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Paris: NOW: Massive apartment complex fire and explosion

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A fast-moving fire has ravaged a residential building on the northern edge of Paris.

Local firefighters spokesman Gabriel Plus said there are no known victims in the Saturday night blaze.

The fire moved through four floors of the large building.


Click above for the mysterious explosion. This is the 2nd Apartment Building fire in Paris in the past two months. The first is suspected arson.
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More at https://thebestfeeds.wordpress.com/2019/04/07/watch-explosion-rocks-paris-as-fire-blazes-through-set-of-flats-new-zealand-herald/


Central Paris was rocked by the explosion, which was caught on camera by witnesses. French emergency services are currently on the scene of a residential block of flats attempting to control the inferno. It it not et known if anybody is injured.
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Kind of curious here - how come the Paris fire was news worthy but not this:

Authorities are considering the same questions after Mount Pleasant became the third predominantly black church to burn down in Louisiana’s St. Landry Parish in the span of 10 days, setting local residents on edge.


Hoping for a Muslim connection perhaps in Paris to go on another Muslim blasting crusade while ignoring the bullshit in our own country. .

No interest in the fires in Louisiana, is it because of race or lack of a Muslim connection ?
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Quit trying to change the subject. We are not stopping you from creating a separate thread for that.

This fire is obviously rapefugee or yellow vest related.

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