that it woke much of the public up to this grift. Because of that, the pandemic-industrial complex is now facing an existential risk to its business model (since much of the general population no longer is willing to go along with it).

•To solve this problem, a covert WHO treaty has been put together behind the scenes which gives these international health agencies absolute control over anything related to an alleged “health emergency,” and in turn enshrines each awful policy which was conducted throughout COVID-19 (e.g., mass censorship or the promotion of dangerous and experimental vaccines).

•A grass roots activist movement has accomplished something remarkable—despite the fact every single large organization has pushed the pandemic through, in only a few short months, those activists have begun to derail that treaty. I believe stopping this power grab is one of the most important issues of our time, and this article was written to explain exactly what they are doing so that each of us can help be a part of making sure this abhorrent treaty is never ratified.
307   Patrick   2024 Feb 13, 12:26pm  

I don't know how to effectively get to those, but I agree with the goals.

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