San Francisco's slide into hell under extreme leftism

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‘Hey, where are you?” Hannah Ege texted her husband, Sheria Musyoka. He’d left on a morning jog and had been gone for an hour and a half. Hannah was home, taking care of their three-year-old son. She began to freak out. She called and texted and called again. He never answered.

Speeding and drunk — at just shy of eight in the morning — Jerry Lyons barreled through a red light at an intersection in a stolen Ford Explorer. Lyons struck and killed Musyoka, a 26-year-old Dartmouth grad who had moved to San Francisco only ten days earlier with his wife and their son. After clipping Musyoka, Lyons collided with another car, causing an eight-car pileup that sent several other people to the hospital.

The San Francisco police arrested Lyons on multiple charges that morning in February, but this was not the first time he’d been arrested for drunk driving in a stolen car. On December 3, he had been arrested for driving under the influence, driving a stolen vehicle, and driving without a license. Before that, he’d been released from prison after serving time for a grand-theft conviction; in fact, Lyons had been arrested at least seven times in the Bay Area since his release from prison, and his rap sheet goes back a decade. Still, San Francisco’s district attorney, Chesa Boudin, delayed pressing charges against Lyons until a toxicology report confirmed that he had been inebriated, which, more than a month and a half later in January, it did. Lyons then had 14 days to turn himself in to the DA’s office. On the 13th day, he killed Musyoka. While COVID-era difficulties might have accounted for the medical examiner’s slow speed in returning test results, a different DA could have chosen to move forward sooner — taking necessary precautions — and charged Lyons with a DUI based on observable factors alone, such as the results of Lyons’s field sobriety test, his erratic driving in a stolen vehicle, and close scrutiny of his behavior.

Hannah Ege expressed her grief and pain to a local TV news station, railing at the district attorney’s reluctance to lock up repeat offenders. Whom does she blame for her husband’s death? “The DA,” she said. “This freak accident was no freak accident. It was someone who was out in the public who should not have been out in public.”

The Lyons mayhem is not an isolated case in the city by the bay. On New Year’s Eve, a parolee on the run from a robbery — also in a stolen car — sped through a red light, striking and killing two women, 60-year-old Elizabeth Platt and 27-year-old Hanako Abe, who were in the crosswalk. The driver, Troy McAlister, had been released twice by the district attorney in the previous year: the first time because Boudin refuses to pursue three-strike cases, of which McAlister’s was one; the second — as recently as December 20, when the SFPD arrested McAlister for driving a stolen car — because Boudin kicked the case to the state parole officers, who did nothing.

Welcome to San Francisco’s latest idiocy, a new experiment in governance where everything is allowed but nothing is permitted. A paradox, you might say, but take a walk down Market Street, down that great avenue in a great city in a great nation, and note the desolation of the empty streets, the used needles tossed on the sidewalks, and the boarded-up windows on storefronts. Consider that, at various unpredictable times in the last year, it has been illegal — for the sake of public safety during COVID — to run a mom-and-pop corner shop or to serve food at sidewalk cafés. Reflect for a moment that, since time immemorial, it has been illegal to build any new housing, because of the most onerous and confusing zoning laws in the known universe. Mark Zuckerberg can apparently influence national elections by tweaking algorithms, but he is powerless before the planning commission when it comes to building apartments for his employees. The city has banned plastic straws, plastic bags, and McDonald’s Happy Meals with toys. And yet, all the while, drug dealers sell their wares — COVID or no COVID — openly and freely at all hours of the day and night, users shoot up or pop fentanyl in public and defecate on the street, robbers pillage cars and homes with the ease of Visigoth raiders, and the district attorney frees repeat offenders who go on to sow disorder, pain, devastation, and grief. A profound melancholy hangs in the air of this city, punctuated only by the shrieks of a junkie dreaming of demons or by the rat-tat-tat-bam of the occasional firework. (Or was that a gun?) ...

How did it come to this? On January 8, 2020, Mayor London Breed swore in Chesa Boudin as the new district attorney of San Francisco in front of a packed house at the Herbst Theater. Boudin won the election by a nose in a runoff, with oily promises to feel the pain of all parties to a crime, both victims and perpetrators. He made pledges to enact “restorative justice” and prison reform through “decarceration.” U.S. Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor recorded a congratulatory video message, which was played at the swearing-in ceremony for Boudin and the crowd. “Chesa, you have undertaken a remarkable challenge today,” the justice said. “The hope you reflect is a great beacon to many.”

