Thread for vax deaths, maimings, and severe side effects

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Let's start with this one:


‘Better Call Saul’ Star Bob Odenkirk Collapses on Set After Receiving Experimental COVID-19 Vaccine
Jul 28, 2021

‘Better Call Saul’ star Bob Odenkirk had to be rushed to the hospital after collapsing on set while filming his hit television show on Tuesday.

The 58-year-old actor had been a shill for the experimental COVID-19 vaccine, boasting publicly that he had received the jab and urging others to do so.

He even did a public-service announcement on behalf of Big Pharma urging fans of ‘Better Call Saul’ to line up and get the vaccine.

“Our number came up…and here we are, happy to get our first vaccine, Pfizer, so far it doesn’t hurt at all, but maybe a little,” Odenkirk said back in March.

“So we’re really happy and proud to get the vaccine today and we hope anybody today who sees this would come down here or sign up if they haven’t,” he added.

That video can be seen here: ...

Big League Politics has reported on how Pfizer is one of the pharmaceutical giants receiving immunity from liability for their COVID-19 shots:

“The US government has granted Pfizer and Moderna immunity from liability in case people develop severe side effects from their COVID-19 vaccines.

The Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act allows the Department of Health and Human Services to provide liability immunity for “certain medical countermeasures,” such as vaccines, except in cases of “willful misconduct.”

According to CNBC, someone who develops severe side effects from a COVID-19 vaccine can neither sue the FDA for authorizing the vaccine, nor one’s employer for mandating it.

And although it is theoretically possible to receive money from the government to cover lost wages and out-of-pocket medical expenses following “irreparable harm” from a vaccine, only 29 claims—6 percent of all claims—have received compensation over the past decade.

In short, don’t count on compensation for a COVID-19 vaccine gone wrong. And don’t count on seeing any of those “you may be entitled to financial compensation” commercials for it either.“

Odenkirk is still hospitalized as of Wednesday morning. His COVID-19 vaccine shilling may not be as effective now that he has suffered these complications.

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6065   The_Deplorable   2023 Sep 24, 1:32pm  

The Covid Vaccines are deadly toxins...

Safety Signals for COVID Vaccines Are Loud and Clear. Why Is Nobody Listening?

6067   Ceffer   2023 Sep 24, 1:59pm  

Feel a little achey after vax and boosters, and got that fibrous white clot feeling again?

6068   richwicks   2023 Sep 24, 2:15pm  

Ceffer says

Feel a little achey after vax and boosters, and got that fibrous white clot feeling again?


The "clots" appear to dissolved protein in the blood that precipitates out when the blood gets cooler.

original link
6070   Patrick   2023 Sep 24, 8:13pm  


What do you think is making secondary lymph node cancer involved deaths more than 400% of normal in Massachusetts in 2023?

Just keep looking at the graph in Figure 1 for a while. These data represent real people.

6072   Al_Sharpton_for_President   2023 Sep 25, 5:29am  

27 Year-Old Footballer Maddy Cusack Dies and Suddenly the Media Have No Curiosity to Find Out Why

A 27 year-old footballer, Maddy Cusack, has died.

This has been reported on many news sites, including the BBC.

Reports tell how “devastated” everyone who knew her is. Most state that the cause of her death is unknown.

Beyond this there is no investigation. And no speculation. It is simply declared as a regrettable fact.

However, even cursory digging by the journalists would have hinted at a possible route of inquiry:

If the situation had concerned ‘severe weather events’ or ‘toxic air’ or Russell Brand’s shenanigans or ‘the environmental effects of diesel vehicles’ or ‘transphobia’ or ‘the continuing dangers of Covid’, or any other fashionable anxiety, this association would in all probability have been used to claim causation.

But not in the case of the unfortunate Maddy.

To the rush-to-conclusion group mind, isolated incidents of bad (or good) weather show climate change is happening. And that humans are somehow to blame. Yet isolated incidents of healthy young people dying show nothing at all.

Examples are everywhere:

Extremes of weather will strike the U.K. more frequently owing to the climate crisis, scientists said after data showed that last year was one of the warmest, as well as one of the wettest and sunniest, on record.

Last year was the first to figure in the top 10 for heat, rain and hours of sunshine, in records stretching back more than a century, as moderate British weather is rapidly becoming a thing of the past, according to a report from the Met Office and climate scientists. …

Liz Bentley, Chief Executive of the Royal Meteorological Society [said]…

“When we saw the extreme heat events over the summer last year, the roads were starting to melt, on the rail network the rails started to buckle so all the trains have to slow down and we see lots of cancellations and postponements. The electrical cabling starts to buckle as well, and so we see power outages,” she said. “The impacts that it’s going to have on our daily lives [mean] it will start to have a much more negative effect than just some kind of warm sunny day.”
Conclusion: the ‘climate crisis’ will kill people unless we do something about it.

