Trans activists are evil

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So Arkansas overrode the veto from beta cuck governor. But no one is asking why the leftist tran activists trying to fuck kids up before they grow normal since puberty tends to fix this shit. Such murderous jealous fucks, trying to drag kids down with them since they fucked up their own lives.

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1539   FortwayeAsFuckJoeBiden   2023 Nov 8, 4:14pm  

Patrick says


California Taxpayers Have Spent $4 Million on Transgender Surgeries for Prisoners since 2017

business model
1542   Patrick   2023 Nov 10, 5:22pm  


“Federal judge sides with DeSantis on transgender athletes, upholds ban on biological males on female teams.”

It’s a terrific win, upholding Florida’s new law requiring sports teams to be segregated by biological sex, but it was actually a double victory. Federal Judge Roy Altman (a Trump appointee) had stayed his case waiting for the Eleventh Circuit Court in Atlanta to rule on the appeal of a related Jacksonville case, which featured sex-segregated bathrooms instead of sports teams.

In the Eleventh Circuit bathroom case, a three-judge panel held that sex-segregated bathroom rules did not violate federal law, because Title IX’s reference to "sex" does not encompass "gender identity." Sex is sex. Mental thoughts about sex are something else.

The bathroom holding was a giant victory for common sense, a significant legal precedent, and a Rosetta Stone for Judge Altman’s sports case.

In light of the ‘sex is sex’ ruling, Judge Altman un-stayed his case, and issued his own ruling upholding Florida’s new ban against cross-dressing players joining the other sex’s team. For some reason, this phenomenon almost always involves boys trying to get on the girls’ team. It’s weird how you almost never hear about girls trying to join the boys’ sports teams. It’s almost like there’s something inherent or intrinsic in biological … oh, never mind. I digress.

Judge Altman gave the plaintiffs a November 21st deadline to try to amend their complaint to show either (a) how "Title IX prohibits Florida from treating (plaintiff), a biological male, differently than biological females,” or (b) how the law subjects the plaintiff to "discriminatory animus."

The plaintiff’s lawyers and the grotesque, government-funded non-profits pushing gender ideology are assessing their options. Given the Eleventh’s Circuit’s ‘sex is sex’ bathroom ruling, an appeal seems fruitless. And since Judge Altman flatly described the plaintiff as a ‘biological male,’ he doesn’t seem especially receptive to all the emotional manipulation. So amendment looks pretty futile, too.
1543   Patrick   2023 Nov 10, 6:41pm  


How to Constitutionally Demand Schools Hang up Straight Flag

My wife showed me this video clip and I believe it is one of the best ideas I’ve yet seen for pushing back against the Alphabet Army that I’ve seen in a long time, designed by attorney Mike Yoder. It starts with the “straight flag,” which I didn’t even know was a thing:

Yoder’s idea is not to try to cancel the rainbow flag or even attack it at all. The strategy is to teach normal kids to ask teachers to also hang up the “straight flag;” the flag that represents them and their beliefs.

Obviously, woke teachers will obstinately refuse.

Yoder, bless him, put together a ‘packet’ of case law and materials instructing parents, students and teachers about how viewpoint discrimination violates the Constitution.

If teachers hang a pride flag, they must also hang up a straight flag (at least, upon request).

If, after getting the packet, the teacher still refuses to hang the straight flag, it becomes intentional discrimination.

Straight students can get a court order requiring the teacher to hang up the heterosexual flag, stop discriminating against them, and probably awarding their attorney’s fees. It’s so clear that I’d bet a pointedly-written demand letter to the school board would do the trick in most cases.

It seems pretty clear the ultimate result of a national straight-flag movement would be the banning of all sex-preference flags. Which would be great.

To get your packet, go to Yoder’s website here:

1547   Patrick   2023 Nov 15, 12:15pm  


Transgender Serial Arsonist Charged with Armed Robbery 2 Hours after Being Freed by NY Judge
1549   yawaraf   2023 Nov 16, 1:22pm  

The pictures are confusing. Which one is female?
1550   socal2   2023 Nov 16, 1:28pm  

Has Trump apologized for helping normalize this mental illness yet?

Trump was one of the first big celebrities to celebrate dudes competing in women's pageants.

Then we have Trump mainstreaming the absurd Bruce Jenner thinking he will pick up the coveted woke LGTBQ vote!
1554   Patrick   2023 Nov 22, 12:50pm  


The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has issued a new order for agents to begin complying with radical gender ideology while addressing “members of the public.”

The “woke” new rules were revealed in an internal memo obtained by the Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project.

According to the memo, agents are now prohibited from using “he, him, she, her” pronouns when initially interacting with people in case they “misgender” them.

“DO NOT use ‘he, him, she, her’ pronouns until you have more information about, or provided by, the individual,” reads the memo obtained by Heritage via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).
1555   Patrick   2023 Nov 22, 5:44pm  


Playing a role in the sudden rise of transgender children may be "transhausen by proxy," a term coined for narcissistic parents who push so-called "gender transitioning" on their children, some experts say.