The task before Boudin was already monumental. Before he assumed his office, San Francisco ranked No. 1 in the nation in property crime. On average, thieves broke 60 car windows per day, with impunity. In 2014, California voters approved Proposition 47, a reform measure that reduced many felonies to ticketed misdemeanors, such as theft of less than $950 and hard-drug possession. There were more drug addicts on the streets than there were students in the schools. Tent encampments of homeless people had sprouted in every nook and alley and under every highway overpass. Commuters faced a daily gauntlet in the form of an appalling humanitarian crisis in the streets.

But Boudin immediately refused to take any responsibility for these issues. Among his first acts was to fire seven veteran prosecutors who were not on board with his radical views. (Over 30 prosecutors have left during his tenure because they don’t want to work for him.) Next, Boudin abolished the cash-bail system, so offenders are able to walk free after arrest. He rarely brings a case to trial: Out of the 6,333 cases to land on his desk since taking office, he has gone to trial only 23 times. This is one-tenth the rate of his predecessor, George Gascón, who was hardly tough on crime. Since the killing of George Floyd, there has been a shortage of cops, as officers retire in record numbers. San Francisco has also moved to defund the police, with plans to shift $120 million in law-enforcement funding to restorative-justice programs, housing support, and a guaranteed-income pilot, among other ideas.

To where does Boudin’s “great beacon” point? Over the last year, there have been more deaths from drug overdoses in San Francisco than from COVID-19. Walgreens has closed ten of its drugstores in the city because its shelves were being pillaged freely by shoplifters. According to SFPD’s CompStat, compared with last year, arson has increased 52 percent, motor-vehicle theft is up 21 percent, and burglaries have seen a 59 percent increase. One largely Asian neighborhood, the Richmond district, has reported a 342 percent spike in burglaries this year compared with last. Admittedly, some numbers are down, such as those for larceny and robbery. But police attribute these declines to the pandemic, since there are fewer opportunities for would-be criminals to commit such crimes as people shelter in place. One neighborhood association sent a letter in February to Boudin and Mayor Breed, begging them to restore public safety. The association also posted it on the Internet. “Our neighborhood can’t wait another day,” they wrote. “Our homes are repeatedly broken into and robbed. Our merchants suffer unsustainable losses from theft and smashed windows. Employees are threatened with guns. Residents are robbed at gunpoint on our own streets. The sound of gunshots is no longer unusual.” ...

Now, what rough beast slouches its way towards San Francisco? With a district attorney who won’t prosecute crimes, how long will it be until an anxious Google engineer defends himself from being harassed by a madman? Will envious arsonists light the Salesforce Tower on fire as a jacked-up mob courses through the streets burning and looting the Painted Ladies?

A desperate sun struggles through the fog. There may be one ray of hope. The city has recently approved the effort to recall Chesa Boudin from office. Locals could begin downloading signature-gathering petitions on March 12. If 10 percent of registered voters sign the petition, all voters may get the chance to vote the bum out. But even if they do, it will remain tragic for Musyoka, Platt, Abe, and others like them that the day did not come soon enough.

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832   EBGuy   2023 Nov 13, 2:44pm  

Another feel good only in Ess Eff story...
Czech news crew in S.F. covering APEC robbed at gunpoint while filming an iconic spot
Like many reporters, Vostal had seen news coverage of unruly shoplifters, open-air drug markets and commercial vacancies, but he hoped to portray the city in a more positive light.
But after three armed perpetrators confronted Vostal and his cameraman on Columbus Avenue, stealing more than $18,000 worth of equipment and precious footage from a day of wandering the city, the Czech newsman said he felt shattered.
“I’m one of those many people who used to read Jack Kerouac’s ‘On the Road,’ and I was so much looking forward to visit your city,” he said, recalling how magical the day of filming had been.
833   Patrick   2023 Nov 13, 7:14pm  


Y Combinator CEO Garry Tan Is Organizing San Francisco’s Moderate Political Agenda

No ballots were cast last week in San Francisco, but that didn’t stop some of the city’s most influential political players from gathering for an election party in the Mission.

That may sound a bit unusual, but in many ways, this was not a normal party.

The gathering—held Tuesday at a condo owned by Garry Tan, the vociferous CEO of tech startup incubator Y Combinator—was designed to celebrate victories scored by moderate Democrats in 2022, as well as bring together an eclectic cast of elected officials and political organizers in a rallying cry for two elections in 2024.

