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CBS News Reporting Cabinet Members Discussing 25th

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Insurrection Act and ask for their resignations tomorrow.

Pence is on board with the coup.


Lin Wood was SO RIGHT it hurts. I bet they promised Trump safe passage to him and his family if he abdicates. However, somebody who holds the hearts of over 80 million patriots is too dangerous to let live. I wouldn't believe them. If he goes, the great hobnail boot crush of the people begins. Rigged elections with impunity and a captured MSM, just plug up a few freedom of expression holes, and then we will never even know what goes on in the star chambers of government. We will just be press ganged when they need cannon fodder.

Time being a paper tiger is up.

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CBS News Reporting Cabinet Members Discussing 25th

That would be strictly an act of spite, to rub people's noses in it and show them who is boss. Trump leaves office in 14 days, and then the Alzheimer's guy takes over.

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