Deaths linked to extreme heat on hottest days soar

Between 2018 and 2022, London had the highest mortality risk from hot weather of 29°C (84°F) or more, according to the latest data from the Office for National Statistics. The figures overall show a dramatic increase on the previous year. …

Commenting on the ONS report, the head of the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Climate Change and Health Unit, Dr. Diarmid Campbell-Lendrum, said it was “extremely concerning”.

He described heat-related deaths as “one of the biggest public health challenges we face as populations get older”. …

“What we need is political leaders around the world that have the long-term vision to make the case for the investment, which we know will save money, we know will bring more jobs, we know it will save lives, and it will also solve the climate crisis,” he added.”
Conclusion: the ‘climate crisis’ is killing people.

The extent of these ‘extremes’ is rather too emphatically summed up in a four minute video by the Guardian, which shows floods, fires and disasters one after the next, continuously. The video is entitled: ‘Climate crisis: what one month of extreme weather looks like.’

Conclusion: the ‘climate crisis’ is killing people.

Readers of the Daily Sceptic are, of course, well aware that this recurring hysteria is based on highly selective evidence. In reality, considered evaluation is required to place individual weather events in meaningful context. The same applies to other speculative efforts to link individual events with potential trends and causes.

The only sustainable conclusion for these issues, including Maddy’s sad demise, is that more information and analysis is needed before any testable conclusion can be reached.

The media’s representatives recognise this in one case, at least partly because they do not want even to consider or present the possibility that Covid vaccines played a role in Maddy’s death. Yet in other equally uncertain cases they shamelessly make sweeping assumptions.

In the YouTube ‘climate crisis’ video above, John Kerry states: “The climate crisis, my friends, is the test of our times.” Is it though?

We are constantly bombarded with unanalysed assumptions, often presented to us by people with obvious vested interests. Some years ago there was a variety of ways to challenge these assumptions. For example, decent journalists in serious publications would do this and these challenges would filter into the public consciousness. But this seems to happen less and less in the mainstream, where ‘experts’ are presented as authoritative voices on X or Y simply because they say they are, or have a prestigious title, and it is impossible to challenge them directly.

The failure to think deeply, the abandonment of reason, the rush to the preferred conclusion, the desire – even the need these days – to go along with the majority view without questioning it – these are symptoms of a cultural descent into myth, superstition and collective madness. The truth is what we want it to be and what our ‘experts’ say it is and that’s all you need to know.

I submit that this abject thoughtlessness – not ‘the climate crisis’ – is the real ‘test of our times’.


6076   Patrick   2023 Sep 25, 1:18pm  


Twice-Boosted Celebrity Doctor, 53, Dies of Heart Attack While Biking

Last Sunday, there was news that a hiker was found dead by first responders inside Will Rogers State Park. It’s now been revealed that the deceased was the popular local doctor Jay M. Goldberg who was actually riding his bike in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Only 53, Doctor Goldberg worked at Cedars-Sinai Beverly Hills as a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology. He had many celebrity patients, including the wife of NFL star Marcellus Wiley and daughter of musician John Mellencamp.

The doctor’s cause of death is listed as a heart attack.

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center mandated the COVID jab for all its employees in August 2021. Goldberg was fully vaccinated and twice-boosted; he just recently received his fourth shot of synthetic mRNA.

Dr. Goldberg volunteered overseas every year with Doctors without Borders. He leaves behind a wife and two children. Over his 26-year career, he delivered thousands of babies.
6078   Patrick   2023 Sep 25, 3:08pm  


💉 Award-winning Ontario mRNA researcher Jerry Pelletier, PhD, 61, died this weekend after a short battle with cancer, which ironically was his area of research speciality.

Not much has been reported about his death. In life, Jerry was a “pioneer” in mRNA cancer treatment. ...

Canada featured particularly strict covid shot mandates for academics and healthcare professionals, and one would assume that Jerry was a fan of mRNA treatments like the covid jabs. You’d think since he was a cancer researcher, there’d be a little more interest in his ironic death from cancer. Not only isn’t Jerry’s type of cancer or his diagnosis mentioned anywhere, there also aren’t any news reports I could find of him getting cancer in the first place, leading me to conclude it came on quickly.
6081   RayAmerica   2023 Sep 26, 8:49am  

As we all know, healthy, fit, 27 year olds have strokes all the time, so I'm not sure why I'm posting this:

Support pours in for Willowick Police officer Madison Orton who suffered stroke

27-year-old Madison Orton has been on the force at Willowick PD since 2021

6082   Patrick   2023 Sep 26, 12:21pm  


💉 Last week, Tony Award-winning stage and film actor Michael McGrath, 65, died suddenly and mysteriously AT HOME.

