Turdeau Must Go

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2022 Jul 27, 9:46am   24,339 views  174 comments

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Dear Prime Minister,

I’m a Canadian Muslim woman of Pakistani origin — all three. Muslim, woman and ethnicity are labels you claim to support. So, it is my humble plea that it is time for you to resign as prime minister.

I don’t say this because I don’t like your face — nice haircut though! But around the globe the Italian prime minister resigned; the Pakistani prime minister was pushed out and the Sri Lankan head of state ran for the hills (in his case, the airport). The Tory party in U.K. threw Boris Johnson out.

All for less than you and your cronies have subjected Canada to. If you care to listen, I’ll share with you:

You had a fantastic career as prime minister in which you showed the Canadian public how to do Bhangra in India with a questionable

You showed Canadians that blackface matters.

You love selfies and photo-ops but when real media ask you pertinent questions that impact your citizens, you hide behind a plant.

Alexa : Mr. Trudeau, what other agreement, besides the Known Travellers Digital Identity, have you signed with the World Economic Forum?@JustinTrudeau : no answer! pic.twitter.com/Gn9AENf1P5

— Alexandra Lavoie (@ThevoiceAlexa) July 12, 2022
You hold friendship very dear, so you helped your friends as SNC Lavalin and a few other questionable organizations.

You paid off a terrorist and turn a blind eye to government funding of organizations with a history of antisemitism and hate.

You’re beholden to Communist regimes.

You’re paranoid when you see a truck. You have imprisoned a native ‘real Canadian’ woman — Tamara Lich — for allegations that are
contrary to our freedoms and democracy.

Your minister of transportation has made Canadian airports the laughing stock of the world. From being the best airport in North America to the worst in the world! And please don’t give me the COVID BS, being prepared was your government's responsibility.

In your words, “a Canadian, is a Canadian is a Canadian”! So, aren’t unvaxed Canadians — Canadian?

And to make matters worse (if that’s possible) now there is a SURPRISE at the airport. When you come back already tired from a long trip and have to wait a couple of hours to be randomly tested. From a dynamic G7 country, are you trying to make Canada a third world country?

Your best present to Canadians was the ArriveCan app. By the way, how does one get a passport? Do we apply to you directly?


I’m tired of just listing all your activities. I think it's time you took a vacation again on one of the Aga Khan’s Islands and you might do Canadians a favour this time by just staying there. And while you’re at it, please take your inexperienced, inefficient, intolerant cronies with you.

Goodbye. Hasta la vista. Au revoir.

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41   Patrick   2022 Nov 26, 11:49am  


Justin Trudeau, under oath: “I did not call people who were unvaccinated [bad] names.”

Hmm…let's go to the videotape shall we. https://twitter.com/hugh_mankind/status/1596228130037182464

— New World Odor™ (@hugh_mankind) November 25, 2022

42   Patrick   2022 Nov 26, 12:04pm  


‘OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) – After accepting a top award, a retired Canadian general received a standing ovation from senior military officers for giving a rousing speech blasting cancel culture, climate change policies, woke aspects of the armed forces, and leaders who “divide.”

The speech was made by retired Lt.-Gen. Michel Maisonneuve on November 9 in Ottawa at a gala event, at which he accepted the prestigious Vimy Award.'

During his speech, Maisonneuve, who is a 35-year Canadian Armed Forces veteran, was direct in his take on the current leadership of Canada under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, without directly naming people.

“Can you imagine a military leader labeling half of his command as deplorables, fringe radicals and less-thans and then expect them to fight as one?” Maisonneuve asked rhetorically.

“Today’s leaders must find a way to unite; not divide.”

Maisonneuve‘s statement seems to be a reference to a remark made by Trudeau during the anti-mandate Freedom Convoy protest – which featured noticeable support from active and retired members of the nation’s armed forces – in which the prime minister said that those opposing his measures were of a “small, fringe minority” who hold “unacceptable views.”
43   Patrick   2022 Nov 27, 2:09pm  


Nov 25
PM Justin Trudeau at a hearing today: “Using protests to demand changes to public policy is something that I think is worrisome”
44   Patrick   2022 Dec 2, 8:41am  


Canada Proud
Dec 1
WOW!🔥 You will NEVER hear a more eloquent takedown of Canadian legacy media than this.

45   Patrick   2022 Dec 2, 10:12am  


At Toronto fundraiser, Justin Trudeau seemingly admires China's 'basic dictatorship'
'There is a level of admiration I actually have for China, Ahh, because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime'

Author of the article:Jen Gerson
Publishing date:Nov 08, 2013

57   Patrick   2022 Dec 21, 10:37am  


James Melville
Tulsi Gabbard pull no punches in her assessment of 'autocratic' Justin Trudeau.

58   Patrick   2022 Dec 25, 10:15am  

Xi and Bolsonaro don't seem to want much to do with Turdeau.

59   mell   2022 Dec 25, 3:30pm  

Lol very good!
60   Patrick   2022 Dec 29, 9:26am  


Trudeau STILL Pushing Vaccines
Maybe because he bought 11 doses per person in Canada?

... The tweet has over 20k comments and only 4k likes. This is what Twitter users call getting ratioed. It’s great to see people waking up.

Kinda silly to have that last bar which aggregates 2020 to 2022. I don't see the point there.
64   Patrick   2023 Feb 2, 11:44am  


Why doesn't the US send an armed force to liberate Canada from Turdeau? Serious question.