According to several people who attended the party, a dramatic shift is underway in how local political organizations and their campaign committees are aligning to defeat progressives and confront a range of issues next year—from passing ballot measures and winning supervisor races to unseating incumbent judges. A leader of one of these political groups estimated they could spend as much as $15 million combined in next year’s elections.

Tan’s role in throwing the shindig carried far greater significance than simply serving as a good host. The centimillionaire appears to be completing his metamorphosis from a deep-pocketed political donor and attack dog on X (formerly Twitter) to becoming a major political player IRL, where his ability to convene disparate actors could be critical to achieving an ambitious political agenda.

“The meeting at my place in the Mission is part of the evolution of a new San Francisco that is turning the page on the failed leftist politics of the past,” Tan told The Standard in a statement. “This was an opportunity to meet and think out loud about the San Francisco we want to see.”

Dim sum and dumplings were served as Krista Nakamura, a private chef who was recently featured on the reality show Chef Dynasty: House of Fang, catered the event. Speakers included District Attorney Brooke Jenkins, who was billed as a “secret very special guest,” as well as supervisor candidates Marjan Philhour and Trevor Chandler. Members of at least five moderate political organizations—Abundant SF, GrowSF, TogetherSF Action, Stop Crime SF and Neighbors for a Better San Francisco—were also present.
A woman in dark suit and brown scarf looks pensive, sitting in an office.
District Attorney Brooke Jenkins was among those who attended the gathering. | Justin Katigbak for The Standard

These groups have always been loosely associated due to their moderate agendas and, in some cases, seed funding, but it appears they are now planning to strategically leverage their individual pots of money and thousands of members to systematically reshape San Francisco’s political priorities on multiple fronts.

Abundant SF’s top priorities are advocating for the creation of public spaces and taking a YIMBY stance on housing while GrowSF emphasizes public safety and is conducting quarterly polling while seeking to boot progressive Supervisors Dean Preston and Connie Chan. TogetherSF Action has prioritized the drug crisis and intends to hold hundreds of small events between now and next November to distribute its voter guide. Meanwhile, a political committee for the Neighbors group essentially led last year’s successful recall of District Attorney Chesa Boudin.

“We’re all trying to respond to similar problems but have different takes on what the solutions are,” said Kanishka Cheng, the head of TogetherSF Action. “I think people like Garry and others in leadership roles are doing their best to present this as a coalition of organizations that are working together to solve these problems.”

Todd David, a political director for Abundant SF who attended the party, said the groups seem to be aligned on almost everything outside of possibly the mayor’s race. Abundant SF is backing the reelection of Mayor London Breed but does not plan to spend money on the race.

“There is more collaboration happening today than I have seen in the last 15 years in San Francisco politics,” David said. “If we fail, it will be our collective fault.”

Candidates for elected office are not allowed to coordinate with independent expenditure committees, which are not bound by campaign fundraising and spending restrictions. But the state’s Fair Political Practices Commission has no rules against different committees working in partnership.

Steven Buss, a co-founder of GrowSF, whose board includes Tan, said the collaboration by different political groups is unlike anything he’s seen since becoming politically active in 2016.

“We don't all agree on everything, but that's the beauty of this coalition: no purity tests,” Buss said. “We are just focusing on getting the basics, like clean streets, safe streets, building homeless shelters, building housing and helping small businesses. Garry is a great cheerleader for commonsense causes.”
People congregate near the intersection of 7th and Market in downtown San Francisco on Oct. 16, 2023.
People congregate near the intersection of Seventh and Market in Downtown San Francisco on Oct. 16. The intersection is known for its open-air drug trade. | Loren Elliott for The Standard

Jim Stearns, a longtime political consultant in San Francisco who works on competing progressive campaigns, called the gathering at Tan’s condo “extremely dicey” as it gives off the appearance that candidates are improperly coordinating with political committees.

“I’ve always considered this to be a hostile attempt to take over San Francisco, and I think the veil is off,” Stearns said. “They’ve stopped pretending to be community-based organizations started by private citizens. They’re multimillionaire tech investors whose goal is to disrupt fragile systems in San Francisco.”

Common ground can occasionally be found between Tan’s coalition and progressives, as Stearns is working on an affordable housing bond measure with political consultant Maggie Muir, who is in charge of Breed’s reelection campaign. But in almost all other respects, a clear ideological line divides the two sides within the local Democratic Party.

Tan suggested last week’s gathering was the first of many events to come as he seeks to draw attention to the “failures of ‘progressive’ politics and politicians.”

