Vaxx Failure Thread

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A thread for obvious failures of the jab.

First one:


A married Michigan couple who were fully-vaccinated against COVID-19 both died of the virus just one minute apart.

Cal Dunham, 59, and wife Linda, 66, ‘gained their angel wings’ Sunday despite taking precautions against the virus and being inoculated against it, relatives said.

The couple, who had undisclosed underlying health conditions, fell ill earlier this month during a family camping trip, the couple's grieving daughter Sarah Dunham said.

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1045   Patrick   2023 Aug 6, 12:33pm  


92% of Covid Deaths in 2022 Were Triple+ Vaxxed
1046   Patrick   2023 Aug 10, 10:25am  


💉 The Epoch Times ran a story yesterday headlined, “Biden Admin Concedes No Evidence Behind Recommendation for 6 COVID Booster Shots a Year.”

Last November, Biden’s diverse Secretary of Health, a lawyer with no health background, Xavier Becerra, wrote in a social media post that people should get vaccinated whenever “it’s been over 2 months since your last dose.” The next day, he wrote “An updated COVID vaccine can help protect you from the worst outcomes of COVID. If it’s been over 2 months since your last dose, make a plan to get one now.” Becerra then posted several more items along the same lines.

So the Functional Government Initiative (FGI) filed a Freedom of Information Act request for documents supporting the statements, including all “scientific support” for the statement and internal communications related to the post.

Predictably, the Biden Administration stonewalled the request, so FGI sued.

In its latest response, the government admitted it had no evidence to support Mr. Becerra's recommendation. That’s Science! Specifically, Alesia Williams, an HHS official, said, "The department reviewed 1,263 pages of potentially responsive records captured in the agency’s search for this FOIA request. After a careful review of these records, I determined the 1,263 pages were not relevant to your request.”

But to be fair, there is evidence that those boosters make a LOT of money for Pfizer.
1048   Patrick   2023 Aug 13, 1:22pm  


Vaccinated Outbreak at CDC Conference Bigger Than Reported

The COVID-19 outbreak among vaccinated people that broke out at a conference held by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was bigger than disclosed, according to files obtained by The Epoch Times.

After the outbreak took place in April, the CDC reported results from surveys sent to attendees.

The CDC said that 181 respondents reported testing positive for COVID-19.

But that number was actually 183, according to the newly obtained files.

The public health agency also failed to disclose that hundreds of attendees didn’t get tested; some 601 attendees who responded to the survey said they didn’t get tested for COVID-19, the files show, including 34 who reported experiencing COVID-like symptoms, being ill, or both.

The CDC didn’t respond to a request for comment.

Vaccinated Person Went to Emergency Room
In a statement on the outbreak, which affected only vaccinated people, the CDC emphasized that no attendee reported being hospitalized.

“None of the 181 people who reported testing positive were hospitalized,” the agency said.

The agency didn’t mention that one of the vaccinated people suffered such severe symptoms that they went to the emergency room, according to the newly obtained files.

The agency had claimed that, despite the outbreak, the survey results emphasize “the importance of vaccination for protecting individuals against severe illness and death related to COVID-19.” ...

The failure to report the emergency room visit and note that hundreds of attendees did not get tested fits the CDC’s pattern of misleading on so-called breakthrough cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, or metrics among the vaccinated.

The CDC’s now-former director, for instance, falsely said on television in the spring of 2021 that vaccinated people would not get sick or transmit COVID-19. The agency has acknowledged that data didn’t support those claims.

Lol, the CDC is a complete fraud. Why was no one punished for those false claims?

Remember when they screamed over and over that everyone must get the toxxine because it would prevent transmission?

I remember.

1050   The_Deplorable   2023 Aug 22, 11:53am  

According to Reuters, the fact that : "most people dying from Covid-19 are vaccinated does not mean vaccines do not work."

That is exactly what it means. Otherwise why bother getting vaccinated?

The problem with the mRNA Covid-19 vaccines is that they do not offer immunity against Covid, meaning, they are useless.

So, a person is better off relying on Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine - medications that cure Covid with an efficacy of 99%. People who get vaccinated risk death and injury from myocarditis in addition to death from Covid.

Patrick says

1051   stfu   2023 Aug 22, 1:52pm  

The_Deplorable says

So, a person is better off relying on Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine - medications that cure Covid with an efficacy of 99%.

I'm a little torn on this issue. Do we really know that these medicines have an "efficacy of 99%" when we are talking about a disease that has a survival rate of 99.8xxx% ? This is a serious question. I have ivermectin and I know people who have used it to "kick covids' ass" but I'm semi-skeptical that we need to take ANYTHING to beat what, to me, is basically another seasonal variation of the flu.