I guess we ourselves suffer under much of the same tyranny: mandated toxxines even now, suppression of free speech, centralized economic planning leading to mass poverty, etc.
66   Ceffer   2023 Feb 5, 11:19am  

Psychopathic Kommie dictators and political groupie nymphomaniacs make such beautiful children.
67   komputodo   2023 Feb 5, 12:15pm  

Hey Patrick, was that an unintentional misspelling? LOL
69   Ceffer   2023 Feb 27, 10:24pm  

"Your votes are irrelevant, and your loyalties are irrelevant. You are cattle with no say, get used to it."
71   Ceffer   2023 Feb 28, 12:42am  

Trudeau wondering why everybody is so upset with him.

73   Patrick   2023 Mar 7, 3:05pm  


“The federal government has quietly begun the creation of Personal Information Banks (PIB) to collect and store data on Canadians. We were not consulted nor informed about the creation or existence of these databases and they are being collected without our permission or knowledge. Categories of information include biometrics (DNA, blood type, eye/facial scan, fingerprints, etc), personal biography, medical history, financial history, credit information, opinions or views of or about individuals, and much more.

Seems to be true:


Standard personal information banks
Personal information banks (PIBs) are descriptions of personal information under the control of a government institution that is organized and retrievable by an individual's name or by a number, symbol or other element that identifies that individual. The personal information described in a PIB has been used, is being used or is available for an administrative purpose. The PIB describes how personal information is collected, used, disclosed, retained and/or disposed of in the administration of a government institution's program or activity. ...

Categories of Personal Information
The Description section in a personal information bank (PIB) describes the personal information in the records to which the bank relates. Treasury Board Secretariat has established the following categories of personal information, which give examples of specific elements of personal information that fall under each category. The purpose of the categories is to reduce the number of personal information elements that need to be listed in the Description section. These categories are representative of the personal information collected by most institutions, and they now appear in many of the registered PIBs.

Biographical information (e.g. work history, curriculum vitae, family information, hobbies, interests, etc.)
Biometric information (e.g. blood type, eye or facial scan, DNA, finger / hand prints, etc.)
Contact information (e.g. work and / or home information, including postal and e-mail addresses, telephone, fax, cell phone numbers, etc.)
Citizenship status (e.g. citizen, landed immigrant, etc.)
Credit card information
Credit history (e.g. credit reports / scores, liens, bankruptcies, third-party collections, etc.)
Criminal checks / history (e.g. information related to criminal record checks, investigations, charges, conviction dates and locations, pardons, etc.)
Date of birth
Date of death
Employee identification number (e.g. Personal Record Identifier, RCMP regimental number, Canadian Forces service number, etc.)
Employment equity information (i.e. information about aboriginal peoples, members of visible minorities, persons with disabilities, and women)
Employee personnel information (e.g. records of attendance and leave, notices of disciplinary action, alternative work arrangements, decisions concerning compensation and fitness for work, official languages qualifications, salary, deductions, level of security clearance, performance reviews and appraisals, rating board assessments, including evaluation notes from staffing boards, training and development course applications and evaluations, etc.)
Financial information (e.g. income, investments, mortgages, loans, orders of garnishment, financial institution information for direct deposit and other banking purposes, including name and branch number of institution, account number(s) and name(s) on accounts, etc.)
Language (e.g. mother tongue, official and other languages, etc.)
Medical information (e.g. psychological assessments, physical disabilities, blood type, medical conditions, etc.)
Name (e.g. last name (surname/family name), given names (first, second or more), maiden name, nicknames, aliases, etc.)
Opinion or views of, or about, individuals
Other identification numbers (e.g. fishing license, driver’s license, etc.)
Physical attributes (e.g. height, weight, colour of hair and eyes, physical markings (scars, tattoos, body piercing), etc.)
Place of birth
Place of death
Social Insurance Number (SIN)
74   Patrick   2023 Mar 8, 10:37am  


Stu Burguiere
I had a shocking discussion with @RebelNewsOnline founder @ezralevant about Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and free speech. Faith, civil liberties, and more are under attack.
76   Patrick   2023 Mar 23, 10:28am  


Sam Dunning
How Justin Trudeau’s government was compromised by the CCP
16 March 2023

Justin Trudeau’s government has been compromised by the Chinese Communist Party and Canada’s democracy is in jeopardy. This is a startling claim, all the more so for the fact that Canadian intelligence officials are the ones making it.

Over the past month, a series of leaks from within CSIS, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, has stirred up an astonishing storm. In November, it was leaked that a clandestine CCP network had funded and infiltrated the campaigns of 11 candidates in 2019’s federal election. ...

Intel suggested that large sums changed hands, election law was breached (though there is no police investigation), and Trudeau’s Liberal party were the beneficiaries.

More CSIS leaks followed through the middle of February. There was CCP interference in 2021’s election, it was claimed, aimed at achieving a Liberal minority government, which was indeed the outcome. Efforts to influence results at a local level included coercing Chinese international students into campaigning in seats with large Chinese-Canadian populations. ...
79   richwicks   2023 Apr 3, 3:35pm  

RC2006 says

This isn't a problem of government, it's a problem with parents.
80   Ceffer   2023 Apr 3, 3:38pm  

What the NWO is saying is that we are cattle and our children are nothing more than veal for their bloodletting, tissue regenerations, blood drugs and sexual appetites, to be harvested at will. Their and our sufferings are ritual empowerments to them. They got tired of hiding their bizarre arrogances.

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