He added, “We are working to create a new vision for San Francisco.”
834   Patrick   2023 Nov 14, 9:04am  


SAN FRANCISCO, CA — California Governor Gavin Newsom initiated a last-minute cleanup of San Francisco ahead of a visit from China's communist dictator President Xi. He assured all unhoused persons in the area that they may resume their normal practice of sidewalk defecation as soon as his boss has left town.

"Please, we need to try and keep the place clean just for a few days while my boss is here," said Newsom in a press conference surrounded by a horde of angry homeless people. "Please don't mess it up for me and President Xi. I really want to impress him. Please hold it in for a couple of days. Just clench or something. After that, you may poop to your heart's content. Thank you."

"Please," he added. "If I play my cards right, Xi may even let me become President. This is huge for me."

Sources say locals were shocked to wake up on Monday and find their streets temporarily clean, safe, and free of mountains of human fecal matter. "What happened?" said one local to reporters. "Where am I? Where did all the poop go? Did I die and go to heaven?"

To keep the streets pristine through the planned Wednesday visit, Newsom also authorized the temporary relocating of all homeless to a Chinese-style labor camp.
835   RWSGFY   2023 Nov 14, 9:20am  

Haha, you had me until "labor". No way they made the bums work. Ain't no fucking way!

It must be a joke.
838   Patrick   2023 Nov 14, 5:59pm  


Nov 14, 2023
Czech news crew covering Biden, Xi meeting ROBBED in San Francisco
The armed assailants stole more than $18,000 worth of equipment as well as footage.
840   Patrick   2023 Nov 15, 10:53am  

Xi is visiting the Filoli estate in Woodside, so the road is closed:

"Public safety" my ass.

It's to protect the world's biggest Communist at taxpayer expense.
841   HeadSet   2023 Nov 15, 11:49am  

Patrick says

The armed assailants stole more than $18,000 worth of equipment as well as footage.

I heard that Breed used city funds to reimburse the Czeck journalists for that loss. I bet locals would love such treatment after they experienced car break-ins.
842   Eric Holder   2023 Nov 15, 12:01pm  

HeadSet says

Patrick says

The armed assailants stole more than $18,000 worth of equipment as well as footage.

I heard that Breed used city funds to reimburse the Czeck journalists for that loss. I bet locals would love such treatment after they experienced car break-ins.

WTF? They don't have insurance?
843   Patrick   2023 Nov 17, 12:20pm  


The Dream Keeper Initiative: How San Francisco Defunded the Police for a Historic Racial Equity Cash Grab

In 2020, san francisco announced it would defund its police department of $120 million to fund a racial equity program called the dream keeper initiative — here's how the money was spent...

To date, DKI has disbursed $107 million in 165 grants to organizations across nine ‘impact areas’ ranging from “Economic Mobility” and “Health and Wellness” to “Narrative Shift” and “Capacity Building.” Almost half this money has gone to “Economic Mobility,” largely in the form of a $20 million grant to the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development, a department that funds affordable housing projects through the city. Part of this grant supports the DKI Down Payment Assistance Loan Program (DK-DALP), which offers lower and middle-class black San Franciscans looking to purchase property in the city up to $530,000 in the form of no-interest, indefinitely deferred loans of up to $500,000, and $30,000 “wealth building grants.”

Since 2021, almost $9 million, or around 12% of total funding, has gone to supporting the 30 new hires tasked with “supporting DKI full-time” in various departments across the city. Eight DKI jobs, costing the city a total of $1.7 million, were created in the Human Rights Commission alone.

The funding priorities of the Initiative are, in many cases, difficult to parse. DKI has only allotted around $5.3 million to “Education and Enrichment” grantees, but has spent almost $10 million on “Narrative Shift” — an area funding “small nonprofits who have experience…delivering actionable projects centering racial equity that harness the power of storytelling for advocacy.” Strangely, the largest recipient of Narrative Shift money is not a ‘small nonprofit,’ but the SF Human Rights Commission itself, which received over $5.6 million from the impact area. When I asked Dr. Saidah Leatutufu-Burch, DKI Director, about this, she told me that “the HRC grants [this] funding to the narrative shift grantees, nonprofit organizations.” The circular logic here is frustrating: the HRC, which already manages the disbursement of DKI funds to “Narrative Shift” individuals and organizations, granted itself $5.6 million, which it says it’s disbursing to “Narrative Shift” grantees.