According to the actor’s publicist, McGrath died at home in Bloomfield, New Jersey on Thursday the 14th. Never even called the hospital. His cause of death was not disclosed, of course, but the family’s GoFundMe page, set up by McGrath’s daughter, included a few scraps of information.

You can read between the lines that McGrath’s death was very sudden and very unexpected:

It's been a week since the sudden passing of my father, Michael McGrath. We are still grappling with this disbelief that he is truly gone. Due to the unexpected nature of his death, certain financial protections were not put in place— which means my mother is left with some difficulty.

My dad was set to start a new job in just a few weeks.

McGrath won a Tony for his role in the Broadway production of Monty Python's Spamalot. He is survived by his wife of 30 years, actress Toni Di Buono, and his daughter, actress Katie Claire McGrath.
6084   The_Deplorable   2023 Sep 26, 5:00pm  

The new deaths and injuries from the toxin vaccines are now called "smart people!"


https://twitter.com/iluminatibot/status/1706340408052400353 40 seconds
6085   Patrick   2023 Sep 27, 1:27am  

Old, but relevant:


Alberta is reporting an unprecedented increase in ill-defined and unknown causes of death in 2021.

That category is leading the way over dementia, which has been in the top spot since 2016, and COVID-19, which began adding to the death tally in the province in a big way in 2020.

In 2021, ill-defined and unknown causes of death snagged the first spot with 3,362, up from 1,464 in 2020 and 522 the year before that, according to statistics from the Government of Alberta.

The unknown causes of death category only began appearing on the list in 2019 — there is no record of it ranking before then, dating back to 2001.
6087   RayAmerica   2023 Sep 27, 7:30am  

Don't miss this short video:

Oncologist: "I've Never Seen Cancers Behaving Like This"

Cancer is showing up in children that have been 'vaccinated' at alarming rates . One 12 year old boy was took the Moderna 'vaccine,' four months later developed stage 4 brain cancer.

6088   RayAmerica   2023 Sep 27, 7:44am  

Former major city police detective reveals 50% of SIDS cases happened within 48 hours post vaccine

Jennifer, a former police detective in a major US city who handled over 250 SIDS investigations over 7 years implicates the childhood vaccines as the major cause of SIDS, reveals what she knows.

Read more here:

6089   RayAmerica   2023 Sep 27, 10:08am  

"The Vaccine is 100% Safe and Effective" ... except, it isn't.

6091   Patrick   2023 Sep 27, 11:05am  


I had not heard of these "toll-like receptors" (TRLs) before:


List of the TRLs and what they detect:


The toxxine knocks out 3, 7, and 8, which leave the victim subject to enhanced viral infection.
6092   Patrick   2023 Sep 27, 12:44pm  


💉 The celebrity massacre continues! British GB News ran a story last week headlined, “BBC sitcom star Maddy Anholt dies aged 35 following battle with rare brain cancer.”

Prolific comedian, marathon-runner, sitcom star, author, podcast host and writer Maddy Anholt, 35, who was (previously) in terrific health, died last week from “a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer.” The type of cancer was unidentified.

Maddie was diagnosed late last year right after giving birth to her daughter, Opal. She leaves behind her husband Ben, daughter Opal, and twin sister.
6093   Patrick   2023 Sep 27, 2:24pm  


I came upon a Covid online support group discussing Long Covid tremors and muscle spasms.


After having the jab(s), people are reporting tremors, twitches, body jerks, and difficulty walking. One person described the experience like an electrical shock or body buzz. Most had COVID after the treatment. Some realize these symptoms are a result of the shot(s). Inflammation of the blood vessels are a likely cause including brain inflammation (gross and fine motor impairment). Those demons made sure the toxin crossed the blood brain barrier by encasing them in lipid nanoparticles.

Interesting if true. Maybe the lipid nanoparticles do get into the brain.
6094   Patrick   2023 Sep 27, 3:17pm  


The Norwegian Institute of Public Health followed several cohorts throughout the pandemic and early performed a systematic data collection of self-reported unexpected vaginal bleeding in nonmenstruating women. Among 7725 postmenopausal women, 7148 perimenopausal women, and 7052 premenopausal women, 3.3, 14.1, and 13.1% experienced unexpected vaginal bleeding during a period of 8 to 9 months, respectively. In postmenopausal women, the risk of unexpected vaginal bleeding (i.e., postmenopausal bleeding) in the 4 weeks after COVID-19 vaccination was increased two- to threefold, compared to a prevaccination period. The corresponding risk of unexpected vaginal bleeding after vaccination was increased three- to fivefold in both nonmenstruating peri- and premenopausal women.
6095   Patrick   2023 Sep 28, 10:25am  


Occasionally some relatives of the deceased write me threatening messages for posting their relatives own words on the internet.

