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More obvious bias. Senator Harris’ ancestors were slave owners and not a peep from the msm

By FuckTheMainstreamMedia follow FuckTheMainstreamMedia   2019 Mar 2, 7:29am 749 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

Aside of the fact that the concept of reparations is idiotic, aside of the fact that most white Americans do not have ancestors that were in the US prior to the civil war(except any native blood), aside of the fact that many American people of color are clueless to that fact and aside of the fact that any Democrat politician bringing up the idea of reparations is counting on that ignorance and willing to intentfully maintain that ignorance in the name of clear political pandering, we have this idiot actually having recent ancestors that were slave owners!

I tried to find a mainstream news source for this but absolute crickets. If this was a Republican it would be EVERYWHERE! Now usually the excuse is the media does stuff that gets ratings, but try to convince me this wouldn’t get ratings:
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Blacks enslaving blacks was the original paradigm. It still is. They had some videos of contemporary slave auctions in Africa on you tube.

The pandering platform to the idiocracy continues, because, well, it's just great politics and works.

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