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Northeastern University Discovers Covid Vehicle For Fleecing Education Lenders Without Pretense Of Education

By Ceffer follow Ceffer   2020 Sep 6, 6:55am 201 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

They do acknowledge that it creates a missed opportunity for deep Progressive brainwashing. Covid hysteria is becoming the Swiss Army Knife of opportunistic sociopathy.
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Read that, it's insane. This shit, scam and outright thievery is one of the best reasons to own a credit card with a company you have a good relationship with (for me Amex). I pay almost everything these days via CC because due to the Covid scam/hoax you will get scammed by assholes. The kid wasn't admitted into a summer camp for 2 days out of three weeks for bogus reasons, one time for some covid info missing due to double entry in the system (doesn't even make sense) and another time for being too late. Anytime shit like that happens I charge back the amount wasted. Parents/student should do the same with tuition. They have no right to withhold any funds for no services rendered. If any business pisses me off with some covid bullshit and therefore either ruins the product, service or experience, I charge back. Works like a charm. Also never pay in advance before service rendered unless you can reverse the charge. I do no business with people who want cash or check upfront, rarely I agree to 25%-50% now, rest later.

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