If you have a reasonably effective immune system, do you really need anything?
1052   The_Deplorable   2023 Aug 22, 7:23pm  

stfu says
"If you have a reasonably effective immune system, do you really need anything?"

I think so yes, because we know how the human immune system works to defeat the Covid virus and it is up to you to give your immune system a boost.

• Hydroxychloroquine is an Ionophore with an affinity for zinc - meaning Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc are always together. The Zinc prevents the Covid virus from replicating and this gives time to the immune system to kill the virus.

• Big pharma wants to prevent We The People from using Hydroxychloroquine because the entire cure against the Covid virus using HCQ costs less than $1.00 and they cannot make billion$ of dollars by forcing all of us to get vaccinated.

• Hydroxychloroquine not only cures the Covid-19 virus, it also offers long term immunity against the virus because HCQ stays in the human body for a long time. The half-life of HCQ in the human body is about 50 days and can be detected in the body one year after you take a single pill. As a result, Hydroxychloroquine offers long term immunity against Covid-19 , which is something the toxin vaccines cannot do.

• MUST-WATCH: Texas Doctor Ivette Lozano PRAISES President Trump For His Advice On How To Treat COVID-19 Patients... https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/05/must-watch-texas-doctor-ivette-lozano-praises-president-trump-advice-treat-covid-19-patients/ -- From the 3:55 to the 6:30 minute - "...Except YouTube took this video down! "

• But you can watch Doctor Ivette's Lozano videos on BITChute [1]

• Here is Dr. Lozano with Laura Ingraham

original link
less than 5:30 minutes.

• And remember, Hydroxychloroquine is very inexpensive it's been on the market for about 60 years, it is safer than Aspirin and it is currently used to fight Malaria, Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

[1] https://www.bitchute.com/search/?query=ivette+lozano&kind=video
1053   Patrick   2023 Aug 22, 8:48pm  

stfu says

I'm a little torn on this issue. Do we really know that these medicines have an "efficacy of 99%" when we are talking about a disease that has a survival rate of 99.8xxx% ?

@stfu We do know that HCQ and ivermectin reduce death from Wuhan Virus by a lot, and that's the important point.

That invalidates the EUA which was and is being to shield Pfizer and Moderna from liability.

It also means that Pfauci, Collins, Walensky, etc deliberately caused the deaths of a large number of people by preventing doctors from using those drugs.

That's two sets of mass murderers who gained by lying about HCQ and ivermectin.
1054   Patrick   2023 Aug 29, 1:41pm  


💉 The Epoch Times ran another fascinating jab story yesterday, headlined “First COVID Deaths Were Fully Jabbed, Australian State Records Reveal.”

Remember — Australia arrived quite late to the covid party. Before cases started, the island nation locked down early and hard, and was widely and often touted by Establishment Media as a lockdown success story. That is, it was a success story until the “pandemic” Down Under began — after its vaccination campaign had already kicked off.

A group of doctors suing the Australian government finally received some data in discovery. And guess what? It showed that the very first deaths from covid in Australia were almost all in fully vaccinated people. ...

Think about this: Australia ordered some of the most draconian and punitive vaccine mandates in the world outside of China and North Korea. But at the time they ordered Ozzies to get jabbed or get fired and then go into house arrest, this data shows the Australian government already knew the jabs didn’t stop people from getting covid and dying from covid.

So … what then could possibly justify the strict jab mandates, the mandates relentlessly pushed on all Australian networks by all those white-coated scientists and doctors as the “only way out of the pandemic?”

1056   Patrick   2023 Aug 30, 11:20am  


A 10-point primer on why the mRNA Covid shots are different from and riskier than other vaccines...

1: mRNAs are not vaccines in any traditional sense. They work in a very different way.

2: Before 2020 mRNA biotechnology was - at best - several years from use outside clinical trials. The scientists working on it were struggling with the risks of repeated dosing.

3: The two large clinical trials in 2020 from Pfizer and Moderna that led to the approval of the mRNAs did NOT show that they reduced deaths from Covid, or from other causes.

4: mRNAs were not proven to work better or to be safer than - or even as safe as - traditional vaccines. They were not and have never been tested head-to-head against traditional vaccines.

5: The clinical trials showed the mRNAs caused more and more severe side effects than most traditional vaccines, especially flu shots. Real-world experience confirmed the trial findings.

6: The major clinical trials were effectively stopped in early 2021, and as a result we do not have long-term placebo-controlled safety data on the mRNAs.

