Schellenberger Kicks Libtard Ass Before Congress

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2022 Sep 27, 3:12pm   397 views  3 comments

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He even rips the balls off of Rho Khanna. True treasure to watch!


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1   Patrick   2022 Sep 27, 3:40pm  

Yes he's good.

I liked the point on Malthus, which I did not understand until reading Henry George's Progress and Poverty:

The very rich see themselves as superior Darwinian winners, and everyone else as mere scum mucking up the planet, scum that needs to be exterminated. The truth is the opposite. Human productivity and wealth rises with density of population as people specialize and provide goods and services to each other. The only reason that poverty increases with population is that the very rich are monopolizing the land and other natural resources, stealing whatever wealth is created by the density of population.

There is no need to limit population since people limit the number of children they have voluntarily as they get richer. The key is to let ordinary people get richer by making it unprofitable for the very rich to extract unearned land rent from the work of everyone else. That is, we need to eliminate income tax and sales tax and instead have a single tax on land values (not buildings) and other natural resources like mines and radio spectrum.
2   Misc   2022 Sep 28, 5:35pm  

You may wanna re-think having land values as the sole source of taxes.

During 2010-2012 vast swaths of California had negative land values. SFHs were being sold at a price less than the cost it would be to replace the structure. Hence, the land values were negative. Having a tax authority send funds to the hapless owners wouldn't be sound policy.

Also, the sheer volatility of land prices would bedevil any government that tries it. Taxes for the helpless owners could easily go up by 5 times the amount the prior year. Likewise, tax revenue could easily plummet by 50% in a given year causing any and all spending programs to become a crapshoot as well as government employment levels to fluctuate wildly (you think we have graft and corruption now wait until 75% of a police force is fired for simply not having the tax resources).
3   Patrick   2022 Oct 1, 12:10am  

cisTits says

What is waaaay the fuck more volatile than tax revenues from land is revenues from 'progressive' income taxation. That is why California is flush with money and can quickly go into big deficits in like less than a year.

Happening right now I believe.

CA got a massive windfall from the Wuhan Virus rate cuts. Stocks went up and many people sold.

But now they're going to get fucked because there won't be capital gains to tax. Brandon made sure of that.

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