But the best part is, they can’t deny any of it.

Yes your relative was 7x vaccinated, yes they were young and healthy, yes they dropped dead randomly
6098   Patrick   2023 Sep 28, 10:36am  


A Texas nurse who blamed COVID-19 on “Right-wing conspiracy news outlets,” the unvaccinated, and those who didn’t wear masks, died suddenly this month. No cause of death has been revealed.

Kathryn Wyant Huffman worked as a float nurse at Medical City Dallas Hospital and would rant on social media about those who were not compliant with mandates, while lauding those who took the injections as having “good sense and courage”.

In November 2020, Huffman took to Facebook to shame people she saw not wearing masks, claiming they “watch a lot of Fox News”. The then-57-year-old praised those who complied with restrictions as “decent, caring neighbors and citizens”.

"I just had a thoroughly enjoyable moment. Walked into 7-11 near my house after working 13 hours on covid ICU, ballfields across the street full of children’s baseball games in full swing. 2 grown men, stereotypical sports’ Dads, separately, walk into store with no mask. Proprietor has handmade sign on door, “mask mandatory.” Walking like they own the place. Could care less. I’m in scrubs with name of my very well-known hospital embroidered on shirt. Mask on. They looked at me and just gave an indignant look. How fun! Can’t ignore a covid healthcare worker, Bro. Sure wish they would do their part...because in my humble opinion schools, businesses and entertainment events should all be back open, but with compliant mask-wearing, staying 6-feet apart, and just being a decent, caring neighbor and citizen. No doubt they watch a lot of Fox News."

Dozens of Huffman’s friends and family members replied to the post, some advocating violence against those who refuse to cover their faces. Huffman blamed President Trump for the behavior, whom she hoped “will be gone from the White House soon”. When someone commented that those who wear masks need to start carrying guns “to protect ourselves from these Trump idiots,” Huffman expressed her agreement. ...

Huffman suddenly passed away in her sleep on July 3rd. She was found by her son Gabriel.

6099   GNL   2023 Sep 28, 10:44am  

It's hard to have sympathy for these people but my FAITH tells me I should.
6100   Patrick   2023 Sep 28, 11:32am  

It would be easier to have sympathy for the vaxxers if they had even the slightest bit of remorse for their gross violation of the most basic human right - the right to control your own body - or remorse for the mass death they have caused.

But I have not heard any remorse for their crimes at all. Zero. Zip. Nada.
6101   Patrick   2023 Sep 28, 11:34am  


💉 Sadly, it is too late for one of Dr. Scolyer’s colleagues, who died on August 13th from brain cancer, which in her case is euphemistically being referred to as “a long illness.” Dr. Mary-Louise McLaws, 70, was an internationally renowned epidemiologist and professor at the University of New South Wales School of Public Health and Community Medicine. Until recently, that is.

She was also an influential member of the WHO’s Health Emergencies Program Experts Advisory Panel for Infection Prevention and Control Preparedness, Readiness and Response to covid-19 (the “HEPEAPIPCPRRC19”). Throughout the pandemic, McLaws advised the Australian government on lockdowns, face masking, and jab mandates, and was all over Australian media scolding hesitant Ozzies for not jabbing fast enough. She practically chased people around with a giant hypodermic needle.

Anyway, Mary was diagnosed with “brain cancer” in January 2022. I can’t find any article describing the type of brain cancer that killed her. But whatever it was, it came on suddenly and unexpectedly. ...
6102   Patrick   2023 Sep 28, 11:39am  


💉 On Monday, Nelson Mandela’s celebrity grand-daughter, Zoleka Mandela, 43, died after a “brief illness.”

The media reports about Zoleka’s death focus mostly on her 2011 bout with breast cancer, from which she fully recovered thirteen years ago. It took a little digging to find the cancer responsible for her untimely death this week.

I mean, cancers.

Zoleka had metastatic cancers of the hip, liver, lung, pelvis, brain and spinal cord. Basically all of it. ...

Zoleka overcame her fears of taking the covid vaccine after her doctor reassured her and used guilt manipulation. I found this in Zoleka’s (formerly) very active Twitter feed:

Those illegal drugs (opiates, cocaine, whatever) do not cause cancer.

The toxxine causes cancer.

So she was right to be afraid of the toxxine, but her "addiction counsellor" convinced her to take it and now she is dead.
6103   Ceffer   2023 Sep 28, 11:54am  

Addiction consultant was making an inappropriate comparison in order to guilt trip her on substance abuse. The vax did solve her substance abuse problem, however, just not exactly in the way intended.
6104   charlie303   2023 Sep 28, 2:47pm  

GNL says

It's hard to have sympathy for these people but my FAITH tells me I should.

Let go and let God.

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