7: We also do not have long-term controlled data on their effectiveness. This gap matters less, though, since everyone now agrees that - at best - they worked against Covid infection or transmission for a few months in 2021.

8: The evidence health authorities offer for their claims that the shots work against severe disease and death - even after they fail against infection - comes from “observational” studies. Those are hopelessly untrustworthy. The reason is that people are generally not vaccinated if they are on or near their deathbeds - and terminally ill people are obviously at very high risk of death from all causes, including Covid.

In essence, the people who receive vaccinations cannot be compared to those who do not. Health authorities are well aware of this issue, but they ignore it, because it enables them to claim the vaccines work.

9: The mRNAs appear to have zero or negative effectiveness against Omicron infection. Negative effectiveness means they may actually increase the risk of infection. Some studies show that the infection risk RISES with each additional dose.

10: Data from many countries that used mRNAs shows the booster campaigns in early 2022 and late 2022/early 2023 coincided with increases in all-cause deaths. This correlation is particularly striking in the second campaign, because it cannot be attributed to Covid.
1060   Patrick   2023 Sep 6, 1:11pm  


💉 A new pre-print study published yesterday, titled “Forensic Analysis of the 38 Subject Deaths in the 6-Month Interim Report of the Pfizer/BioNTech BNT162b2 mRNA Vaccine Clinical Trial.” It had thirteen authors.

The first six deaths from Pfizer’s trial. Notice any pattern?

The authors described their new study as being the first analysis of the original data from the main Pfizer vaccine clinical trial (44,000 participants) to be conducted by a group unaffiliated with Pfizer. Their analysis was enabled by the court-ordered release of Pfizer’s internal test data, which the FDA infamously tried to suppress for 75 years.

What they found, unsurprisingly, and what was missed by federal regulators and the vaccine approval committee, was a significantly-higher rate of death in the vaccine group compared to the placebo:

Our analysis revealed inconsistencies between the subject data listed in the 6-Month Interim Report and publications authored by Pfizer trial site administrators. Most importantly, we found evidence of an over 3.7-fold increase in number of deaths due to cardiovascular events in BNT162b2 vaccinated subjects compared to Placebo controls. This significant adverse event signal was not reported by Pfizer.

The authors reviewed each of the 38 deaths, and found Pfizer hijinx all over. Here’s one example (edited for brevity):

Subject 11621327 was found dead shortly after receiving Dose 1 of the Pfizer vaccine on September 10th. His body was found at home (with lividity) on the 13th of September when the police performed a welfare check. “According to the medical examiner, the probable cause of death was progression of atherosclerotic disease.” The cause of death listed in the 6-Month Interim Report is “Arteriosclerosis”… autopsy results were not provided or available. Based only on the medical documentation in the CRF, there is no basis for ascribing the subject’s death to advanced atherosclerosis or concluding that the death was unrelated to the vaccine… It is likely that the subject died within a day or two of vaccination. This was a clear indication that his death could have been related to the Pfizer vaccine and this should not have been ruled out without a more rigorous investigation. In our opinion, this diagnosis was premature and an egregious misjudgment of the evidence at hand.

An “egregious misjudgment” is one way of putting it.

After noting the unusually low overall number of deaths in the overall trial, which itself raises suspicion, and the very high (5%) number of “discontinued” patients, the authors dropped the biggest bomb: the Pfizer trial data does not show that any lives were saved by the “safe and effective” jabs:

To state that vaccine saved lives, Pfizer should have shown a reduction in all-cause mortality due to a decrease in COVID-19 mortality in the vaccinated arm of the trial. Figure 1 does not support any such claim for Weeks 1 – 20 and, in fact, speaks against this conclusion in the weeks following Week 20 in which the Placebo cumulative plot is distinctly below that of the BNT162b2 vaccinated.

In other words, fewer people should have died in the injection group than in the placebo group, but the exact opposite happened. How the vaccine committee missed this is anybody’s guess. Well, we have some pretty good guesses.

Here’s the link to the study.

1063   Patrick   2023 Sep 8, 1:23pm  


“There’s a new mRNA covid-19 vaccine coming… there’s essentially no evidence for it… Not only that, there are a lot of red flags. So something you don’t hear much about, but we’ll be talking more about, is there are multiple studies now from around the world — Brazil, Australia, United States — that show that over time these vaccines, these mRNA covid-19 products, actually INCREASE your chances of contracting COVID-19.

That’s not normal.”
1064   Patrick   2023 Sep 9, 1:45pm  


The probability of reinfection increased with time from the initial infection (odds ratio of 18 months vs 3 months, 1.56; 95% CI, 1.18-2.08) (Figure) and was higher among persons who had received 2 or more doses compared with 1 dose or less of vaccine
1065   The_Deplorable   2023 Sep 10, 10:56am  

From Japan: Prof. Fukushima is the President of the Study Group on Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths and Injuries... "the vaccine is... a bioweapon with all kinds of toxicity."

