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2020 Sep 8, 9:13pm   982 views  8 comments

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Any thoughts about the possibility of Trump being assassinated? Obviously it’s possible. I wouldn’t be surprised if it did.

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1   Patrick   2020 Sep 8, 9:16pm  

I think it's a bad idea to bring up for discussion. Makes it sound like you want it to happen.

The Secret Service takes these things seriously.
2   PaisleyPattern   2020 Sep 8, 9:29pm  

Ok, I definitely don’t want it to happen. I’m a supporter. I’ll take your advice about that, but with all the other claims out there suggesting conspiracies to end his presidency, conspiracies that cost billions and killed millions, its a reasonable topic and possibility.
3   mell   2020 Sep 9, 5:42am  

I think it can be discussed as a worry but probably it's not good as a sole topic header for the reasons Patrick mentioned. Maybe change the topic to potential election worries or something similar.
4   Al_Sharpton_for_President   2020 Sep 9, 5:57am  

His character is constantly assassinated in numerous coordinated campaigns. Kavanaugh's has been as well.
5   Shaman   2020 Sep 9, 6:00am  

They won’t try it unless he wins again. When he does, all bets are off. The Left is absolutely batshit crazy.
6   Tenpoundbass   2020 Sep 9, 6:13am  

Trump has the best intelligence in the world, that's why he didn't go to the WWI Cemetery in France that the Democrats are now using to character assassinate him over. Saying he disparaged those that died in WWi.
Also if you noticed this week and last week's Rally they were held in Airforce hangers, the people attending all but went through a strip search.
Which was why it has been the first time, Trump has done a rally without wearing a full body armor under his oversize suit.
If you look at all other Rally footage, Trumps shoulders go up to his ears. They've looked normal in the last two rallys, I said "look he actually has a neck."

Trump is the only thing standing between Patriots cleaning up all of the miserable mistakes, we see running lawless in the streets, yelling out it's their streets, and demanding people watch them partake in fucking each other in the shitter.

I'll feel sorry for them the most. Because their parents will be relived.
7   WookieMan   2020 Sep 9, 7:27am  

Shaman says
When he does, all bets are off. The Left is absolutely batshit crazy.

Eh, there will always be leftist, but if the Dems lose POTUS and the House, the party implodes I think. There will be a complete reorganization, with the hopes that RBG can make it 4 years for a 2024 Dem POTUS to replace her. They need a complete reboot and reject the fact that Trump has a lot of formerly left ideas that they now shun just because it's Trump saying it.

At this point though it looks like the SCOTUS will be conservative for a couple decades and maybe longer if RBG croaks and Thomas retires. This is the reason for the A word between now and 11/3 (not a suggestion, a concern as a likely Trump voter). After that, Dems need to restructure big time. You can't be running on platforms that the SCOTUS is just going to overturn. Negates getting the other two branches hence all the current drama. You can pass legislation until you're blue in the face, but if it's overturned what was the point? This is what is on the line this election with the current demographic of SCOTUS. Generational power grab. We'll see what level some are willing to get to.
8   rocketjoe79   2020 Sep 9, 10:15am  

Good call on this, Shaman. TPTB can't allow 4 more years - They feel the pendulum would swing too far to the right. They have corrupted our schools since the 60's. Every form of entertainment shows the taint of complete liberal overlay or Chinese influence. Not mainstream or conservative influence. None.

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