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Reports from the front lines

By LarryPatrickMaloney follow LarryPatrickMaloney   2012 Sep 30, 5:30pm 615 views   0 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

Was in the 'willow glen' / Campbell area yesterday cruising for bank owned foreclosed homes.

Lots, lots of activity out there.

Many open houses. Many many more houses cropping up for sale. Seeing 4-5 houses on some some streets (not all streets of course) but when we saw a house for sale, there were others with signs.

We stopped at a couple of houses, and each open house was very busy.

Asked the sales rep (aka real estate agent) about the day, and the 19 year, breathlessly said: " This was the busiest open house I've seen... we had 300 people show up, and 17 offers on the table! "

(I rolled my eyes and left)


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