An emblematic “Narrative Shift” grantee is Clari-T Media ($200,000 grant), a “multimedia, marketing communications & technical literacy solutions nonprofit agency” focused on “solutions-based stories.” The company’s YouTube and Facebook pages feature hours-long livestreams of “listening sessions” and hearings related to the ongoing push to provide cash reparations to black San Franciscans, along with a series of interviews with local residents. Most of the 100+ videos Clari-T has posted since 2020, often promoted with graphics with text reading “REPARATIONS UNLOCKED,” superimposed on stacks of $100 bills and gold nuggets, have fewer than 100 views.
847   Ceffer   2023 Nov 24, 7:32pm  

Because they're DEPUTIZED. Demoralization Deputies. It worked.

848   Patrick   2023 Nov 27, 1:27pm  


A man who recently moved to San Francisco has revealed the shock he has felt after moving to the crime-infested Democrat-led California city.

After city officials cleaned up San Francisco for Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping’s visit earlier this month, crime, open drug use, and rampant homelessness are already back.

One new resident has told Fox News that he’s stunned by what he has seen after moving to the liberal “utopia.”

“This is a disgrace,” Jeremy Bernier told FOX’s Carley Shimkus on Monday.

“I’ve been to 50-plus countries and traveled the world.

“I’ve never seen anything like this.

“It’s just ground zero of the fentanyl crisis.

“You’ve got people literally smoking fentanyl, taking these drugs out on the streets.

“You’ve got the tents and camps while you’ve got a playground with children playing right nearby, and this is blocks away from the mayor’s office.

“It’s just unbelievable to me that a city and country with such immense wealth can have such blatant poverty and suffering.” ...

“Whatever your party is, you can look at this and see this needs to be solved,” he said.

He's wrong about that last bit.

The far-left Democrats of SF are actively opposed to solving anything. Their idea of "compassion" is promoting hard drug use and preventing law enforcement.
850   ad   2023 Nov 27, 2:28pm  

Patrick says


yep, they act with impunity as they just smash a car window, quickly search and move onto the next car ..and they are very quick and organized at this...

the car owner ends up paying out of pocket at least $300 to fix the window

851   Eric Holder   2023 Nov 27, 2:35pm  

Patrick says


Huh? The cunt thinks the cartoon is about "military-industrial complex"? Not very bright or just injecting propaganda? I think the latter.

852   Eric Holder   2023 Nov 27, 2:37pm  

ad says

the car owner ends up paying out of pocket at least $300 to fix the window

The car I ever (very rarely) take to SF has $0 deductible ins coverage. Anyone living there should follow this rule.
854   PumpingRedheads   2023 Nov 29, 12:48am  

Patrick says

I think DS9 got an Emmy in that two part episode.
855   GNL   2023 Nov 29, 8:22am  

Ceffer says

Patrick says

Gosh, you think it might have something to do with idiocy like this?

It isn't idiocy, it's kickbacks. Nobody is getting kickbacks from tech workers sleeping in pods.

At some point they'll start attacking the rich.
856   GNL   2023 Nov 29, 8:25am  

richwicks says

If we double the speed of your CPU programs instead of running instantaneously, will run twice as fast as instantaneously.

Damn funny.
857   Patrick   2023 Dec 1, 11:43am  


It’s the Bay Area brownout.

DeSantis held up a picture of our map in response to questions regarding the homeless crisis in San Francisco. Many commentators say it was one of the top moments of the debate.

As they say, “a picture tells a thousand words.”

We launched this map in 2019 by plotting nearly 120,000 case reports of human feces on city streets during the period 2011 through 2019. And yes, we did use brown pins.

The entire city was covered.
858   Patrick   2023 Dec 1, 11:54am  


Last night saw the long-advertised debate between Republican presidential candidate and standout Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and some guy named Gavin (if that’s his real name) Newsom. Governor DeSantis came out strong and wasn’t taking any bull-S. Literally. At one point, he even confronted Newsom with a stinky poop map of San Fransisco:

Like a magician unveiling the missing Ace of Spades, Governor DeSantis whipped out a map from a website that reports sightings of human feces in San Francisco. Gross! But oddly, like a homeless drug addict who just found a half-full two-liter bottle of cherry Ripple, Newsom uncontrollably chortled in weird, inappropriate ways while DeSantis was pointing out “features” on the disgusting sewage map. Worse, even when he wasn’t chuckling maniacally, the California Governor was grinning wider and more unnervingly than an over-caffeinated chimpanzee indulging in alternating bouts of wild self-gratification and feces flinging.

The result was politically devastating for Governor Newsom, who is either blithely unaware or perhaps unexpectedly overjoyed that his political future was incinerated faster than a Los Angeles courthouse after a mostly-peaceful BLM protest. (Or BM protest, you decide.)