More from https://twitter.com/You3_JP/status/1700012408893534451
1066   The_Deplorable   2023 Sep 10, 11:22am  

The judge noted that Mayor Eric Adams lifted the vaccine mandate "for some private employees in 2022, notably celebrities and athletes." This decision, said the judge, was evidence "that the mandate for public workers was done on an arbitrary basis." https://www.theepochtimes.com/health/judge-rules-teachers-can-get-jobs-back-with-back-pay-after-refusing-covid-19-vaccine-5488305

And, we still do not have an explanation as to why 92% of Covid Deaths in 2022 Were Triple+ Vaxxed. https://slaynews.com/news/92-covid-deaths-2022-were-triple-vaxxed/
1067   The_Deplorable   2023 Sep 10, 11:47am  

It was DARPA - the US Military - that started studying mRNA technology back in 2012 and not Pfizer or Moderna. In other words, the Covid-19 mRNA vaccine is a bioweapon that was used against the people of the United States. Is there any other explanation?

From https://twitter.com/iluminatibot/status/1700319316342923752
1070   Patrick   2023 Sep 12, 10:40am  


That is completely boring, and I wouldn’t have covered it except for an odd little nugget of interesting information buried halfway down the story. You see, last year’s jab innovation turned out not to have been so much of an innovation after all. It looks less like dynamite and more like a wet noodle:

Unlike the bivalent shots from last fall, the latest mRNA vaccines developed by Pfizer and Moderna are monovalent, meaning they are designed to protect against just one variant: XBB.1.5… Initial data from preprint studies has suggested that the bivalent formula from last year was no more effective against BA.4 and BA.5 than the original vaccine it replaced because of so-called “immune imprinting” bias.
“Our immune system, when we have seen something, is biased to seeing that again,” Dr. Ho said. “So if you include the original components, the immune system will react mostly to the original component and not to the new version of the virus.”
Ho, ho, Dr. Ho! We fooled ‘em again! Suckers.

But there it was, in 12-point type, straight from the New York Times’s own ghastly orifice: The Bivalent experiment failed. It’s back to the monovalent drawing board. And, how do you like that, they do know about “immune imprinting” after all. When they want to. ...

Anyway, you should be able to get injected with Big Pharma’s latest lab experiment later this week, if for some insane reason you actually want the awful thing, which offers tons of risk and no benefit.
1072   Ceffer   2023 Sep 13, 10:29am  

Shouldn't the thread now be called the 'Vax Successful Democide' thread?

Flaming Libby KommieKunt brainwashed social worker with all the fag, Ukraine and BLM flags on her house around the corner in Santa Cruz survived her fake Covid diagnosis for the time being. I saw her walking around.
1075   Patrick   2023 Sep 19, 9:32am  


It is possible that a degree of 'herd immunity' has been achieved. Yet, using p<0.05 as the threshold for statistical significance, the bivalent-vaccinated group had a slightly but statistically significantly higher infection rate than the unvaccinated group in the statewide category and the age ≥50 years category. However, in the older age category (≥65 years), there was no significant difference in infection rates between the two groups.

So people under 50 were more like to get infected if they took the death jab.

And it made no difference for people over 50.
1076   stereotomy   2023 Sep 19, 2:57pm  

Patrick says

So people under 50 were more like to get infected if they took the death jab.

And it made no difference for people over 50.

Because old (>65) people have weak to no immune systems - that's why they have succumbed to cancers and bad flu infections.

Now, younger people, with ravaged immune systems and a full flood of IG4 suppressing what little they have left, are suffering infections and cancers exceeding that of Hiroshima survivors.
1078   GNL   2023 Sep 21, 2:31pm  

The_Deplorable says

Is it weird that only a screenshot was captured instead of the entire article?

1079   The_Deplorable   2023 Sep 21, 7:00pm  

GNL says

"Is it weird that only a screenshot was captured instead of the entire article? https://archive.ph/C8KvZ

No. In fact, the screen shot is very accurate and the link you posted verifies the fact. Did you read the link you posted?

It says:

" Depopulation Through Forced Vaccination... The world today has 6.8 billion people. That's headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent."
1080   GNL   2023 Sep 22, 6:10am  

I was hoping to read the actual article. I found it somewhere else though.
1084   GNL   2023 Sep 28, 1:31pm  

The 6th booster? I thought we were on #8.

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