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2021 Jan 26, 7:13am   605 views  4 comments

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Don't believe your lyin' eyes, and certainly do not believe the scores of fellow citizens who, under oath, signed affidavits and testified about the fraud those lying eyes witnessed.

Put this behind you. Move on. Just forget it.

But you can't.

You probably want to, particularly as your spouse complains about how tense you seem these days.

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1   Helloworldtoo   2021 Jan 26, 7:14am  

What's really different about the 2020 election fraud is that it has such profound ramifications. It is not ending — the fraud is initiating the destruction of your worldview: of your faith and patriotism. It doesn't have an endpoint.

The country as you know it is about to change in ways unimaginable to you a year ago. This was not just an election; it was a change of course that may make your country unrecognizable in four years. And you know it was stolen.
2   MisdemeanorRebel   2021 Jan 26, 7:35am  

Great article. 30,000 ballots received before being sent.
3   RWSGFY   2021 Jan 26, 8:01am  

It's too late, you've missed all deadlines and even if you hadn't YOU HAVE NO STANDING anyway.
4   Helloworldtoo   2021 Jan 26, 8:07am  

Anyone have the spreadsheet?

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