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Government Has Power Over the Male Body

By FortWayne follow FortWayne   2018 Sep 6, 8:40pm 5,231 views   4 comments         share      

Clearly an important aspect to liberals who are all into selling human butchering. Fucking Kamela Harris, 100% bitch and 100% liberal asshole. That's their new strategy to divide America.
1   Automan Empire   2018 Sep 7, 11:41am  

Appears to have been posted in the midst of a transient ischemic attack.
2   socal2   2018 Sep 7, 11:44am  

Try again.
Bush/Rep/Cons butchered 4801 American servicemen for Lies & Fun.

That's about 1 week's worth of abortions in the US.

And Democrats glorify this human carnage. They are proud of it. They put up billboards and dress up as vaginas celebrating their depravity.
3   Al_Sharpton_for_President   2018 Sep 7, 11:49am  

Masturbating will get you 10 years in Alabama.
4   HeadSet   2018 Sep 7, 3:47pm  

willywonka says
Masturbating will get you 10 years in Alabama.

And what do they expect you to do while locked up?

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