Celebrities are increasingly in the limelight with announcements about their children who come out as transgender or nonbinary. Nonbinary individuals identify as neither male nor female.

"Transhausen by proxy" isn't an officially recognized psychological condition. It's a play on an official condition known as Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSBP). MSBP is a mental illness that's also sometimes called medical child abuse or factitious disorder imposed on others. It's exhibited mostly by women seeking attention by exaggerating or making up an illness of children or others in their care.

Transhausen by proxy has very real effects on society, experts told The Epoch Times.

They point to headlines like the one on Pride.com in May, which gushes: "15 Celebs Who Are Out & Proud of Their Trans & Nonbinary Kids." The article praises stars such as Cher, Sade, Jennifer Lopez, and Charlize Theron for supporting their children who reject their biological sex.
1556   Ceffer   2023 Nov 22, 6:02pm  

Just like olden days where they are looking for the freedom to create castratos, intersexes and catamites for various imperial functions. The Old World becomes new again.

Read something that said at one time Rome's tax collectors (upon whom the British legal system is modeled) were castratos who wore black robes and white wigs, and became very wealthy because of their role in tax enforcements. Since the legal system is State taxation as well as overrule of conflicts, that seems appropriate.
1562   RC2006   2023 Nov 26, 10:10am  

Patrick says

I had the gold version.
1572   Patrick   2023 Dec 3, 4:30pm  


Chloe Cole, a vocal de-transitioner who we've covered numerous times on the site, spoke at the University of Utah last night and the lefties and feminists on campus were NOT having it!

In response to a detransitioner telling the truth about transgenderism, the WOMEN'S CENTER at Utah held a "healing circle" complete with all sorts of demonic offerings like tarot card readings. ...

Chloe Cole had her breasts removed, AS A MINOR, and regrets it.

Why is this a scary thing for the left? Is it because it kind of shows their entire worldview to be bull?
1573   Patrick   2023 Dec 4, 1:44pm  


Lady Ballers belongs on a different (and much shorter) listicle: "problematic" films that could have been made in the mid-1990s but actually got made in 2023. Not that any Hollywood producers were lining up to make this film. Lady Ballers is the first of its kind. The feature-length comedy was produced by the folks at the Daily Wire and is available now on the DailyWire+ streaming service.

Though its plot is not dissimilar to that of Juwanna Mann—which came out in 2002 and starred Vivica A. Fox, Kevin Pollak, and Lil' Kim—Lady Ballers will almost certainly be seen and enjoyed by many more Americans at a time when the brightest minds in Hollywood are either struggling to make money at the box office or rotting in prison on serial rape charges.

Lady Ballers stars Daily Wire cofounder Jeremy Boreing (who also produced and directed the film) as Rob, a boys basketball coach and divorced dad besieged by wokeness. "I stayed the same and the world changed," he says after his eight-year-old daughter scolds him for misgendering the "girl" who showed "her" penis in class.

One thing leads to another—a chance encounter with a former basketball star at drag queen brunch, followed by another chance encounter with a conniving journalist intent on boosting her profile by reporting on the "brave and beautiful woman" who just dominated a local track and field competition—and Coach Rob decides to get the high school state championship team back together for an upcoming women's basketball tournament.

Hilarity ensues, for the most part. Though probably not destined to become a comedy classic, Lady Ballers is a welcome alternative to any of the Hollywood-approved "comedy" offerings of late. Its mere existence is a middle finger to the cultural overlords who deign to decide what topics we're allowed to joke about. Consider as evidence the plethora of reviews trashing the entire film based on the trailer, many of them written by outlets who praised the dreadful "comedy" of Hannah Gadsby. (Don't even bother looking her up.)

Give Lady Ballers a watch. It will probably make you laugh. It will definitely annoy hysterical liberals who want everyone to be miserable all the time. It may even give Hollywood something to think about before writing another billion-dollar check for another CGI abomination about a queer superhero who uses empathy and understanding to persuade the supervillain to shut down his bigotry factory or whatever the hell they're putting out in theaters these days.
1575   Ceffer   2023 Dec 4, 4:36pm  

Patrick says

They had to make tranny shish kebobs of their children to cater to the Hollywood Pedocracy. After all, careers don't come cheap.
1577   Patrick   2023 Dec 5, 7:04pm  


A new law due to come into effect in California next month will see stores issued with fines if they fail to comply with radical gender ideology.

The law, which comes into effect on January 1, 2024, mandates stores that sell children’s items to have a gender-neutral section.

Details of the “woke” new law are confirmed on a state government website.

The law applies to any company that sells “childcare items” or toys and employs a minimum of 500 employees across store locations.

It requires that they offer a section where “a reasonable selection of the items and toys for children that it sells shall be displayed, regardless of whether they have been traditionally marketed for either girls or for boys,” according to the law’s text.


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