In this next clip, behold DeSantis flaying Gavin alive — using a dull flaying knife — over basic dinner-table economic issues. It was Newsom’s own fault; he set DeSantis up perfectly by advancing the buffoonish claim that California offers an inviting, lower tax environment for “working families and the working poor.” DeSantis melted him faster than a plastic toy soldier dissolving in the microwave...

... Maybe most telling of all, when I surveyed corporate media headlines this morning, they all declared the debate to be an uninteresting and politically insignificant “tie,” allowing that, if perhaps DeSantis did win by a nose, it was only because conservative host Sean Hannity tipped the scales. For example, Politico ran its story headlined, “It was Hannity and DeSantis v. Newsom in messy Fox debate.” ...

It’s still early, but one wonders whether Newsom might have completely ended his political career last night. It seems almost certain to end his presidential ambition, at least. Leftists expected their Golden Boy and recall survivor Newsom to wipe the floor with Ron DeSantis. But — to liberals — if he can’t “even” beat DeSantis, how could he possibly survive against Trump?


859   PumpingRedheads   2023 Dec 1, 11:56am  

Just came out: debate ended because Newsom's wife pulled the plug on it backstage.

His woman had to save him.

Patrick says

Newsom to wipe the floor with Ron DeSantis. But — to liberals — if he can’t “even” beat DeSantis, how could he possibly survive against Trump

Poop Map is something to pay attention to because that and other embarrassing things are what will be used if any California politician tries to run for POTUS, not just Gavin. The HST will be just as bad, for example.

California Democrat politicians will be caught flat-footed like Gavin was, too.

They have never been exposed to true political competition before.
860   Patrick   2023 Dec 1, 12:09pm  

@PumpingRedheads what is HST?
861   Eric Holder   2023 Dec 1, 12:47pm  

Patrick says

PumpingRedheads what is HST?

The choo-choo covfefe.
862   Patrick   2023 Dec 1, 12:56pm  

I still don't get it.
863   Patrick   2023 Dec 1, 12:58pm  


Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis exposed the graphic imagery from “woke” children’s books that his state has been pushing to ban from schools.

As DeSantis noted, those books are being promoted by the Democrats and can still be found in California’s schools.

DeSantis showed the graphic images during his debate on Thursday night with California’s Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom.

The moment came during the Fox News debate in Georgia after Newsom was trying to defend his record on parental rights.

DeSantis argued that the materials children are shown in schools must be “age appropriate.”

“The role of the school is to educate kids, not indoctrinate kids,” DeSantis asserted.

“It’s not to impose an agenda.

“It’s to do the basics,” DeSantis continued.

“And what we’ve said in Florida is it’s inappropriate to tell a kindergartener that their gender is a choice, it’s inappropriate to tell a second grader that they may have been born in the wrong body.” ...

The book is “called, ‘Gender Queer,’” DeSantis explained.

“Some of it’s blacked out,” he noted as he held the images up.

“You would not probably be able to put this on air.

“This is pornography. It’s cartoons.

“It’s aimed at children and it’s wrong.
865   Ceffer   2023 Dec 1, 7:11pm  

Gavin is stoned immaculate and MKUltra neurologically nonplussed in his sock puppet role. Maybe they'll kill him and make another CIA mask array.

866   ad   2023 Dec 1, 7:24pm  

Ceffer says

Gavin is stoned immaculate and MKUltra neurologically nonplussed in his sock puppet role. Maybe they'll kill him and make another CIA mask array.

There might be already a life-like android or cyborg version of Gavin Newsom that is used for public events like this.

I think there already is one for Marc Zuckerberg as the establishment cult had enough of Zuckerberg about 6 years ago when he was pushing back against censorship.

867   Ceffer   2023 Dec 1, 7:31pm  

It does seem the increasing trend that instead of dealing with potentially recalcitrant narcissistic live politicians, it is often much more expeditious to kill them and turn out the avatars exploiting the established brand names. The avatars take all the flak while the decision makers stay in their dugouts and control tunnels. One pundit says he has counted seven different Nancy Pelosi. I think different people have more acute sensitivity to facial differences than others in seeing the fakes.

We are being ruled by soap salesmen and realtors. It also serves the purpose of ritual humiliation of the populace by mocking them with contempt openly.
869   1337irr   2023 Dec 3, 3:50pm  

Eman says


It's not that bad! I still see Treasure Island! Wake me up when it's covered...

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