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How can train cost 100 billion more?

By FortWayne follow FortWayne   2018 Aug 31, 3:05pm 2,039 views   5 comments         share      


Money pit of mismanagement and clear theft by Democrats. No wonder they own everything in ca, when voters let them steal hundreds of billions unchecked.

Clearly taxes are too low, they can’t take trillions yet.
1   FortWayne   2018 Aug 31, 3:09pm  

Water shortages

But throw all your money and children to build a choochoo. Too bad it’s just between sf and la, and not one way out of CA.
2   RWSGFY   2018 Aug 31, 3:14pm  

Fuck that choo-choo. Time to cut the losses.
3   RWSGFY   2018 Aug 31, 3:23pm  

This reminds me of an old Soviet joke:

During an all-hands meeting in a Soviet collective farm (a.k.a. kolhoz) the Head of the kolhoz announces: "Comrades! As you all know 2 years ago we planted 200 acres of potatoes, but it was all eaten by the Colorado beetle. Last year we planted 400 acres of potatoes and it was again eaten by the Colorado beetle. So, this year I propose we plant 800 acres of potatos. Let's hope the fucking beetle fucking choke on it!"
4   Strategist   2018 Aug 31, 4:19pm  

FortWayne says
How can train cost 100 billion more?

Government vacations
Sleeping workers
Workmens comps
A helicopter service would have been cheaper and faster.
5   FuckTheMainstreamMedia   2018 Aug 31, 5:24pm  

It’s political payback and nothing else. If it ever gets built, it won’t have been needed.

That money should have gone for a light rail system in Los Angeles, something that’s truly necessary.

Jerry Brown is a corrupt asshole and anyone that voted for him has rocks for brains.

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