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Obama is not woke enough for the insane generation

By Rb6d follow Rb6d   2019 Nov 2, 3:33pm 189 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    


What people of Obama’s generation don’t understand — or don’t want to understand — about the ways in which younger people use the internet to make our values known, is that we’re not bullies going after people with “different opinions” for sport. Rather, we’re trying to push back against the bullies — influential people who have real potential to cause harm, or have already caused it. At the very least, we can speak up to send a message to vulnerable people that the bullies’ bigoted or backward views aren’t the only ones out there.
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Just take away his snorts and cigarettes, and you'll see INSANE! Actually, he might be able to start a new manic Cult Of Wrath.

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